Alaina Brynne

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Spunky, feisty and outspoken is pretty much Alaina Brynne in a nutshell. Ever since she could speak and her personality shown she was like this and to this day she'll use her quick tongue and feisty attitude to let her department head and or command team what's on her mind. Throwing caution to wind and knowing that she could get into real trouble she still does it.

But there is another side to Alaina a almost complete opposite of her main personality. One of caring, soft and even shy. And even a trusting personality comes out one where she realizes that she does need someone to help her out sometimes. But even with this side her spunky and feisty attitude pops up buts it's a much different kind.

Alaina Brynne
Biographical Information

Betazed, Dalar Province


Human-Betazoid Hybrid




2385 (age 36)

Physical Description

160m (5'2")


48kg (105lbs)


Jet Black


Ice Blue

Political Information


Played By:


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Born in Savannah, Georgia in the more run down part of Savannah. Growing up was tough her father was degenerate gambler who would gambler away the money they would get from the government for food, water, rent and clothing. Her mother got sick of the life style and decided to leave but she decided that having a kid would slow her down on trying to get a better life so she decided to leave her behind with her father.

A month after her mother left social services came in to make sure the father was providing a safe and stable environment. After the first visit they weren't impressed but he convinced them that he could change and provide a stable home for her. They agreed to give him another week and that they would be back to check in. When they came back they saw that nothing changed and they took Alaina with them and she lived with another family until she was 14.

After she turned 14 her father went back to social services to see if he could get her back. They didn't want to but they were ordered to check in on him on a weekly basis at his home and at work and after a month of this social services were convinced that he had put his life back together enough to allow his daughter to live with him again. But that only lasted for about 2 months he then slipped back into his normal routine but this time he had more money to gamble with.

Now that Alaina was older she figured out that they couldn't even afford to buy food for that nights dinner. Deciding that she needed to find a way to make money so they could keep the apartment, buy food and water and other things that they might need but the problem was she was 14 so finding a job was tough. But she found someone that gave her an opportunity to make money she knew that it was wrong what she had to do but she needed money for food.

She was the look out for a small gang of kids that would sell prescription drugs out of the apartment complex. She stayed as the look out until she was 20 she then started selling the drugs which allowed her to make a little bit more which in the long run helped her make sure they kept the apartment and that they had food, water and clothes. But the group she started with felt that she was stepping onto their turf and they set-up where the cops would drive by and she would be there with all the drugs.

After she was arrested durning the sentencing the judge heard about her past and that she was doing this so they wouldn't get evicted and to have food on the table. But she still broke the law so the judge decided to gave her a choice either serve fice years in jail or five years in Star Fleet as enlisted . Alaina chose to go through SF training seeing that it would get her away from that life and maybe give her a better one.

After the academy she was assigned as a trauma nurse to one of the many hospital ships within the fleet. She spent 2 years on it working with the USS Mercy working with the paramedics as well as on the ship. She then was reassigned to the USS Vindicator to help defend SB 369 from the Dominion. This was her first real taste of combat and war.

Once the siege on SB 369 was over and she got back on the Vindicator she had learned that the head nurse was killed. So while a head count was being performed she stepped up into that role and once things calmed down she was officially made the head nurse. A few months later she was approached by the CO of the Vindicator and asked to take up the role of Chief of Boat she agreed. And the first few months were rocky mainly because she was still PO1 and in a sense still one of the lower level enlisted on the ship.

She also was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and than after several more missions was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

In 2410 Alaina started a relationship with a Marine pilot by the name of Patrick McLean things didn't start off well. With Alaina being her usual self but that somehow charmed the young Marine and they started dating. At the end of 2410 Alaina learned she was pregnant and in 241109.25 she gave birth to Jhaelra Elizabeth Brynne.

A few months later after some major shakeups in Star Fleet Command where the fleets were reduced down to two task force Alaina was offered a new position of Director of Star Fleet Nursing Corps and a promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer and a transfer to Star Fleet Medical in San Francisco. Not long after her taking that post she stepped down requesting an assignment that would allow her to raise her daughter while still doing what she loved.

So in 2412 Alaina got that dream assignment was sending her to Betazed in the Dalar Province heading up the nurses staff in main hospital for the province. Dalar province is very much like Israel a mediterranean environment. She also quickly learned that her mother was Betazoid which made her half Betazoid. After even more digging she had found her mother's family along with why she left. She was arrested for using her empathic abilities against peoples will or permission. Alaina hit it off with her mother's family right off the back she also accepted the offer to live in their villa with them Beara's mother, father, aunt, uncle and their children.

While being with family was nice and all the disappearance of Patrick was rough on Alaina ad trusting and the ability to love again. Was a long and still ongoing but a man named Joval


  • Spouse: Patrick McLean (Child's Father) Joval (boyfriend)
  • Children: Jhaelra Elizabeth Brynne 2411 (age 10)

  • Father: Jason Brynne
  • Mother: Beara Brynne Kalre (maiden name)
  • Brother(s):
  • Sister(s)
  • Other Family: Chamilla Kaire (Beara's mother) Phabin Kaire (Beara's father)
    • Nemenna Neren (Beara's aunt) Devoni Neren (Beara's uncle)