Adam Towers

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Adam Towers
Biographical Information







March 25, 2379 (age: 42)


Rachel (Deceased)

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Dark Green

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Starfleet Marine Corps


Commanding Officer, 5th MEU

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Personal History

Born Stardate 237903.25 (March 25th, 2379). He was seperated from his twin sister at birth and raised on a different part of Earth, not knowing he had a sibling. When he was nine, the family was reunited. Rachel and Adam developed a kind of twin bond, as documented in other children.

Enrolled in the Marine Corps the day he became of legal age, and trained towards becoming a demolitions expert. Served as a Private on a small backwater outpost for two months before transferring to the USS-Griffin after a promotion to Private First Class. Adam is extremely proficient with explosives and signed on to the Griffin as their demolitions expert.

Adam was soon after promoted to Lance Corporal. His Company CO Major Bryden saw leadership potential in him and gave him a field commission to Second Lieutenant. Adam worked his way up to Marine Captain and learned a lot about himself and how to lead his men, eventually becoming a Major and becoming widely recognized as one of the finest marine leaders in the Corps.

Shortly after, Adam grew bored of space travel and returned to the Rangers, joining the elite 12th "Dozeners" Regiment, and taking place in many hot spot infantry operations.

Adam was returned to space duty, becoming the Battalion Commander aboard Starbase Zetari. This is where he met Chloe Kaye, and the two began building a relationship. This assignment did not last a terribly long time, as Adam was recalled to train recruits for the 12th Rangers again.

Adam returned to Zetari, forced into a navy uniform this time, very briefly, where he tried a second time to build a relationship with Chloe Kaye, but this was cut short when he was assaulted on shore leave by a pair of Nausicans who mistook him for an intelligence agent that had been following them. Kaye escaped, but Towers spent two weeks in a prison camp and then several months being debriefed and shuffled around the Corps before finally being allowed a long batch of overdue shore leave. Bitter over being passed over for promotion time and time again, Adam took it all in one lump, effectively taking a leave of absence from the Marine Corps, and returned again to Zetari to try a third time with Chloe, this time effectively putting his career on hold until the paper pushers decide whether or not to give him the accolades he feels he deserves.

After two months, Adam was re-assigned to the USS-Atlantia as their Detachment XO. The staff of SFMC was apparently after him again, denying him a command of his own. Adam has taken to his assignment like all the others, but one cannot fault him for a bit of bitterness. The status of his relationship with Chloe Kaye is unknown at present.

Soon after, Major Makimura was forced to leave Atlantia and Adam took over command of the detachment. He shrunk it down to one single company, the official designation being Delta Company of the 44th Rangers. Also rather unexpectedly, an injury to Commander Kilpatrick forced Adam to step up as the XO of Atlantia. This came with a long awaited promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

After dealing with the Vale crisis, where a team of ex-SFI saboteurs used Atlantia in an assassination attempt on a General, Towers was given command of Atlantia, as Captain Shawe had been removed and given another assignment. Towers must now struggle with the oddity of being one of the few marines to command a Starfleet vessel.

This proved to be a difficult task for the marine, and he clashed repeatedly with the Chief of Security who felt that Towers was not allowing her to do her job, favoring the marines over her security teams. The fact that Towers chose another marine to be his XO (the overzealous Major Grey) only inflammed matters in the end as the situation escalated to a hair short of a mutiny. Having had enough of the conflict, Towers settled the issue and set about mending the damage.

The mission to Withern was Towers' last as the CO of Atlantia. While down on the planet and enduring an orbital assault from an unknown enemy, Towers was stunned and quietly escorted off planet by his own command yeoman, who was actually an Intelligence operative working for Brigadier General Tyris. The ever persistent Vale had come after him this time, deeming him an easier target than the General.

Details of Major Masters and Colonel Towers' escape from the Withern system are not on record, but Towers returned after a week of MIA, explained his absence satisfactorily to command, and was given menial tasks and retraining for the switchover from marines to MACO for a few weeks before being summonned to Alpha Fleet Command.

On Stardate 241110.20, Towers was promoted two grades to Major General and given command of all MACO operations for the First Fleet in the Alpha Quadrant, a staggering jump in responsibility and an effective end to his field career, though as with many other Generals... he will likely find a way to see action at some point again.

Towers found himself miserable and underutilized in the role of a flag officer, and requested that General Sharpe demote him and return him to a field command. Reluctantly, Sharpe agreed to this and Towers voluntarily took a demotion to Colonel. Sharpe placed Towers in command of the 5th MEU, placing a new marine unit onto Starbase Zetari to be a fast response unit to any sort of incident like the one on Carrie Eight.

Colonel Towers was involved heavily in the Second Federation-Tholian War. During the initial stages of the conflict, he lead the 5th MEU down to Ietia Prime to attempt to restore order from the rebels, as well as extricate any survivors from the previous peace keeping units. The mission ultimately failed due to incorrect intelligence, and suspected assistance given to the Ietian rebels by Tholian forces. Several hundred marines were KIA from the MEU in addition to the thousands already killed from other units.

Towers' next engagement was on the forest world of Nasat, dangerously close to the Tholian-Federation border. His mission was to once again control civil unrest and if necessary extract the diplomatic staff from the Federation Embassy. It wasn't long before a joint Tholian-Cardassian invasion force arrived in system, forcing Towers to mount a desperate defense in the embassy compound against an entire Order of Cardassian infantry, while others ravaged the planet. It was only the lucky arrival of the USS Mauna Loa, a sister ship to the Vesuvius class super carrier USS Vesuvius that saved the day and allowed for extraction before the MEU was overrun by Cardassian forces.

Towers and Brigadier General Nikkos Tyris soon hatched a plan to retake Nasat from the Triad as a symbolic gesture that the war was not lost. The operation was a success due in large part to the efforts of the 5th MEU. Towers himself, after becoming separated from his unit during an ambush on a bridge, managed to rejoin the main force after destroying a power station behind enemy lines and causing enough chaos for several elements to push through the main lines of resistance.

Towers' next assignment was to take part in the largest marine invasion in the history of the Federation. Thousands and thousands of marines descended in a massive invasion force upon the world of Korma IV in Cardassian space. The Federation had finally decided to push back.

It was here that Towers, while investigating a strange bunker, was captured and interrogated by a mysterious Gul. Towers was injected with some sort of Cardassian compound that Towers discovered they had used on their own soldiers to mutate them into a form of augment. Several of these were released against Federation forces to great effect before they could be brought down. Towers was recovered after the Gul escaped in a modified shuttle due to being discovered by General Sharpe.

Due to the uncertainty around Towers and questions surrounding the ease of his recovery when the Gul could have clearly taken him along, as well as the unpredictable nature of the Cardassian chemical that Towers was injected with, he was relieved of his command and held under guard while he recovered from his injuries.

Soon after, Towers found himself right in the middle of the Federation Civil War, battling alongside his longtime commander, General Sharpe, and his old friend Nikkos Tyris in an attempt to help bring the conspiracy to light.