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Welcome to the listing of specifications for all ships in the Starfleet registrar.

Our ships span many different generations of design, from the late 23rd century to the modern ships of the 24th century. Indeed, the stalwart design of the Excelsior Class has been serving in Starfleet for almost 100 years, and many other designs are becoming as beloved as the Excelsior.

While the specifications listed are for the standard configuration for a vessel within the Fleet, there are special provisions for added equipment when the mission is out of the ordinary. Make a selection from the following classes below to find out more information about them.

Federation Starship & Starbase Specifications
Starbase Athena Class
Carriers Armitage ClassMalone ClassVesuvius class
Dreadnaughts Magellen Class
Battleships Galaxy RefitVenture ClassAvenger ClassTyphoon Class
Battlecruisers Odyessy Class
Heavy Cruisers/Explorers Sovereign classGalaxy classAmbassador classExcelsior classConstitution classVesta classDiscovery class
Medium Cruisers/Explorers Akira classPrometheus classNebula classLuna classConstellation classCheyenne classAtlantia class
Light Cruisers/Explorers Insignia classIntrepid class
Frigates, Escorts & Destroyers Miranda ClassDefiant ClassNova-classSteamrunner classSabre classOlympic classNorway class

Oberth class

Runabouts & Fighters Danube classYellowstone classGryphon classGryphon class (Stormcrow variant)
Shuttles & Misc Craft Type 14 shuttle

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Official Romulan Starship Specifications
Dreadnaughts Morlasasi Stelam classScimitar class
Battleships Dhelan classD'deridex class
Battlecruisers D'dredar classD'ridthau class
Heavy Cruisers Mogai classRaptor classValdore class
Medium Cruiser Dhael class
Light Cruiser Draconarius classT'varo class
Frigates, Escorts & Destroyers Shrike classVas Hatham class
Shuttle Classes Lanora classKestrel classTiercel class
Fighter Classes Aen'rhien classScorpion classShalimar class

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