Amelia Waterhouse

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Amelia Waterhouse
Biographical Information



½ human, ¼ Klingon, ¼ Trill




February 6, 2390 (age: 31)

Physical Description

6' 1"







Political Information

USS Vindicator


Executive Officer



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"It is better to be high-spirited even though one makes more mistakes, than to be narrow-minded and all too prudent."
    —Vincent Van Gogh

Commander Amelia Waterhouse is executive officer aboard the USS Vindicator. A happy go lucky young woman, sometimes cheerful to the point of being obnoxious, often times just a bit whimsical, and generally regarded as sharp as a tack with a rapier wit. Not bashful by any measure of the word, attempts to embarrass her or find her limits often get turned back upon the person directing them.


Amelia's a fleet brat, born February 6th, 2390. With both of her parents in Starfleet, she was born and raised on starships. Just after she turned 14, her parents transferred to the Utopia Planatia ship yards, where they hoped to provide a little more stable home environment for both their children. It was only a couple months later that Amelia was accepted for early enrollment at Starfleet Academy.

Her parents were still both posted at Utopia Planatia until the mass exodus of Fleet as a result of the recent changes within the Federation council; Amelia's father head of the fighter craft design team, and her mother serving as a test pilot for anything fast and agile enough to make her happy. During the civil war, they relocated to Starfleet's temporary base of operations within Klingon space, Qu'Vat, and are presently making their way home and awaiting reassignment as things settle again. Her little brother has taken to wandering as a Pastafarian minister in his ship The Pelican once he graduated from the Andorian Art Academy.


Amelia is very close with her family, and has a strong relationship with her parents and her brother.

Corey Waterhouse

Amelia is very clearly a Daddy's girl. She holds her father in very high esteem, and almost literally believes he can do no wrong. Growing up, she was always fascinated with the various projects he was working on, and as soon as she was old enough to be more of a help than a hindrance, he let her assist him with whatever he was working on. For a while, both of her parents thought she was going to become an engineer like him.

Most projects father and daughter worked on together were recreations of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, firsts in their field, or approximations of Timelord technologies shown in the old Doctor Who shows.


Amelia has her mother to thank for her combat skills. The two of them spent most of their time either in the holodeck, or appropriating the living room of the family's quarters, to practice together. Once Amelia's skills had developed sufficiently, the two were fairly evenly matched, though her mother has continued to maintain an edge on her daughter. Someone who has seen neither woman engaged in combat before might mistake one of their sparring matches for a serious spat, with how intense they tend to get.

Noah Waterhouse

Amelia's younger brother is a creative soul. Where his sister reached for the weapons and the fancy tech, Noah reached for the paints, crayons, and other art supplies. Some of his first pieces of art that had recognizable subjects were of his sister and his mother during their sparring matches. He's a recent graduate from the Andorian Art Academy.

He was ordained as a Pastafarian minister a couple years back, and has decided to wander to spread the noodley word and make good art. He has a talent for taking traditional art techniques and styles from numerous cultures, and inserting the surreal and the whimsical into them in subtle ways. His art often features representations of his Pastafarian faith, even when an otherwise serious and traditional piece.

He's done a couple of paintings he's given to his sister: one of Amelia and their mother, sparing with bat'leth; the other has four anthropomorphic turtles with shadows that resemble four well known Renaissance artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello. A couple years ago, he designed a tattoo for Amelia: A old weathered Klingon skull, missing its jaw, with her green transparent aluminum nunchuks with the flame design on the grips crossed under. This she's had tattooed onto her lower back.

Jasper Waterhouse

Her grandfather is full of piss and vinegar, and Amelia always has great fun when she gets time to spend with him. Her lime green converse were a birthday present from him. Amelia and Noah spent more than a few summers with their grandparents; while Noah spent a lot of time with their grandmother, Evelyn, Amelia spent most of her time with her grandfather. They would often spend time either in the workshop that Jasper and Corey had shared when Corey was a child, or they would watch Doctor Who together and get into rousing debates over it.

Even though he normally speaks proper and easy to understand English with a nice London accent, the majority of his extended family speaks with a heavy cockney accent, so he understands and can speak like they do. This he managed to convey to his son and then in turn both Amelia and her brother. When Amelia, Noah, Corey and Jasper are in a mischievous mood, they will often fall back on this common ground of communication, much to the shugrin of Diziara and Evelyn.

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Michaelangelo Waterhouse

Michaelangelo Waterhouse

An Almarian Fox born on Dec 22nd 2414, he is the son of Helsa Ivanova, who had adopted Rochelle Ivanova as her person after stowing away on The Pelican when it was brought up to the USS Vindicator. Mikey was born high above the south end of Central Park in a New York City hotel's penthouse, nested among the finest of pillows and feather stuffing. Rochelle decided that Amelia was perfect to take on his care, since it would allow them to keep the two foxes in contact. Amelia couldn't resist naming him after the renaissance artist her favorite TMNT was named after.

Extended Family

She was raised with a large extended family. Her parents instilled in her the value that family is not determined by blood alone, but also by those who are important to you and your life. As there were a lot of important people in her parents lives when she was born, she has a lot of people she calls aunt or uncle who have no blood relation to her. Growing up with so many extended family members gave Amelia so many resources and influences growing up.

Her Uncle Stace is a linguist who speaks more languages than most people can keep track of. The first years of her life, when her parents were still posted to the same ship as him, lead to Uncle Stace keeping an eye on little Amelia when her parents duty shifts didn't mesh well. When babysitting like that, he would bounce her on his knee and sing her songs in any number of the languages he spoke. Her first word was in Romulan, the second in Andorian, both translating to the same thing in Federation Standard: Sing.

Her Uncle Mouse is a collector of graphic novels and comic books. For Christmases and Birthdays, he would send both Amelia, and her younger bother Noah, reproductions of some of his favorite comic books. For Christmas when she was six, he sent her an issue of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When she drove her parents crazy asking them to read her the comic book over and over, her father found the 1980s Earth cartoon series to show her instead. This lead to the child demanding pizza for dinner every night, running around the family's quarters with an orange mask tied over her eyes and yelling Cowabunga repeatedly at the top of her lungs. For her seventh birthday, her mother presented her with a pair of nunchuks and a training program for the holodeck with the understanding that she would cease with the yelling of cowabunga in their quarters.

Sean Morgan

Amelia met Sean in their communications course at the Academy. She hit on him, he turned her down for being too young (14 at the time) and then she offered to buy him a pint. He was skeptical she could make this happen at such a young age, but after she introduced him to the Lighthouse Pub and did indeed buy him the promised pint, they were fast friends. They sparred in the gym together, met for Sushi and studying weekly at The Flying Squid, and generally had each others backs when they were able to go out for fun.

They were lucky enough to be given the same duty assignment right out of the Academy, but when Amelia was suddenly transferred and unable to give Sean a forwarding address, they fell out of contact for a while. They renewed their friendship when Amelia returned from her undercover assignment and found herself posted on the USS Griffin for a time. After going different ways when the Griffin was decommissioned, they've managed to stay in better contact since.


Being raised by parents who valued curiosity, intelligence and self confidence above nearly all else, Amelia is a bright young woman who isn't afraid to try anything at least once. This is both a blessing and a curse, as while it often leads to her getting the attention of those above her in the chain of command for her can do attitude, it has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. She'll often read up on and try things simply because she's curious about them. Spending a day sitting with a random book in Golden Gate park was one of her favorite ways to take a breather during her time at the Academy.

Amelia is passionate. When she gets interested in something, she obsesses over it. The first time this happened, it was with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that lead to her being proficient with nunchuks by the time she reached 10. Since then, she's delved into many obsessions such as cryptography, Doctor Who, linguistics, and mathematics.

Some of her heroes include Alan Turing, Leonardo da Vinci, Grace Hopper and Ada Lovelace.

Doctor Who

The Waterhouse family has a long and proud tradition of being fans of Doctor Who. That is about as far as the agreement on the topic typically goes, as the love of Doctor Who comes second only to the love of debating the details of why the long running franchise is so deserving of this devotion. In any given generation, you'll be hard pressed to find two members of the family that agrees on which regeneration of The Doctor, which companion, even which version of the sonic screwdriver, was the best.

When Amelia's father introduced her mother to the franchise, he suddenly found her passion for it as deep as any found within his family. So he cultivated it despite the disagreements over favorite Doctor, companion, etc. After the two were wed, and they finally started talking about having children, Amelia's mother suggested that if they had a daughter, she should be named after the Eleventh Doctor's companion, Amy Pond. Amelia not only turned out to be their first child, but she was a red-head like her namesake. So as she grew up, her father started calling her Pond in reference to this.

Upon her graduation from the Academy, her Uncle Spiegel made a reproduction of the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver as a present.

Amelia has a photograph of her grandfather, father and herself in front of Big Ben. What's special about this photograph is that it's not the standard tourist shot, but instead a close up of the clock face, the three of them apparently standing on thin air in front of it. Her grandfather is sporting a David Tennant style pinstriped suit and red converse, her father, a brown wide brimmed fedora and long striped scarf in the style of Tom Baker, and her in lime green converse, mini skirt and sweatshirt, reminiscent of an outfit worn by Amy Pond. Her mother had managed to finagle a test flight on Earth of a craft with a cloaking device on loan, with the expressed purpose of testing its ability to elude planetary defenses. She wasn't authorized to take it into airspace above heavily populated areas, but she made the detour as a birthday surprise for Corey on his 60th birthday. Diziara still insists the new black mark on her record, and the accompanying reprimand, were worth it despite breaking a twenty year streak of no reprimands.


Starting with the nunchuks at age seven because of her love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Amelia has become familiar with the use of many different weapons since then. Ranging from traditional Klingon weapons, such at the bat'leth and d'k tahg; traditional Andorian, such a the ushaan-tor; classic Earth weapons such as shot guns, full automatic machine pistols (In particular her mother's Glock 18, named In Case of Borg), katana; to contemporary Starfleet weapons such as the various classes of phasers and phaser rifles.

In addition to the weapon training, she has experience with hand to hand combat. Extending beyond the training with the hand to hand weapons mentioned above, she has also explored various forms of unarmed combat. She took particular delight in the tips her mother and her Uncle Blue had to share on bar room brawls, enjoying the chaotic nature and the unconventional weapons and techniques often involved.


Amelia started out bilingual, having her mother and her Uncle Stace both speaking a mix of Klingon and Federation Standard to her from the moment she was born. This had the side affect of helping her father learn Klingon also. She picked up the random words and phrases in numerous other languages, as her Uncle Stace had a habit of wandering between languages depending upon the topic and who he was talking to. Her Aunt V taught her a few choice phrases in an odd variant of Russian, known as New Siberian. When her interest in Mathematics started to develop, she turned to leaning Vulcan in order to read papers and books by Vulcan scholars in their original language. When she reached the Academy, she needed to select a language track to follow, so she picked out Orion simply because she was curious about it.

She had fun with the Orion, as her Uncle Mouse was posted to Starfleet Head Quarters, and she would occasionally have lunch with him. Being fluent in the language himself, the two would often have their whole conversation over lunch in the language and enjoy the puzzled looks from those around them without universal translators.

Service Record

Year  Age  Rank  Position 
2404 14 Early Graduation, High School
Recruit Recruited to Starfleet Academy
2408 18 Cadet Graduation from Starfleet Academy
PhD in Mathematics and Cryptography
Ensign Security Officer, USS Victoria
Undercover Assignment
2410 20 Lieutenant JG  Chief of Security, USS Griffin
2412 22 Lieutenant Starfleet Intelligence, Field Work
2414 24 Lieutenant Commander Infiltration Specialist, USS Vindicator
Executive Officer, USS Vindicator


Basic SIMGuide (Email) Security & Tactical Academy Course FUJISAKI AWARD: A 2-Year Undercover Service in the New Eden Mines. Awarded by Captain Andrea Levine, USS Griffin, 241101.9 FLEET COMMENDATION: Awarded by Captain Rochelle Ivanova, 241408.10 NEW COMER OF THE MONTH: Awarded by Captain Rochelle Ivanova, 241408.10
STAR CROSS FOR MERIT: For pushing things forward both IC and OOC. Awarded by Captain Andrea Levine, 241101.9 BRONZE STAR FOR VALOR: Awarded by Captain Rochelle Ivanova, 241408.10 PALLAS MEDAL: Awarded by Captain Rochelle Ivanova, 241408.10 COMMUNITY BUILDER CITATION: Awarded by Captain Rochelle Ivanova, 241408.10

Undercover Assignments

Amelia stumbled into her intelligence career quite by accident. After having issues with a superior officer aboard her first assignment, a family friend referred her to an intelligence assignment, and she's been on Intel's radar ever since. Despite her mother's displeasure with this career track, Amelia's quite thrived within it. As someone with flexible morals, the ability to think quickly on her feet, and a willingness to do things the average person would shy away from, she's taken well to covert and under cover operations.

New Eden

Amelia spent two years in the mines of New Eden (The Colony (plot)) using the alias Rose Tennant, as the 'attaché' of one Jim Aceyhola, using her skills and her looks to get everyone to not pay attention to what she was really doing: collecting information to bring the organization down. Either due to skill on her part, or the ineptitude of most people involved in the operation, the only person to give her any issue was Andus Garren.

During her final encounter with Garren, Amelia took a couple significant wounds. The most noticeable was a burn across the side of her face, from being shoved onto a hot kitchen burner, and required some skin grafts to repair. She elected to let one of the wounds scar up, a slice across her chest done with a large kitchen knife. This scar is high enough on her chest that it is easily visible over the neckline if she's wearing a tank top or other log cut top while off duty.