Alpha Centauri colony

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Alpha Centauri is a trinary star system located about 4.33 light years from Sol. Its location is in the Beta Quadrant.

As a system, Alpha Centauri consisted of a binary pair of stars, Alpha Centauri A and B, and a third, more distant companion, Alpha Centauri C or "Proxima Centauri". This system is the closest stellar neighbor to the Sol system, and the site of the Alpha Centauri outpost.

The Alpha Centauri system

  • Alpha Centauri A (primary)
  • Alpha Centauri B (secondary)
    • Centauri I
    • Centauri II
    • Centauri III
    • Centauri IV
    • Centauri V
    • Centauri VI
    • Centauri VII
      • University of Alpha Centauri
  • Alpha Centauri C (Proxima Centauri) (tertiary)
    • Alpha Proxima I
      • Proxima Maintenance Yards
      • Proxima colony


Humans had established an outpost in the Alpha Centauri system by the early 22nd century. Among its residents during this time was warp drive developer Zefram Cochrane, who moved to the system from Earth sometime following his historic test flight of the Phoenix in 2063. He left the system in 2119 for an unknown destination. He was presumed dead in space.