Federation News Service

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The Federation News Service was an agency that published news of notable events in the United Federation of Planets and known space.

Several reporters from FNS traveled aboard the USS Enterprise-B during her maiden voyage in 2293. Many of the reporters were utilized as "nurses" following the rescue of the El-Aurian passengers from the SS Lakul.

Several weeks before the beginning of the Dominion War, Jake Sisko became a reporter for the Federation News Service. He remained on Deep Space 9 when the Dominion forced the Federation to abandon it, to report on the impending Occupation. In early 2374, he attempted to obtain an interview with Weyoun, the Dominion's Alpha Quadrant administrator, for the FNS. Weyoun refused, claiming his reports were biased against the Dominion. Weyoun had also not transmitted Jake's earlier reports to the Federation News Service for the same reason. When asked about freedom of the press, Weyoun simply remarked that such beliefs were naive.

FNS openly broadcast that the war was going badly in early 2374, although the situation was actually much worse.

After the Federation retook DS9, the Federation News Service published Jake's accounts of life during the Dominion Occupation.

Later that year, Jake promised his editor at FNS an interview with the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance, Zek.

In late 2374, Jake was aboard the USS Defiant during the First Battle of Chin'toka to report on the events of the battle for the News Service.