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Blyx Red
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2365 (age 56)

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100 lbs





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Starfleet Command


Chief of Staff



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Physical Appearance

Physical Description

Just shorter then average height, Red is an elegant and beautiful woman. Her hair is just short of a true black, longer then shoulder length, and falls in a natural wave. Her eyes are blue. Under the uniform she sports several scars as testament to her past skirmishes and battles as one of the most formidable foes space has ever seen.


  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children Lieutenant Commander Aine DiAgessi, Colt Red
  • Father Senator Arthur Red
  • Mother Annabelle Red
  • Brother(s) N/A
  • Sister(s) N/A
  • Other Family Aleksandr Dunross, ex-husband - Antonio DiAgessi, ex-husband

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Red has often been described as short tempered and easily incited. She possesses a sharp tongue and a strong vocabulary, both of which when combined often leave someone feeling stripped bare and has earned her the call sign of "Shrike" over the years. A Shrike is a carnivorous songbird, delicate and beautiful but brutal in it's aerial pursuit of prey often times much larger then itself. Her reputation as a spit fire has not, however, come to undermine the fact that is extremely fair and highly intelligent, often giving members of her crew and staff more chances than they deserve to prove themselves.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths; Red is incredibly loyal, nearly to a fault. It's her love of her family and those who are lucky enough to make it into her inner circle that make her more human to those left on the outside. She possesses an incredible set of morals and values that she refuses to deter from, and often sticks like glue to her convictions no matter how controversial they may be.

Weaknesses; Loyalty may be a strength but it is also a weakness. Her inability to back down from a fight and her Irish temper could also very easily be considered a weakness. Red is not without her own personal demons, and they plague her forcing her to suffer through bouts of insomnia and migraines.


To someone like Red the sky was the limit, and it was reached. Blessed with beautiful children, and still able to keep up with an increasingly more successful career there isn't much left for her to strive for. As of right now, she hopes for a peaceful retirement free from being called back into service.

Hobbies & Interests

Red is an avid reader, lover of music, rock climbing, and other extreme physical activities as well as the arts.


Federation Standard, Lakota, Russian, Italian, some Vulcan and Klingon

Personal History

Born on 237706.05, Blyx Omegi Red grew up not knowing what fate could have held in store for the blood that runs through her veins. In truth she is the only daughter of Senator Arthur Red, the man who would have been president should his untimely assassination not have occurred. Instead of a just man governing the Federation, Red watched the economy fall with hollow eyes. For a strong woman with strong beliefs, Red's own existence is shockingly delicate and somewhat haunted by the memory of her parents' death.

Straying from her family's strong political roots, Red schooled in psychology - specializing in criminal fields. She graduated with honors from Oxford in 2400. From there she was recruited into Starfleet originally as a psychological mind and profiler which quickly shifted as wartime sentiments began to prevail and she was forced to fall back on something more useful; Operations. Her first assignment was as the Chief Operations Officer aboard the Manticorean commanded ship; SS Nike. On board Red's tenacity and her sharp temper placed her easily as a favorite to some and sincerely disliked by others. After a run in with the Borg that left the SS Nike destroyed and their Captain captured - Red engaged in a daredevil stunt which nearly proved lethal, and brought their Captain back. The act defined her as a fierce contender against any foe that they could encounter on their missions.

When the crew of the SS Nike was awarded the position as their fleet's flagship and renamed RSS Proxima, Red was once more welcomed on board as their Chief of Operations. Sadly, while encountering system malfunctions on board the newly renovated ship, Red was badly injured in an accident. Her injuries resulted in her blood stream being infected with an unknown bacteria and she was returned to Earth under emergency status. She spent 6 months recovering from her injuries and the psychological trauma associated with a miscarriage and the knowledge that her affair with the ship's Captain had been unearthed by that accident.

In 2403 Blyx Red returned to the RSS Proxima as their Chief Helm Officer where she served for a short period of time before their Captain resigned and gave her the Command of the ship under the Manticorean royal name of Sheitan Al'Bedavi (as only members of the fleet's royal family can command) in exchange for her position. The RSS Proxima continued it's expeditions under the new found Manticorean "Queen" until the ship itself was disbanded along with the rest of their fleet after the assassination of three out of four captains and after the Proxima was blown apart she was again sent back to Earth for her own protection to recover from associated injuries. She quickly gave up the Manticorean titles in exchange for keeping her status as a Federation officer.

Starfleet called again in mid 2406 when the position of Executive Officer was offered to her on board the USS Endeavour. On 240610.03 The decision was made and she was officially assigned to said position.

On 240611.03, in order to escape further detection by the crew and Borg cubes, Captain Red left for Earth once more, only to once again return to duty under SubCommander Dunross on 240612.23.

On SD240612.29 Captain Blyx Red became engaged to Commander Aleksandr Dunross following a whirlwind romance. On 240701.06, Blyx Omegi Red was discovered to be six weeks with child as the USS Endeavour docked at Starbase 22 for repairs after their battle against the Krivaldi alongside the USS Intrepid. Two days later, the Captain was awarded with the Confederation's prestigious Joviin Award.

Shortly after that fact and during a Borg attack against the Endeavour during it's dry docking; Captain Dunross was severely injured in a way that would permanently disable him for holding a command position. Given another chance to shine as a Commanding Officer of a vessel, the now pregnant Blyx Red rose to the occasion to shine. A few weeks later Commodore Antonio DiAgessi personally appeared to bump her rank up to Commodore.

A short time after that and the final departure of the Endeavour back into space on her first mission under the steady hand of Commodre Blyx Red - Commander Aleksandr Dunross left her without much more then a dear Jane letter, leaving her to battle out the remainder of her pregnancy and ultimate raise their child alone. A short time later the then USS Endeavour was decommissioned. After short retirement she was called back into duty and her role of command was transferred to the USS Melbourne where she accepted a field demotion to Captain in order to serve as the ship's Executive Officer.

That post was short lived leading her to become the Commanding Officer of the doomed vessel after the disappearance of Captain Chakotay Cook. Her reign, too, was cut short as she disappeared back to retirement following the kidnap of her eldest daughter; Aine DiAgessi by the notorious Mr. Black.

the USS Melbourne was decommissioned in 240901 after several unsuccessful changes in Command.

in 240902 after several years of retirement, Commodore Blyx Red-DiAgessi now aged nearly 30, was called back into duty to serve as the Enterprise Task Force's Executive Officer under Captain John Corbin.

on 241106.28 at the age of 34 she returned to Earth to serve beside General Linconie as his Chief of Staff, a post she retained for two years before once again attempting to retire.

She was recalled to service in late 2414.

Service Record

--Starfleet Academy: Cadet

--Starfleet Academy: Helm Student

--Starfleet Academy: Operations Student

--SS NIKE: Chief Operations

--RSS PROXIMA: Chief Operations

--RSS PROXIMA: Chief Helm

--RSS Proxima: Commanding Officer

--USS Endeavour: Strategic Operations

--USS Endeavour: Executive Officer/Strategic Operations

--USS Endeavour: Commanding Officer

--USS Melbourne: Executive Officer

--USS Melbourne: Commanding Officer

--USS Enterprise: Task Force Executive Officer

--Chief of Starfleet Operations

--Cheydinhall Sector Commander