Jane Watkins

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""Life is so precious, live it to the fullest""
    — Jane's Personal Quote

Jane Watkins
Biographical Information







2373 (age 48)

Physical Description



69 Kg





Political Information

Federation's Starfleet


USS Allexandra Timmis


Language Specialist


Played By:

User:LtCmdr Jane Watkins

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Jane's recent recalling of her childhood brought back memories of long months lock away in a room, 'for her own protection'. They did something to her, something that changed the way she felt emotions.

She learned to control this gift which some will say is a blessing. For her its a burden, one she could do without. She learned in the times when she was locked away. Books were her friends. Her knowledge of biology grew and she knew that she'll become a botanist. One year the rains was very heavy in the forest where she lived. The 'sleep disease' killed most of the people around her. Somehow she survived.

She found Starfleet to still the longing to belong. She worked and trained at the Academy, becoming the best botanist she could, always trying new things and ways to cure or destroy some plant enemy.

Her appointment to Assistant Science officer on the CSS Endeavor gave her direction in her live. She hoped with all her heart that somewhere among the stars she might find peace.

Peace among the stars wasn't something she found. Being in contact with sentient plant life forms and being used as a mouthpiece, left impressions on Jane that would have far reaching affects as she grows to find them. New abilities given or just awakened?... Only time would tell.

Jane found a strange organism she called Space Dandruff that was used in the war against the Krivaldi. It gave them the turning point of the war. Jane vowed never to use this 'weapon' again, at least for war purposes but it soon came apparent that the Dandruff will have lasting effects for Jane.

Jane continues her research into her new abilities and found that somehow as time went by, some grew in strength and she had to train them to use them properly.

A lot has changed for Jane. She suddenly found herself as acting Executive Officer on the Endeavor and Faced up to an infiltration of Borg Nano probes while the ship was still docked. Only through whit and perseverance were they able to survive.

Jane fought for her ship in many ways. She loved her work but longed to find someone who'll understand her.

Jane's Ingagement Wedding Ring

Vanhorn entered her life. They matched perfectly and soon got engaged. The sentient tree blended them so that they were dependent on each other to stay alive.

By a fluke of nature and a sequence of events both Jane and James were teleported off the Endeavor and found themselves on the nearest starbase. Being a little confused of what was actually happening they saught a new life and were directed to Stadbase 99 Versailles. A new home, a new adventure.

Service Record

Year Placement Rank Assignment
SD 2407
CSS Endeavour
Lieutenant Commander
Deputy Chief Science Officer
Chief Science Officer
Executive Officer
Sd 2413
Starfleet Academy
Science Instructor
2414 - Present
USS Allexandra Timmis
Chief Science Officer

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jane's Wedding Ring


Starfleet Academy Awards

The following is a record of courses at the Academy which Jane Watkins has passed.

Award Date of Award
Basic SIMGuide (Email) Academail.png
History SD 240607.16 Acadhistory.png
Science:Astrophysics SD240608.09 Acadastro.png
Science: General SD 240608.09 Acadscience.gif
Senior Officer's Training SD 240611.09 Acadsot.png
Operations Acadops.png
Plasma Medal for Exemplary Service, Silver SD 241309.19 Acadexem2.jpg
Plasma Medal for Exemplary Service, Silver Medal SD 241309.19 Acadexem2v-1-.png
Academy Two Year Service Ribbon SD 241309.19 2year-1-.jpg
XO course Ribbon, Silver SD 241410.29 Acadxos.jpg
XO Course Medal, Silver Graduation Certificate SD 241410.29 Acadxos1-1-.png
Superior Performance Ribbon XO Course SD 241410.29 Acadsuperior1.png
Superior Performance Medal XO Course SD 241410.29 Acadsuperior.png
XO Course Ribbon for outstanding achievment above and beyond the call of Duty SD 241411.14 XORibbon.png
XO Course medal for outstanding achievment above and beyond the call of Duty SD 241411.14 XOmedal.png
CO Course Ribbon SD 241411.20 Acadcmdg1.gif
CO Course Medal- Gold Graduation certificate SD 241411.20 Acadcmdg.png
Superior Performance Ribbon CO Course SD 241411.20 Acadsuperior1.png
Superior Performance Medal CO Course SD 241411.20 Acadsuperior.png
CO Course Ribbon for outstanding achievment above and beyond the call of Duty SD 241411.20 BeyondcallRibbomn3.png
CO Course medal for outstanding achievment above and beyond the call of Duty SD 241411.20 Beyaondcallmedal3 .png

Starfleet Commendations

Award Date of Award
Starfleet Command with the Fleet Unit Citation SD 240701.28 2321492775 6fcb0afcac m-1-.jpg
Kirk Award SD 240701.31 Kirk.jpg
Quintaris Commendation SD 240701.31 Quintaris.jpg
Quintaris Commendation for Dedication SD 240701.31 Quintaris.jpg
UCF Science Citation SD 240701.31 Sci-citation-1-.jpg
Confederation Merit Citation SD 240705.06 Confedmerrit.jpg
UCF Captains Ribbon SD 240705.06 Medal1.png
UCF Captains medal SD 240705.06 Captcomm-1-.png
UCF Bronze Devotional Ribbon SD 240705.06 Bronzedevotionribbon.jpg
UCF Bronze Devotional Medal SD 240705.06 Bronzedevotionmed-2-.png
Orion Award Ribbon USS-Timmis SD 241501.05 Orionrib.gif
Orion Award medal USS-Timmis SD 241501.05 Orion.png
Obsidian Citation ribbon SD 241501.05 Obsidianrib.png
Obsidian Citation medal SD 241501.05 Obsidian.png