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Physically, they are blue-skinned humanoid bipeds with white hair and knobby antenna on the crown of their heads. They lack visible ears. Andorians are the only species known to the Federation that display characteristic of both mammels and insectoid species. Like standard mammalian humanoids, the Andorians are warm-blooded, bear their young live, have an internal skeleton to which the body's muscalature is anchored. However, they also feature a limited exoskeleton which lends added strength and protection of the limbs end torso. The Andorian retina is composed entirely of intensity sensetive rods and is incapable of discerning colour. Colour is, however, added to Andorian vision by the dual antennae, which in addition housing auditory receptors, feature a complex matrix of light-sensitive cones. These cones cover the spectrum of colour visible to Terran eyes, as well as limited infrared wavelengths. 8ecause of the correlation of four independent light receptive organs, Andorian vision can be correctly described as "quadronsonic" resulting in superior depth perception. Andorian auditory capacities are also highly developed, allowing Andorians to hear a wider range of frequencies than is possible for most humanoid species. 8ecause of their monodirectional antennae, the Andorian-people usually listen with the heed down end slightly tilted. The antenna face forward and cannot rotate, causing Andorians to hear better from the front and sides than the rear. Each of the two antennae stalks are susceptible to damage and injury. Any hit will cause intense pain to an Andorian. If one stalk is destroyed, the Andorian can still "see" but at a loss of what was before. If both stalks are destroyed, the Andorian becomes deaf and color blind. Andorian are all ambidextrous.

The Andorian people ere an admittedly violent race. By heritage they are a race of warriors with a history of savage conquest. They place a high value upon family relationships and obligations, often placing them above public duty. Andorians will not quarrel without reason and they tend to remain quiet and listen to discussions until there is something with meaning to say. Andorians are not usually very boisterous and are deceptively quiet in their relationships with others this has, in the past, invited attack by others who quickly learned that, once unleashed Andorian savagery end fighting ability is almost unequalled.

Andorians believe in family above all else, even public duty. Their marriages consist of groups of four. These marriages are very complicated, and involve a great deal of ritual. Their families are very large, due to the fact that they are very prolific as well. They are exceptionally good at communications and navigation.