Armeny Verstan

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Armeny Verstan
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Prior to her offer from Starfleet Academy, Armeny Kalika Verstan worked as a lab manager in a lab contracted to most civilian medical facilities and law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom, mostly performing pathological analysis of blood and tissue samples. She enjoyed her work, but eventually her resolve to live a civilian life was chipped away by her fiancé Michael who was going through the Academy’s medical program and her father who lectured within the Operations division, both who thought Starfleet would be a suitable challenge for her.

Armeny Verstan applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy at the age of 22, deciding at the last moment not to follow in her father’s footsteps, but further her knowledge in her chosen scientific fields. She immediately put herself at odds with the teaching staff; Armeny was unused to taking orders and the instructors were unused to cadets that were at the same level academically as themselves. Armeny was known for her short temper and stubborn nature.

Prior to her enrolment, Armeny became engaged to her childhood sweetheart Michael Hamilton. However, he died in Armeny’s third year at the Academy in a shuttle accident. It took her a long time to come to terms with his death and was almost considering leaving the Academy, a decision she was coaxed out of by her father. She still wears her engagement ring on her dog tag chain.

Prior to Michael’s death, Armeny was often described as ‘full of life’. She was known as the Cadet Division prankster, that’s when she wasn’t involved in one of the many sporting clubs. However, after Michael’s death she closed up— her work became her life. In some ways this was beneficial, she managed to drag her below-average grade up to something more respectable for post-graduate studies, but it was obvious she was emotionally distant. However, Armeny passed all her psychological exams and was put on the starship assignment rosters.

Armeny's first assignment was on the USS Vindicator as a Science Officer. Her tour of duty was short-lived, lasting only a few months before Science Division pulled her back to headquarters to begin what would be a gruelling year of symposiums, seminars and lecture series' to help present a research project she had beern working on at the Academy. During this time, she finished her thesis and received her PhD in Molecular Exobiology. At its conclusion, Armeny was re-posted to the USS Vindicator. As time went on, Armeny developed a relationship with the Vindicator's CMO, Thorin Oco.

During her time on the USS Vindicator, Armeny has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and the position of Chief Science Officer. She finds it a challenge not unlike her days as a lab manager-- she just has to co-ordinate the use of a lot more lab spaces and people. One part of her new position that she is not at all fond of is her required duty shifts on the bridge and is very vocal about them to anyone that will listen, including her CO.

Service Record

230211.09 – Graduates from University of Sussex with a Bachelor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.
230405.04 - Becomes engaged to Michael Hamilton.
240406.01 - Enrols in Starfleet Academy – Science. Starts a PhD in Molecular Exobiology.
240711.23 - Michael Hamilton dies in a shuttle accident.
240808.xx - Graduates from Starfleet Academy (E-mail).
240808.xx - Posted to the USS Vindicator – Assistant Science Officer.
240812.11 - Posted to Starfleet Science Division - R&D.
240906.01 - Completes her PhD in Molecular Exobiology.
240908.10 - Posted to the USS Vindicator - Assistant Science Officer.
2410xx.xx - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2410xx.xx - Promoted to Chief Science Officer.
2410xx.xx - Promoted to Lieutenant.
2410xx.xx - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

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