Federation Council

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The Council of the United Federation of Planets, also known as the Federation Council, is the unicameral legislature of the United Federation of Planets. It consists of one Councillor from each of the 358 Federation member states elected according to the laws of his or her world.


The President of the United Federation of Planets is chairperson of the Federation Council when present.

The business of the Federation Council takes place in sessions held every six months. In order to participate in a session, Councilors must be present at the beginning of the session.

The Federation Charter and law tasks permanent, standing, and special sub-councils of the Federation Council to oversee the Federation government and authorize certain government activities and regulations. The Federation Charter sets aside five seats on all permanent sub-councils for the Councilors representing the five founding member states (United Earth, Confederacy of Vulcan, Andorian Empire, United Planets of Tellar, and Alpha Centauri). The Federation President appoints all other members and chairpersons of sub-councils.

The official names of the sub-councils are formatted as "the Council of the United Federation of Planets' Sub-Council on X"; however, the sub-councils are almost universally known as and referred to in the format "Federation X Council" or similarly.

Permanent Sub-Councils

The Federation Council establishes and empowers these sub-councils.

Standing Sub-Councils

Federation law establishes and empowers these sub-councils.

Special Sub-Councils

Federation Council rules establish and empower these sub-councils.