Cohen Bram

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Cohen Bram
Biographical Information



1/2 Human, 1/2 Betazoid




April 1, 2389 (age: 32)


Gaven Bram (OLDEST), Harlam Bram (MIDDLE) & Savanah Bram, MD (SF, LTJG) - Deceased (COHEN's TWIN)

Physical Description

167 cm




Dark Brown / Blonde



Political Information



USS Artemis


Chief Medical Officer



Played By:


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General Overview

Cohen has a rather complex family dynamic. His father was half Betazoid and his mother from a human family of Italian/Greek decent. The grandparents on his paternal-mother’s side were stubborn and traditional in their mindset – they never truly approved of their daughter being with someone other than full human/earth decent. This put a large rift in the relationship they had with their daughter. Even after his father’s death, when Cohen was very young, his mother maintained a distant and cold-shouldered approach with her parents. Cohen and his siblings grew up never really having a close relationship with this set of grandparents as a result.

The grandmother from his paternal-father side, Meida, moved to Earth when his father passed away and lived close to Cohen and his family. He grew up being extremely close to her, especially since his mother could not guide or teach him to control his psi abilities from the fourth of him which is Betazoid.

His mom Elizabeth (Jr.) had never remarried and remains single and content with such to this day.

Cohen is a little bitter and cold when it comes to the subjects of intimate relationships and love. He was partnered for many years and even engaged to be married to a fellow doctor, a human named Gideon Fultcher. The two were together throughout their academy days and into the early stages of their careers.

Gideon could not deal with the distance between them, especially since he was assigned starship duties and Cohen was posted on earth for his fellowship. Cohen was very committed to the relationship and was naïve to think as much of his partner – within a year of being posted, Gideon broke up with Cohen.

It was years later that Cohen learned his former fiancé was unfaithful and had been seeing someone for a while before he broke things off. As a result of this experience, Cohen’s heart remains under strict lock and key. He does not let people get close to him nearly as easily as he once had.

He has always been a bit of a type-a, perfectionist as well. After having lost his best friend and twin sister however, these aspects of his personality got much worse. People in his life had noticed how much more anal-retentive he had become in his everyday life – although Cohen will deny it if asked. He dealt with the grief of losing his sister in his own way and refused to talk with anyone about it, or let it affect his professional life.

Personal History

Cohen spent most of his early childhood and adolescence outside of Florence, Italy, nestled between two successful vineyards. He and his siblings were mainly brought up by their mother, Elizabeth, and their grandmother Meida. Sadly, he lost his father while he was serving as Chief Medical Officer on a Starfleet vessel.

This happened when Cohen and Sevana were around three years old. There are very few memories of his father these days but he will always have a special kind of connection, one that only a telepathic parent and their offspring share.

His childhood was one spent in the great outdoors, experiencing the joys and wonders of the landscape around him. He was practically inseparable from his twin sister Sevana – the two did almost everything together. He never liked getting dirty however and would shower and bath multiple times a day to get the ‘dirt’ off him. His siblings would often toss dirt his way just to antagonize him.

Elizabeth, being a moderately successful artist and musician, shared and nurtured this talent in all her children. Cohen actively learned to play the flute and piano as a child and continued through his teenage and adolescent years.

Sevana and Cohen were quite astute in their studies throughout their formative school years. Both were very bright and competitive with one another. It was of no surprise to see both head towards a scientific and medicine mindset, much like their father. Both twins volunteered actively in their local hospital as ward-assistants, helping to solidify their interest in medicine even more.

Cohen had much less interest in joining Starfleet than his sister Sevana. He pushed for them to pursue a civilian education but his sister was determined to get into Starfleet Medical. Cohen, not wanting Sevana to go through the Academy by herself, put his wishes behind him and wrote the entrance examinations with his sister. The two were accepted into Starfleet Medical.

It should be noted that their mother, Elizabeth, was quite upset at the prospect of Starfleet taking her youngest children. She did not want to lose her children, like she had lost the love of her life. In the end, Elizabeth did give her blessing, knowing that this decision would make her children happy.

Academy History

The environment that the Academy offered was perfect for Cohen. It challenged him to reach beyond even the limits he had set for himself. He continued to remain competitive with Sevana – the two were often found arguing over who got the higher grades on examinations and practical testing.

Sevana was more involved in sports and recreation while Cohen continued to develop his artistic abilities and play music. He joined a formal cadet orchestral group and performed several times around Federation space, playing flute for the most part.

Cohen did meet a fellow medical cadet at the Academy and the two spent three years together as a couple. Towards the end of their fourth year, Gideon proposed to Cohen; he accepted, of course.

Both siblings graduated the Academy with their medicine license and honours. They were not the stars of their class by any means but each had developed their own, specialized skill set and performed very well.

Career Service History

Cohen did all he could to ensure that he would not have a starship assignment right away. He worked particularly hard on getting into a surgeon fellowship at Starfleet Medical, specialising in critical care and critical surgical interventions. Sevana took a starship placement right away, not wanting to spend anymore time on Earth. This was a difficult time for the two, it being the first time they were truly going to be apart for an extended period.

Unfortunately, his relationship with Gideon deteriorated as time went on from graduation. The two never ended up getting married and Gideon left Cohen within their first year of service as Starfleet officers.

After he completed his fellowship, Cohen took a Starbase assignment as a Medical Officer / Surgeon. This was on SB 99 Versailles, a station bordering both Romulan and Klingon territory. It offered Cohen the chance to operate and provide care for many different species. It was during this service that the second Dominion war started.

It was a particularly difficult time in his career, creating strain on him both mentally and physically. There were a lot of casualties and a lot of lives that the young doctor could not save. The tipping point occurred with the loss of his twin sister, Sevana, when her ship was destroyed in an encounter with the Breen. At the time, Cohen could not let himself be overtaken with grief as there was such a reliance on his skills and job. Without him and the doctors he served with, more lives would be lost.

Cohen did transfer to SB 742 Aurora and finished the war efforts there, continuing to support the wounded and critically ill. It was during his assignment on Aurora – towards the end more so, that Cohen became much more anally retentive and difficult to deal with. Much of the staff he worked with took notice but he refused to acknowledge their concerns. He was a proverbial bundle of nerves most days.

The distressed young man took a formal leave of absence from Starfleet for nearly two years after the second Dominion war finished, and a further conflict with the Tholians developed. It was around the time of civil unrest and internal conflicts within the ranks of the Federation. During this time, Cohen returned home to Florence and practiced medicine as a civilian part-time. He also worked for his brothers, who had taken ownership of the nearby vineyards they had grown up by.

The two year break was a time for internal healing and rest. Cohen refused to talk with anyone about the loss of Sevana, much to the dismay of his family. He retreated to some light medical practice, his music and art, and the serene environment of working on the vineyards.

In 2416, his former medical professor Rear Admiral Juleri Orai – a Betazoid as well – requested a meeting with Cohen. The two lightly discussed his sister, Sevana, in the sense that she would not wish for him to continue to be so introverted and limit his medical practice. Orai managed to convince Cohen to re-enter Starfleet and take up service as Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the USS Matheson. The Matheson was a quick response medical vessel, which provided aid and humanitarian efforts to much of the outlying region of Federation space.

He served for nearly two years on the vessel, and with distinction. Cohen worked very hard on regaining his professional competence but was quite socially isolated and awkward with the crew. He continued to be rather abrasive and perfectionate in his approach to his peers at times. The friendships he formed were distant at best. His plan was to wait out the Chief Medical Officer position on the Matheson but Starfleet Medical had offered him a different posting. Details were limited but they did offer him Chief Medical on a vessel with a brief leave home on Earth before beginning the new job.

He did feel a change was in need and accepted the posting – to somewhere…

Service Record

  • 2401 - Entrance Starfleet Academy (Medical Track) - Cadet
  • 2405 - Graduates Starfleet Academy - ENS
  • 2405 - Starfleet Medical (Surgeon Fellowship) - ENS
  • 2407 - Completes Fellowship at Starfleet Medical, assigned to SB 99 Versailles - Assistant Medical Officer - LTJG
  • 2412 - SB 742 Aurora - Medical Officer - LTJG
  • 2414 - Leaves Starfleet for nearly 2 years
  • 2416 - USS Matheson - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - LT
  • 2417 - New Assignment, Chief Medical Officer - LT

Academy Courses

  • Academail.png: BSG Course, E-Mail
  • Acadirc.png: BSG Course, IRC
  • Acadsecurity.png: Security/Tactical Course
  • Acadops.png: Operations Course
  • Acadstarbase.png: Starbase Course
  • Acadmedical.png: Combined Medicine
  • Acadscience.gif: General Sciences
  • Acadastro.png: Astrophysics
  • Acadcounseling.png: Counseling
  • Acadsot.png: Senior Officers Training
  • Acadcmds1.gif: Command Course, Silver

IC Awards

These are the specific IC awards presented to this character.

Ribbon Award Times Recieved
Starfleet Prisoner of War Award 1
Golden Heart Award 1

OOC Awards

These are OOC awards presented to all my characters for my service Out of Character. I include them all here, since they are for my service, not my characters.

Ribbon Award Times Recieved
Academy Service Pin 1 Years 1
Academy Service Pin 2 Years 1
Fleet Ribbon of Merit (Special Service) 5
Timmis Award 4
Fleet Service Medal 2
Fleet Service Medal w/Bronze Cluster 1
Bronze Quill Award 1
Silver Quill Award 2
Special OPS Ribbon 1
Dominion Plot Ribbon -
10th Anniversary Award -
Ucip20 ribbon.png
20th Anniversary Medal -

Pallas Medal 1

Orion Award 2

Nova Cross for Merit (OOC Service Flt Lvl) 5

Atlas Cross for Service 1

Plasma Medal for Exemplary Service, Silver 1

Legion of Merit (Presidential Award for Service) 1

Crossed Scrolls 1