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The Cardassian Union has a history as diverse and interesting as any other race in the Galaxy, theirs is one of glory and suffering, war and triumph, defeat and honor. Their history is still studied by scholars and both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Hebitian Civilization

In ancient times Cardassia was home to a splendid civilization whose legendary ruins are still considered some of the most remarkable in the galaxy.

The burial vaults of the Hebitians were uncovered on Cardassia in the late 2160's. The tombs were said to be magnificent and were reputed to have been filled with many jewelled artifacts. When famine and disease struck Cardassia, most of the archaeological sites and tombs were plundered by starving Cardassians, as well as by the military, which sought funds for their war against the Federation. The priceless Hebitian artifacts were stolen and sold to finance invasions of alien worlds. Some of Cardassia's ancient artifacts are kept in a vault controlled by the Obsidian Order.


A valuable gemstone found on planet Cardassia. Many of the artifacts discovered in the burial vaults of the First Hebitian Civilization were manufactured from jevonite. Most of these Jevonite treasures were either stolen or sold by the Cardassian military.

Bajoran Occupation

Located near the Cardassian border, Bajor was claimed as Cardassian territory from about 2328. The Cardassians formally annexed Bajor in 2339, and occupied the planet until 2369, when Bajoran resistance fighters finally drove them away.

Upon the departure of the Cardassians, the Bajoran provisional government requested Federation assistance in operating the former Cardassian space station. However, since the discovery of the wormhole, the Cardassians want to reclaim Bajor. The Federation's presence is the only thing preventing them from launching a full-scale invasion. The occupiers of Bajor subjugated the people and mined its resources, annexing it outright some 19 years into its 60-year occupation (beginning 2309) and building Terok Nor, now known as Deep Space Nine, initially as a mining station in 235, perhaps using Romulan technology in some components.

They then stripped the surface of Bajor and Deep Space Nine alike in vengeance when they withdrew less than two weeks before Stardate 46388, leaving everything from basic systems to religious areas in shambles; some who resisted, including four Promenade merchants, were killed.

The Cardassians also stole eight of the nine Bajoran prophets' orbs, causing a great deal of concern and resulting in Kai Opaka to charge the Emissary, Commander Benjamin Sisko with locating their Celestial Temple before the Cardassians found and destroyed it.

Bajorans made interstellar contact with Cardassians before they had the capability of spaceflight.

Deep Space Nine

Old Cardassian mining station built in orbit of planet Bajor. Deep Space nine was built in 2351, then abandoned in 2369 when the Cardassians relinquished their claim on Bajor, and retreated from the region


Federation/Cardassian border wars were reported to have taken place from 2355 to 2367. In 2367, a historic peace treaty established a fragile peace between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. Starfleet Captain Edward Jellico was partially credited for the negotiations. Among other things, the treaty provided that captives of either government would be allowed to see a representative from a neutral planet following their incarceration.

The Cardassians attitude against aliens was brought to light during repeated attacks against former Federation colonist. Currently, they attempt to force the colonist to relinquish their property to the Cardassian Empire. But the colonists refuse so they formed a terrorist group called the Maquis to defend against Cardassian sneak raids

The Klingon Invasion began when the Detapa Council started a coup and overthrew the former Central Command controlled government. This led the Klingons to believe that the Cardassians were now controlled by the Dominion. Ironically, it turned out that the Klingons were in fact the ones controlled by the Dominion.

The Dominion War began when Gul Dukat foolishly allowed the Cardassian Union to become a member of the Dominion, this war lasted for nearly 3 years. It was the single most devastating war to the Cardassian people ever.


On Stardate 47751.2, Vice-Admiral Alynna Nechayev, informed Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise-D, the treaty between Cardassia and the Federation has been finalized after three years of negotiations. The Federation and Cardassia established a Demilitarized zone between the Cardassian and Federation borders. Several planets from both governments have been relinquished and reclaimed under a Federation and Cardassian territory. Several colonies argued against the plan and refused to leave their homes in face of Cardassian jurisdiction.

The fragile peace between Cardassia and the Federation is weakened due to the repeated skirmishes between the Maquis and Cardassian renegades.

Once the Founders declared their dominance in the Alpha Quadrant, the Cardassians opted to side with the Dominion. The resulting collaboration resulted in the vast destruction of cities and high death toll among the Cardassian people. Disease and plague swept the planet when the planets infrastructure was destroyed by the bombing and the war. This 'peace' was anything but.


Now Cardassia is seeking to rebuild its once former glory.


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