Galae s'Shiar

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Galae s'Shiar
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Romulan Military


Romulan Star Empire




Naval Force

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Command Staff

Galae`EnriovGalae`Enriov Maiek S'T'Hrienteh

Executive Officer:

khre'Enriovkhre'Enriov Mhai t'Hwaerianh

Directors & Liaison

The Galae s'Shiar (Imperial Fleet) is the largest branch of the Romulan Star Empire military. The department over sees shipping, both domestic and military; defense and assaults, on both the surface and space; exploration, engineering advancement, and the pursuit of the sciences.

It is the largest branch in the military, having its own ground based forces and intelligence force. The Galae uses powerful, though out of date, ships and is charged with the defense and offense of the empire. Currently, the Galae has finished the D`Kazanka project, and has replaced 90% of all craft lost in the Federation-Romulan War and civil wars.



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The Galae s'Shiar is filled with many layers of bureaucracy- making it a very inefficient and slow moving organization as a whole. Additionally, with thousands of ships and millions of officers, ship Riovs often act with out authority- often to the chagrin of their direct supervisors. A Riov may choose to assault a target they deem a threat to the Empire and their fleet superior is more likely unaware of the action and unable to do anything about it. The positions and command structure is more or less the same as a star fleet craft- the names and attitudes are the only major difference.

Naval officers are assigned specific tasks. They are expected to hold those posts until told otherwise by the chain of command. The exception to this is non ship based naval activity. Both the Galae's ground and fighter forces are put together on-site. Ship's crews are organized quickly into ground divisions and or fighter wings.

Officers follow standard information chains when acquiring and relaying information- If the officer is on the bridge and detects a ship on an intercept run, that officer informs the CO or duty officer, who in turn informs any other authority.

One major exception to the chain of command rule is in the form of the political officer. The Political Officer has the official right to take command of a ship from it's Commanding Officer and/or Executive Officer. This has been done many times in the past to varying levels of success. The Political Officer's power is reliant on the crew's loyalty to their Commanding Officer, the Political Officer's history as a feared person, and the crewman's own family structure. If an officer has no family it is unlikely death threats against their family will have any effect. The position of the Political Officer is merely a back up device to ensure the loyalty of the crew and the use and abuse of this authority rests solely on the officer himself.

The Galae has its own secret serves detachment, supposedly autonomous of the Tal`Shiar. Though this is true on paper, in practice the political officers and Intelligence people either report to the Tal`Shiar in addition to the Galae command or lack the materials to run proper operations on their own.


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The "Marine Corps" of Galae. These officers are called in when the Military needs to pacify a planet without significant damage, or to pacify terrorists or insurrectionists. If someone captures that which belongs to the Rihannsu, and the Rihannsu wish to take it back with the least amount of damage to the property, then these are the guys for the job.

The Gai'Shian's ranks are identical to those of the main Galae. Romulans don't bother to distinguish between enlisted and officer ranks, as there is enough distinction in the different branches as it is.

Organization SF Equivalent Rihan Translation Consists of Commanded by squad ter'val 5-13 troopers 1 sergeant and 1 sub lieutenant Platoon rost'val 2-3 squads Lieutenants (20-50 troops) Companies al'gess'val 3-4 platoons Captains (80-175 troops) Brigades unsha'val Majors Battalions tresh'val Generals Regiments lagor'val

There can be up to 100 to 150 regiments of men stationed on various worlds, though in times of civil unrest or war, they may exceed this number.

The Gal'Shian have their own academy, separate from the Rihannsu Military Academy, in which they are instructed on weapons, tactical doctrines, small unit tactics, survival, and escape and invasion. They are also taught to withstand unbearable amount of pain, designed specifically to raise their pain-tolerance threshold. The Gal'Shian's indifference to pain has become almost legendary within the Empire, and makes the troopers a most! feared opponent. After the basics have been learned, the troopers attend specialized training academies. Those with leadership may go on to attend the Officer's Training Academy, while another may proceed to a different academy altogether.


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The Galae's internal affairs division, born not so much out of a need to gather information on enemies, as to keep tabs on the Tal'Shiar. This branch of the Military, polices its own, and operates counter-intelligence operations on the Tal'Shiar. They maintain and monitor relations and communications between the Galae and the other branches of the Empire. They also participate in espionage activities against the Empire's enemies.

Prospective Tal'Diann agents are taken from the Naval Academy's recruits who have undergone basic training, and have shown promise on aptitude tests. These students are then sent to the Tal'Diann's own espionage training camp where they will spend the next year studying the ships and technology of the Empire's enemies, and perfecting espionage techniques. Upon graduating, the Galae posts each new Tal'Diann agent to a specific place where they can best serve the Galae.

The head of the Tal'Diann is known as "Chief of Military Intelligence" or CMI, and holds the rank of Admiral in Galae. They also hold a seat on the Senate, and have several junior officials serving under the CMI.

These include: Chief of Planetary Intelligence, and Chief of Stellar Forces Intelligence, both of which concern themselves with ensuring the loyalty of the soldiers within their areas of command, finds those soldiers who might be traitors before the Tal'Shiar, and make counter-intelligence moves against the Tal'Shiar. Also under the CMI is the Chief of Operations, who performs the operations, and the plans thereof, against the foes of the Empire that it does not wish to be left in the Tal'Shiar's hands.

Galae Branch Structure

Galae Command

  • War fleets
  • Science fleet
  • Engineering corps.
  • Gai`Shian (RSR Marine corps)
  • Tal`Diann (navy intel)

Galae Command

Is comprised of the Director of the Galae, the admiralty, the heads of the Tal`Diann, Gai`Shian, COE, naval academy, and Science fleet. (all of these officers would have 'senatorial' equivalent status in the senate- and would have permanent seats in the chambers on Romulus. The administration decides fleet general policy, and works together on large scale movements! . also in charge of the general education of their troops.

War Fleets

The 21 fleets are lead by various admirals, and their various subordinates. Though powerful, they are not necessarily part of the senate: only if the system's representation allots for it. In charge of transporting the Gai`Shian to targets, supporting non-military transports through dangerous space, cargo transportation, and maintains repair depots in RSR space.

Science fleet

Is broken into many sub-departments, the head of each sub-department has a standing post in the senate building, as they may need to be called upon periodically for testimony. granted the right to construct their own facilities.

Engineering Corps

Lead by a director and some sub-department heads- just like the science fleet, has limited senatorial presence. The legions of engineers have no ships of their own, rather are ferried to building sites by the navy itself. In charge of building stations, ships, colonial structures, and repairs to space craft.