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Gorn are a saurian-based humanoid race that appear to be evolved from some type of reptile (or possibly dinosaur). Gorn are much larger than humans, and have quite a bit more muscle mass in their bodies. They are more comfortable in slightly lighter gravity than Terran norm. Their eyes have a faceted covering.

Gorn are not picky about what (or who!) they eat, and they prefer their food live, although they will eat it raw if live food is -absolutely- unavailable. Most Gorn have a bad (and quick) temper, and can go berserk if enraged. All Gorn are enticed by the smell of blood, and will fight even harder if they 'smell' a kill coming.

Gorn physiology is not very well suited to speaking other languages. The Gorn tongue is forked, like a snake's, and all "s" sounds will have a hissing property.

Gorn have the sharp teeth and claws of their ancestors. Their body is very resilient, and they heal quickly. Their scales give them a form of mild armor plating naturally.

Gorn have high strength. They prefer a much warmer climate than Terrans. Gorn eyes are placed on either side of their head, and gives them excellent peripheral vision, although their field of vision to the front is not limited.

Gorn are extremely long-lived, and have a higher resistance to pain than most humanoids. Gorn will not usually give or receive "quarter" in a battle - they will generally fight to the finish - theirs or their enemies. Gorn are very territorial, but do not appear to be interested in further expansionism - yet.

Gorn are not part of the Federation, nor do they wish to be.