Corey Waterhouse

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Corey Waterhouse
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May 14, 2347 (age: 74)

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Fighter Craft Design Team Lead (NPC)


Rear Admiral

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Corey is a dirty blond haired, bright blue eyed, tan skinned Human, born in Oakland on Earth, who was the head of the fighter craft design team at Utopia Planitia shipyards until the war broke out. He has a natural fascination with how things work, making things work, and fixing things that are broken. Originally a pilot with only a minor in astronautical engineering when he graduated the Academy, he later went back and finished his studies to become an engineer in the fleet. His call sign as a pilot was "da Vinci". He is the father of Amelia Waterhouse and Noah Waterhouse.

He is an outgoing and friendly guy, flirting with most anyone who he interacts with. Some people find him intense, as when he is interested in someone or something, he dives in head first and pursues it full on. Corey considers himself to be omnisexual, as gender and species rarely factor into what he finds attractive. He is offended by open relationships, insisting that if one can not commit to one person in particular, they should either commit to a polyamorous relationship or not bother committing to anyone at all, as he feels just having sex with whoever you want on the side defeats the purpose of a relationship.


Corey was a shy and solitary child, spending most of his time reading and building projects with his father, Jasper. Both oft focused on geniuses of yesteryear, in particular one Leonardo da Vinci. He was tortured by his sisters, Lydia and Fiona, and which his mother Evelyn tried everything she could to stop. In middle school he met Jack, the two of them forming a nearly symbiotic relationship; Corey tutored Jack to help him work past his learning disabilities, and Jack helped Corey develop his social skills. It was because of Jack that Corey joined Starfleet, and became a pilot originally.


Corey's time at the academy was hardly of note. His grades were good, and he was the person to go to if you needed tutoring for any reason... but his desire to have a social life kept his participation in non-mandatory extra curricular activities to a minimum, so he didn't draw much notice or earn a high profile assignment. His postings during the early part of his career followed a similar pattern, he was a reliable and dependable officer, but didn't go out of his way to be anything special or draw attention. He seemed perfectly content to coast along.

It was when he proposed to Diziara that his career changed for the better. It started with his additional studies in order to change tracks from navigation and helm to engineering. From there, he found that he was excited to do his job and thrived in the environment of his new duty assignment. It didn't take him log to reach the level of chief engineer, and his promotions started rolling along quicker than before.

Service Record

Graduated Starfleet Academy: June 2369
USS Zivojin Misic: June 2369 - December 2374
Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade: August 2373
USS Freyja: December 2374 - March 2380
Promoted to Lieutenant: January 2380
USS Monitor: March 2380 - November 2385
USS Takeda Shingen: November 2385 - August 2397
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander: December 2385
Promoted to Commander: July 2393
USS Audie Murphy: August 2395 - September 2402
Promoted to Captain: September 2399
USS Zhukov: September 2402 - March 2404
Utopia Planatia: March 2404 - current
Promoted to Commodore: March 2405
Promoted to Rear Admiral: October 2411


Doctor Who

Corey picked up a love for this 20th Century TV show from his father, which has been a father and son bonding tradition in the Waterhouse family for generations. When the Waterhouse men get together, discussions about things ranging from Sonic Screwdrivers to which Doctor is the best to who was the best companion can easily occupy hours.

Corey's got a crush on Jack Harkness, who his friend Jack Figgins bears a striking resemblance to. Corey suspects that there might be family ties between Jack Figgins and John Barrowman, who played Jack Harkness in the show, but he has not had the chance to investigate this suspicion.


As a by product of spending so much time around Jack, and Jack enjoying singing so much, the two of them ended up at karaoke joints quite frequently. They became regulars at one called Mack the Knife. While Corey can not carry a tune in a bucket, what he lacks in actual skill, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm, a willingness to make a fool of himself, and his ability to keep up with the lyrics on songs he's never sung before, even though he's not on key.