Bergen Award Ribbon

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Awarded to the personnel of a sim who receives the Bergen Award.

The Andrew Bergen Simming Award is presented to the best SIM in UCIP within a certain year. The year being a Presidential Administration cycle (1st August to 31st July).

The Bergen is usually presented by the President, in consultation with the Starfleet Commander, to the SIM that displays the best qualities of UCIP. This is measured through logging quantity, quality, consistency & performance. Also evaluated are command team performance, crew interaction, fleet interaction, and crew attitude.

For IRC SIM's, this only changes to that of SIM meeting consistency, performance, attendance & regularity.

Bergen Award winners will be recorded on the UCIP LCARS system for posterity for the year they won the award, and will have the right to bear the ribbon on their SIM front page, as well as on all crew member biography's.
To easily include this award on your character's page, please use this template:

{{Bergen | details= reason for award, who awarded it, and award date }}