Imperial Military of the Romulan Star Empire

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Imperial Military of the Romulan Star Empire
Unit Information

320 A.D.


Romulan Star Empire

OOC Command Staff
OOC Chief Executive:

Stefen Moss

Command Staff

HIM The Empress

Commanding Officer:

Galae`EnriovGalae`Enriov Maiek S'T'Hrienteh

Directors & Liaison

The Imperial Military of the Romulan Star Empire is the armed forces of the Romulan Star Empire. Also known as Her Majesty's Armed Forces, the Imperial Guard, and the Armed Forces of the Crown, the Armed Forces encompass three professional uniformed services: the Galae s'Shiar (including the Tal'Diann and Gai'Shian), the Rei'Krannsu, and the Imperial Police.

The Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's Armed Forces is the Romulan monarch, Teelis I, to whom members of the forces swear allegiance.

Under Romulan law, the armed forces are subordinate to the Crown.

The Romulan Armed Forces are charged with protecting the Romulan Star Empire, its territories and Crown Dependencies, as well as promoting Romulus's wider security interests.