Ed Lane

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Ed Lane
Biographical Information







2373 (age 48)

Physical Description

1.9 m


76 kg





Political Information



Beta Fleet


Beta Fleet Commander



Played By:


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Physical Appearance

Ed is very physically fit and still very sharp for his age. he keeps his head bald but every once and awhile you'll start seeing the stubble when he haven't had a chance to get to the barber.

His facial structure looks very angular giving him a tough and hard exterior and he has very few scars with most of them being on his arms, hands and back.


  • Spouse:Jeneva "Jen" Lane
  • Children:Amira Lane
  • Father: Jack Lane
  • Mother: Elaine Lane
  • Brother(s):
  • Sister(s)
  • Other Family:

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Ed isn't outspoken and rarely questions orders but when he does it's for good reason. When he does speak he's gruff and only says what needs to be said. He has a commanding appearance which helps carry his orders across he's always fair and tries to look at all sides of the picture to make sure the mission succeeds.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: A commanding appearance and doesn't second guess his orders



Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies: Antique gun collections

Interests: Antique guns, shooting, hunting


Federation Standard

Personal History

Service Record

Academy Years

239108.15 (18) - Got into StarFleet Academy (Freshman Cadet)

239108.15 thru 239306.21 (18 thru 20) - All security and half of tactical course completed (Freshman to Sophomore)

239307.13 thru 239608.21 (20 thru 23) - Finished up and graduated in the Security/Tactical field (Sophomore to Senior)

First Tour - 239608.30 thru 239611.20

239608.30 (23) - Assigned to USS Antony as an Security Officer (Ensign)

239610.23 (23) - Tore a rotator cuff after doing a daring and highly dangerous and stupid rescue

239610.30 thru 239611.20 (23) - Spent 22 days in physical therapy and was also promoted to LtJg

Second Tour - 239612.31 thru 239804.05

239612.31 (23) - Transferred to New Stellaron penal Colony as the Security Investigations Officer

239701.01 thru 239804.05 (24 thru 25) - Dealt with keeping an eye on the guards and opening and performing any investigations involving prisoner mistreatment by the guards. Was also promoted to full Lt.

Third Tour - 239804.15 thru 240003.05

239804.15 (25) - Transferred to the USS Aeneas as Assistant Chief Security Officer

239805.26 thru 240003.04 (25 thru 27) - Appointed Chief of Security and promoted to LtCmdr)

240003.05 (27) - Sent back to the academy to help train new security recruits and other recruits in the fire arms and physical training part of the Academy

SF Academy Instructor - 240003.15 thru 240408.01

240003.15 thru 240408.01 (27 thru 31) - Stayed with the Academy for 4 years making sure they were producing quality cadets and then sending them into the fray what was the Second Dominion War (Promoted to Commander)

240209.14 thru 240405.14 (29 thru 31) - Met Jeneva "Jen" Fowler two years later they were married

Fourth Tour - 240408.01 thru 240911.10

240408.01 (31) - Transferred to SB 239 as Chief Security Officer

240410.27 (31) - Helped along with the crew of the Vindicator repel a Dominion attack after attack was promoted to Captain

240410.27 thru 240911.10 (31 thru 36) - Stayed on SB 239 for five more years majority of it spent helping repair the station

Leave - 241002.04 thru 241108.12

241002.04 (37) - Headed back to Earth and took a year of leave to start a family with Jeneva

241104.06 (38) - Birth of Ed and Jeneva's daughter Amira Lane

Beta Fleet Command - 241108.12 thru Present

241108.12 (38) - Made Beta Fleet Commander by Fleet General John "Razor" Liconie

Ranks and Promotions