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½ Klingon, ½ Trill




June 12, 2345 (age: 76)

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Senior Test Pilot (npc)



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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
    —Leonardo da Vinci

Diziara is a red-headed, blue-green eyed, Klingon-Trill hybrid, who until the start of the civil war had been serving as a senior test pilot at the Utopia Planatia shipyards. She is a passionate pilot, fighter, lover and boozer, who often has problems with authority, and the mother of Amelia Waterhouse and Noah Waterhouse. She will never do anything she isn't willing to take the consequences for, but if she feels that the consequences are unjust, she will do everything in her power to seek vengeance. Considered by most to be an ill match for Starfleet, she's somehow managed to not get drummed out of the fleet despite her epic laundry list of reprimands on record.

She typically is answers by her call sign, Death Kitten, or some shortened form of her name like Diz or Dizi. Sometimes people make the mistake of calling her Red, but don't often get away with it more than once.

She is a very private person. If it is not on the topic of sex, booze or flying, she will not talk about it unless she trusts you explicitly. On the topics of sex, booze and flying, she will tell you anything and everything you want to know if she herself knows it. Combat related subjects are unusual. If you have shown her that you are adept at combat, she'll be as open about the topic as she is with the sex, booze and flying, but if she considers you inept, she will avoid the topic as much as she avoids almost every other topic.

Before Starfleet

Born and raised on Luna until she was ten, she's the eldest of a set of polyzygotic triplets; her younger brothers, Kaith and Kang, are identical. Their father, Jarnel Ortan, was listed as missing in action with Starfleet, so they were raised alone by their mother B'Lalen until she moved the whole family back to Qo'noS so she could live with her family again. For the next five years, Diziara found her the target of school yard bullying and near constant abuse any time she left the family compound, leading to her purchasing a regenerator to patch herself up as needed. Her brothers had an easier time blending in, having more common skin, hair, and eye colors... allowing them to downplay their trill genetic easier.

During those years, she formed a close bond with her cousin Mara, who had lost her mother not long after Diziara and family had arrived. As Mara and her friends were some of the few people outside of direct family who did not treat Diziara poorly for being a half-breed, she spent as much time with them as she could. It was Mara's friend Morth who initially introduced her to flying, by taking her up in an antique internal combustion aircraft. Thus infected with a love for flight, she did everything she could to get enrolled in a flight school that was not based in Qo'noS. She succeeded not long after she turned 15.

Just after her fifteenth birthday, she was accepted into a flight school based on a Federation space station. Her first time away from the protective attention of her mother for any length of time, she started to find out who she really was. She thrived in the school environment, easily jumping to the head of the class. It was here she also met her first boyfriend, and had sex for the first time. As she started to explore who she was, she quickly developed confidence in herself that hadn't had a chance to develop before. Where on Qo'noS she did everything she could to downplay how she was different from her peers, here she wasn't shunned for her mixed heritage and started to draw attention to her unique and striking genetic traits instead of attempting to hide them.

She ended up graduating from flight school half a year early, and was hired right away by a freighter company that was greatly impressed with her skills. The company specialized in expensive and rare cargo, and had frequent problems with pirates because of this. She was placed on a crew aboard a freighter named Barracuda, with a Human named Travis, and an Andorian who answered to Blue. She'd encountered Travis before, thought he was a bit of a jerk but managed to work with him. Blue, she wasn't sure what to make of, the name he answered to, willingly, seemed derogatory, and she'd never met an Andorian before. Eventually she grew very close with both of them, and the three of them were practically inseparable until Travis' untimely death.


The early years of her Starfleet career she was so much at odds with the fleet, most people wondered why she was even there. Between the lack of answers regarding her father's disappearance, and the fact that her moral compass pointed in a distinctly different direction than what was generally accepted in the fleet, there was no debating she and the fleet were an odd match. Despite this, she excelled at her courses in the Academy, and was at the head of her flight class. Between her lack of officially sanctioned extra curricular activities, and her first black mark on her record occurring towards the end of her time at the Academy (punching one Admiral Paris), her career came with a rough start.

Her early assignments were mostly without note, aside from her frequent reprimands. Her ability to do her job so well was the only thing that kept her from being washed out at times, and she soon developed a reputation that spread through the fleet on the tips of the tongues of various gossips. The first upward spike in her career occurred during the Klingon-Federation war, where her combat skills, and knowledge of Klingon culture and language, were found to be a great asset. Though she still found herself at odds with her crew mates, she found herself to be protected by brass because of these things and it left her more than a little unsettled. The Klingon war ended abruptly when both sides found how the Dominion had been playing them against each other, and soon the first Dominion War followed. Her reputation from the Klingon war was both an asset and a handicap, as the brass remembered how well she'd served before, but the Klingon allies they worked with remembered her efforts against them, viewing her as a traitor against the common genetics they shared. This lead to the fleet quickly deciding, but implementing slowly, a transfer from the front lines of the war to relieve these tensions. A transfer that came at nearly the end of the war.

The transfer was to a quiet ship, and she soon grew bored with her new assignment, racking up numerous minor reprimands until the next peak in her career hit. She was hand selected by Admiral Shar'Reen Khazara to be his chief helm officer on the flagship of his fleet for the mission into the Delta Quadrant he was leading. Clearly Khazara had seen something that others had missed, as during this assignment, Diziara shined. Those who'd known her past history weren't even sure they were seeing the same woman. She'd found herself surrounded by interesting competent people, with an assignment that didn't fail to keep her attention. It wasn't until a relationship that was nearly as ill matched for her as Starfleet blew up in her face that things changed. She put in for a transfer, spent a quiet year on another ship, then was thrown into the fleet's career blackhole.

Starbase 668 was literally the lowest one could go in the fleet without actually getting drummed out. Her time on the Terra Nova was almost as good as her time with Delta Force, but she had someone within the Admiralty that wasn't happy with her, so she was transferred off the Terra Nova without request or warning. 668 turned out to be a hell of a culture shock. While she was known for causing trouble, she was the picture of efficiency when on duty and her tasks for any given shift or assignment were always completed, even if she ruffled a few feathers along the way. On 668, she was one of a very very small number of people who actually consistently and effectively did their job. It was mostly the non-fleet locals and the occasional person with a story similar to hers of crossing the wrong Admiral at some point or another, that ran the whole of the station. She reluctantly accepted her fate as time passed, it was a well known fact that those who were posted to 668 only left due to leaving the fleet, be it on good or bad terms. Then like a cat with nine lives, a lifeline was dropped to her. She received transfer orders to serve on a ship again, the USS Takeda Shingen.

While on the Takeda Shingen, Diziara found herself the unwilling pet of an Admiral Johnson. Over time, he came under investigation for more than a few things occurring on and around the ships in his care. Eventually he was exposed as a Section 31 agent, with Diziara being one of the key players in the investigation and resulting prosecution. It was also during this time that she finally found out what had happened to her father: he was a close protégé of Johnson's and a member of Section 31. This family tie to the organization put her under the carefully watchful eye of Starfleet Intelligence, but it also provided her with some closure, allowing her to come to better terms with Starfleet. It was also during this time that she settled into a relationship with the man she eventually married, Corey Waterhouse.

Once things settled down after Johnson's apprehension, the closure with Starfleet over her father, and her marriage to Corey, her career smoothed out significantly. Anyone who knew her wouldn't say that her personality shifted any, she just wasn't brushing brass and those above her in the chain of command the wrong way like she had before.

Service Record

Graduated Starfleet Academy: June 2369
Deep Space 6: June 2369 - August 2369
USS Mulligan: August 2369 - December 2369
Personal Service of Admiral Owen Paris: December 2369 - June 2371
USS Rothmore: June 2371 - June 2375
Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade: March 2374
USS Ashland: June 2375 - January 2378
USS Remington: January 2378 - January 2379
USS Terra Nova: January 2379 - January 2380
Starbase 668: January 2380 - January 2381
USS Takeda Shingen: January 2381 - August 2397
Promoted to Lieutenant: February 2381
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander: June 2389
USS Audie Murphy: August 2395 - September 2402
Promoted to Commander: April 2398
USS Zhukov: September 2402 - March 2404
Utopia Planitia: March 2404 - early 2414
Promoted to Captain: December 2405


Her first and foremost passion is flying. Be it in craft big or small, intended for in atmosphere, space, or both; if it flies, she's there and enthusiastic to get the jump at it. She has a fascination with antique Earth aircraft, especially the PT-17 Stearman biplane. She is enthusiastic about stunt flying, dog fighting, and anything that requires instinct, adrenaline, and lightning fast reflexes. She particularly has a reputation for upsetting the stomach of greenhorns, and even has a replicator pattern for an airsick bag, called Diziara Greenhorn Four.

When she's not engaged in flight related activities, her thoughts and passion distribute at random between sex, booze, and fighting, often times mixing more than one together. She also programs a pretty mean holodeck, usually as an outlet of her other passions being likely to get her into trouble when applied elsewhere. She maintains a pretty good sized holodeck program library, making all of it available to her crew mates to use also, and allowing access to copy, edit, and redistribute anything she's the primary author on.

She has been known to cross over into areas that most people wouldn't consider proper, such as running betting pools, selling porn, and putting on public sex performances. She's also been known to start bar fights simply because she was bored or didn't have anything better to do.


Diziara enjoys listening to music a lot. Her musics tastes are a little surprising to those who don't know her. Her upbringing by her mother has instilled a respect and appreciation for Klingon Opera, which expanded to include Earth Opera as well once she was given the chance to look into these things on her own. Her time with Travis introduced her to Earth music of the 20th century, as well as some of the early 21st. This appreciation for that era of Earth's music history expanded when she minored in 20th century Earth history at the Academy. In particular she has a love for Nightwish and Babyland.

She has a weakness for karaoke, which was started during her time at the Academy by Corey and Jack, who drug her to Mack the Knife. She and Corey often got into the Broadway duets most enthusiastically, and Jack and Diziara would get into competitions over who could do a better performance. She was an especially bad influence though, and did a number on both boys with her heckling and distracting from the audience, then would reward them with enough booze they'd be very manipulable by the end of the evening.


Diziara has been keeping a personal journal since she was 10 years old. The first volume was given to her by her mother, which she filled somewhere 10 to 15 years from the first entry. All neatly hand written in actual bound books, most people don't even give her journal a second look upon her shelf, being so uncommon for people to actually write down their thoughts instead of recording them in digital form.

Very rarely has Diziara caught anyone actually looking in her journal, though it was the center of one noteworthy fight with Travis. Having long since come to terms with who she is, and making no pretense to hide it, it is unlikely that anyone looking at the contents of the journal would find anything about themselves that she herself has not told them, but she is still fiercely protecting of the journals because of the things written within about her past and how some of those events helped shape who she is.

She keeps this journal almost entirely separate from her official Starfleet log. In her official log, she will occasionally make concessions to others sensibilities and avoid saying things that will likely incriminate her later if she acts on them. Her personal journal is full of thoughts that would shock some people, offend others, and often times travels ground that few dare tread as she continues to try to better understand herself and those around her.


The only time Diziara feels naked is when she doesn't have at least one weapon upon her person or within arm's reach. As a result of this, she has become very creative on how to create weaponry out of random objects. She isn't above appropriating someone else's good idea either, and after witnessing a friend's creative use of peanuts during a barfight on Starbase, she has made similar use of a pea-like food item while in the Shan-Zhess keep on Andor, directed at The Blue Bastard.

Some weapons of note in her collection:

  • d'k tahg - given to her by her Aunt Ba'el and Uncle Kergan, when she'd been accepted into her first flight school at age 15. It has been her dependable companion through many events in her life, big and small.
  • Glock 18 - her "In Case of Borg" weapon, usually filled with the large clips and tucked into the back waistband of her pants if worn on her person.
  • glass throwing knives - handles wrapped in black leather and designed to fit within sheathes that are sewn into Diziara's leather coat
  • modified phaser - looks like a type I, has the power level of a type II. a present from her brother Kang.
  • modified Klingon disruptor - like the phaser, it's had it's power level kicked up so that it's significantly more powerful than its original form.
  • daishō - commissioned specifically for her by Mouse, a katana and wakizashi with black lacquered sheathes decorated with blue roses.
  • bat'leth - usually displayed on the wall of her quarters. not her favorite weapon, but she's effective enough with it.


Diziara is not a fan of wearing clothing. She mostly does so out of courtesy for others, and in an effort to avoid stirring more shit than necessary. She will often shed her clothing the first plausible excuse she can find to do so, and has no problem being nude in front of friends, foes, and strangers alike.

Even though she does not like to wear clothing, she does understand the aesthetics of it, and is very selective about what she wears if she must wear something. She also has unusual proportions to her body due to her mixed genetics, and has a difficult time finding things that just fit correctly using standard sizing practices. Due to this, nearly everything she wears is custom tailored for her, with the exception of her collection of tourist shirts she picks up whenever she's somewhere that offers such.


Diziara has seen use in many SIMs over the years, and Amy had Chronicled much of her history: Diziara's personal journal.