Corbo Tivalen

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Corbo Tivalen
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November 1, 2388 (age: 32)


Major Corbo Jounka (Bajoran Militia), Reval Anu

Physical Description

5'4" (162 cm)


110 lbs (50 kg)





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USS Medusa


Chief Science Officer



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Corbo Tivalen is a Bajoran Lieutenant and xenoarchaeologist. Since 241309.03, she has served as Chief Science Officer on the USS Medusa.

She is fluent in Bajoran, English, and French, speaks conversational Vulcan, and can request directions to the bathroom in Romulan.

Per Bajoran custom, her family name (Corbo) precedes her given name (Tivalen). She answers to Lieutenant Corbo.

Early Life

Tivalen was born in 2388 in Bajor's Rakantha Province, the daughter of Corbo Paril and Corbo Lani (née Marin) of well-established farming families. In the decades following the Cardassian occupation, the Corbos and Marins prospered as soil reclamators again made agriculture possible and profitable.

Tivalen has two siblings: a brother, Major Corbo Jounka of the Bajoran Militia (born 2380), and a sister, Reval Anu (born 2383).


For several years, Tivalen's father, Paril, worked his way into the Bajoran Agricultural Ministry. He was ultimately assigned to the cabinet of Bajor's Federation councilor, and the family moved to Earth in 2395. Tivalen was six years old. There, the Corbos split their time between apartments in Paris and San Francisco and were active in Earth's small but thriving expatriot Bajoran community.

By the time Tivalen was 12, both of her siblings had reached university age and returned to Bajor. Left alone with her parents, she began to resent their control and insistence upon Bajoran custom and fiercely embraced human culture. Her teenaged years were contentious, and her parents grew weary of her rebellion. Believing they had no other choice, they sent Tivalen back to Bajor at age 16 to live with Lani's aunt, Marin Piret.


Tivalen moved in with Marin Piret in 2405. Dr. Marin (or Aunt Piret) had passed the golden years of her career, conducted mainly on Bajoran colony-worlds like Golana and Prophet's Landing, and served as a professor of archaeology at the Bajoran Center for Science and an adjunct to the Bajoran Archaeological Institute.

Aunt Piret took in her grandniece as a favor to the Corbos. Tivalen and Piret immediately clashed. Three months after her arrival, Piret resolved a truancy issue by taking Tivalen to B'hala on a dig. The experience deeply impressed the young Bajoran, and Tivalen and Piret grew close.

Inheriting her great aunt's passion for archaeology, but retaining her alien wanderlust, Tivalen enrolled in Starfleet Academy's School of Exoanthropology and Xenoarchaeology in its Division of Sciences when she reached 18 years of age.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Tivalen returned to her cherished San Francisco in 2307, where she began an extended, six-year training program to become a Starfleet xenoarchaeologist. She ultimately intended to win an assignment as a science officer on a Starfleet research vessel.

In addition to completing officer's training courses, she generated a body of published research, including a multidisciplinary dissertation: The Osana Cavern Syrranite Lute: A Reconstruction of Utility using the Vulcan, Romulan, and Mintakan Archaeological Record.

Her thesis project took her to Vulcan for a semester, then to Mintaka III, a pre-contact proto-Vulcan society, for four months. In preparation for this undercover field program, she received instruction from Starfleet Intelligence on working under an assumed identity. She planned to conduct a research fellowship on Romulus as well, but diplomatic tensions forced her to write these chapters from Vulcan.

In the course of her research on the musical instrument, Tivalen became a fairly good lutenist. Before she returned to San Francisco, her Vulcan research advisor presented her with her very own Syrranite lute.

During her time at the Academy, Tivalen made friends easily and got into occasional extracurricular mischief. She and three friends assembled a pop-music cover band employing obscure alien instruments, including Klingon drums, a Bajoran belaklavion, and a Bolian fiddle; Tivalen, of course, played the lute.

Back in San Francisco, the only thing standing in the way of her graduation was her officer's field training. Tivalen received an assignment to the science labs of Starbase 447, otherwise known as Sheyma.

Starbase 447 ("Sheyma")

Starbase 447 (or "Sheyma") was an outpost on the border of Tholian space. Tivalen arrived on 241303.02 for an assignment that was meant to last six months.

Within hours of her arrival, the cadet struggled to understand the nature of her posting on Sheyma. The huge science lab, run by Commander Daniel Harkins, was highly stratified and worked under an air of paranoia. Tivalen was assigned to a geology team as a crystallography analyst, performing apparently meaningless tests without explanations and watching Harkins dismiss other science crewmen for no reason.

Harkins dismissed Cadet Corbo from the lab ten days into her assignment, ostensibly for bringing a small seedling to her workstation. In actuality, she had discovered a breakthrough in Harkins's covert weapons development.

Four days later and a total of two weeks after her arrival, a devastating accidental explosion disabled the starbase and exposed the crew of Sheyma to a highly contagious retroviral toxin. Commander Harkins, who survived out of the reaches of the virus, flooded the station with radiation in an effort to contain the infected.

The USS Crazy Horse arrived two weeks later. Commander Harkins and Cadet Corbo were the only two people rescued from Sheyma before it was destroyed, and she was gravely wounded by radiation exposure. USS Crazy Horse Doctors Benjamin McClintock and Tren Roaa saved her life.

USS Crazy Horse

On stardate 241307.09, Captain Rob Lansine granted Tivalen a promotion to Ensign before posting her to the Crazy Horse as its co-chief of science. Lansine believed that the Bajoran, with her connections to Commander Harkins, was also connected to Lansine's father, Joseph Lansine, a disgraced Federation weapons engineer.



Promotion Record

T-c4.png Cadet 241304.14 Cadet Science Trainee - SB 447
T-o1.png Ensign 241307.07
Chief Science Officer - USS Crazy Horse
T-o3.png Lieutenant 241309.03
Chief Science Officer - USS Medusa