Cardassian Union

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Cardassian Union
Basic Information

Cardassia Prime

Major Species:


Political Information

The Cardassian Union is the governing body of the Cardassian people. The capital world of the Union is Cardassia Prime which is also the home planet of the Cardassian race. Many consider Tret Akleen to be the father of the Union.


Early History

The planet of Cardassia Prime was first colonised by an ancient race known as the First Hebetians. Their burial mounds were uncovered in the late 2160s but these magnificent relics were ransacked after the modern Cardassian society become militant when the planet's natural resources began to run out.

First contact between the Cardassians and Bajor occurred in the 16th century. Using lightships, Bajoran explorers managed to traverse the space between Bajor and Cardassia Prime. In recent times, Cardassia has denied the story.

As Cardassian civilisation developed the society's heavy demands on the planet's natural resources began to strip it bare. The culture turned to war and conquered numerous worlds in the name of survival and national pride.

The Modern Cardassian Union

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