Chief of Staff of Starfleet

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The Chief of Staff of Starfleet, The Chiefs of Staff for the Federation Starfleet (also known as the Starfleet Chief of Staff) is responsible for, and has the authority under Article 4 of the Starfleet Charter, to conduct all the affairs of the Starfleet, including: recruiting, organizing, supplying, equipping, training, mobilizing, and demobilizing.

The position is directly subordinate to the Commander, Starfleet, and the officer that occupies it holds the minimum rank of Vice Admiral.

The COS also oversees the construction, outfitting, and repair of Starfleet ships, equipment and facilities, and is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies and programs that are consistent with the Federation's security policies and objectives established by the Federation President and the CinC.

The Chief of Staff is responsible for the management of all support departments and agencies of Starfleet, excluding operational command and control of the fleets.

The current Chief of Staff of Starfleet is Admiral Jack Drayson.