Federation Science Council

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The Federation Science Council was a group of officials of the United Federation of Planets that advised the Federation Council on matters pertaining to Federation security, in regards to scientific aspects.

In 2370, Lieutenant Sanders of the science station on Calder II told Commander Riker that he could not allow anyone to enter the ruins on Calder II without prior authorization by the Federation Science Council.

By 2370, Hekaran scientists Serova and Rabal had repeatedly explained to the Federation Science Council that warp drive was damaging subspace, specifically in and near the Hekaras Corridor near their homeworld. The Council, knowing how much warp drive meant to Starfleet and Federation security, didn't believe their theory had enough evidence, and dismissed them.

However, when Serova committed suicide to open a subspace rupture with her shuttle's warp core, she proved her theory was true. To prevent this from happening elsewhere, not merely the Science Council, but the Federation Council itself implemented a warp 5 "speed limit" throughout areas prone to these fractures, until a way to stop it could be developed