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Federation Ship Classes
{{Federation specs}}
== Heavy Battleships & Carriers ==
*[[Magellen Class]]
== Heavy Explorers & Cruisers ==
*[[Sovereign Class]]
*[[Galaxy Class]]
*[[Ambassador Class]]
== Medium Explorers & Medium Cruisers ==
*[[Excelsior Class]]
*[[Prometheus Class]]
== Explorers & Light Cruisers ==
*[[Nova Class]]
*[[Insignia Class]]
*[[Akira Class]]
*[[Intrepid Class]]
== Frigates, Escorts & Destroyers ==
*[[Defiant Class]]
*[[Miranda Class]]
*[[Steamrunner Class]]
== Runabouts & Fighters ==
*[[Yellowstone Class]]
*[[Valkyre Class]]
*[[Tigershark Class]]
== Shuttles & Misc Craft ==
*[[Type 11 Shuttle]]

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Federation Starship & Starbase Specifications
Starbase Athena Class
Carriers Armitage ClassMalone ClassVesuvius class
Dreadnaughts Magellen Class
Battleships Galaxy RefitVenture ClassAvenger ClassTyphoon Class
Battlecruisers Odyessy Class
Heavy Cruisers/Explorers Sovereign classGalaxy classAmbassador classExcelsior classConstitution classVesta classDiscovery class
Medium Cruisers/Explorers Akira classPrometheus classNebula classLuna classConstellation classCheyenne classAtlantia class
Light Cruisers/Explorers Insignia classIntrepid class
Frigates, Escorts & Destroyers Miranda ClassDefiant ClassNova-classSteamrunner classSabre classOlympic classNorway class

Oberth class

Runabouts & Fighters Danube classYellowstone classGryphon classGryphon class (Stormcrow variant)
Shuttles & Misc Craft Type 14 shuttle