Jason Roberts

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Jason Roberts
Biographical Information







2379 (age 42)


Commander Mathew Roberts, Chief Petty Officer Bryanta Roberts (Sister-in-law)

Physical Description



175 Lbs.





Political Information



Starfleet Command
Enterprise Task Force


First Force Commander
Task Force Commander



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Physical Appearance

Physical Description He is very muscular under the padding of his uniform, having decided long ago not to let himself get over weight again. He has one visable, light scar on his cheek and various other scars on the rest of his body from years of ground combat duty.


  • Other Family Nieces - Hope - 7, Amanda and Kindle - Twins, 2
Carrie Roberts (Divorced)

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Roberts is normally laid back and likes to joke but also has a strong sense of duty. He is loyal to those under his command and is very protective of his family. Despite his laid back attitude, on duty he does his best to keep things professional, and while not always doing things entirely by the book, he tends to at least refer to the book.

Strengths & Weaknesses

His greatest strengths are the love for his family and his loyalty to those he commands and his friends. Those could also be considered his greatest weaknesses as he'd do any thing for his family or those who have eaned his loyalty.


Jasons about where he wants to be, raising 3 children as well as married to the love of his life. Commanding a starship and Task Group on the edge of known space. That's where he wants to be, rather then being tied to an office on Earth.

Hobbies & Interests

Jason is an avid martial artist, having trained in most Earth styles as well as Vulcan and Klingon styles.


Federation Basic, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Itallian, Louphomme, some Betazoid and others.

Personal History

Jason Roberts was born in Irving Texas on Earth on 247907.22. Roberts joined the marines because he wanted to do something good with his life. He had bounced between jobs for about 4 yrs before making his decision to join. He had been in the SFMCJROTC in high school and had loved it. He was in the color guard and tried to participate any way he could. When he graduated from high school though, he tried to go to college but didn't have the discipline it took. His first job was on a freighter as a security officer and he bounced around as security until he joined. A year after joining his brother, Mathew, decided to join. Jason graduated and because of his ROTC experience was given the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and his brother graduated a year before and was assigned to the MCS Victory.

Jason left the marines due to the death of his brother in a covert action. The rest of that assignment was classified and Jason holds a deep hatred of the Corps. for not telling him how his brother died. He went and roamedRoberts in his Marine Daysaround for awhile before joining with the UCF and was assigned to the USS Enterprise as the assistant security and quickly became the Chief Security then, most recently, Commanding Officer.While on a routine patrol the Enterprise got caught in a dampening field as they passed near an uncharted asteroid field. Upon investigation the crew started to experience hallucinations causing them to relive violent moments in their lives. Jason relived a moment where he had to fight his marine CO because he was sending marines needlessly to their deaths. Unfortunately the one he attacked was Phoenix, his XO, and was knocked unconscious. Upon waking up Jason made a startling discovery, in a cryo unit was his brother, Master Sergeant Mathew Roberts, who'd been missing for over three years.

After the shock wore off Jason and Mathew contacted their parents who are still in shock. Mathew decided to stay in Starfleet and was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before assignment to the SSF Dark Horizon. Jason's hatred towards the Corps has been somewhat laid to rest though he's vowed never to serve Starfleet again.

After sending his brother off Jason decided that given the age of the Sovereign class Enterprise along with the constant break downs that it was time for a new ship. He looked through various designs and decided that what they needed was a new class. After talking with a few of the crew he managed to pull together a hybrid of Federation, Romulan and Klingon technology. Using his knowledge of ancient Greek mythology he named the new class the Proteus and sent it in for approvals.

Work was started by Captain Andrews of UCF command while the enterprise was on patrol. Enterprise revisited the asteroid that had captured Jason's brother and found a rogue Klingon group attempting to use for their own end. The Enterprise was attacked by this group and, out numbered, sent a distress call. The nearest ships, USS Endeavor, CSS Barnum, and CSS Ketteral responded and together made short work of the Klingons and rescued most of the Enterprise crew.

Jason stayed behind after his crew was pulled out and used the last remaining minutes of the almost crippled ships life to set a course to the asteroid ramming it. He was beamed out at the last second and managed to destroy the asteroid along with Enterprise. He and the remaining crew were picked up by the Endeavor and taken to Midway to pick up their new ship, CSS Enterprise-G

After returning to starbase Midway for the launch of the Enterprise-G Jason met up with a old crewmember, Carrie Blake. They got together and talked and joked while waiting for the day of the launch ceremony and Jason found himself falling for Carrie as they spent more time together. He asked her to go with him as his date to the launch and was surprised when she said yes. They went and also attended a celebration after. During the celebration Jason danced with Carrie and asked her to reconsider leaving and stay with him. She agreed and moved back onto the ship and in with Jason. Shortly after Jason was arrested by UCF Command and charges were filed against him for the destruction of the Enterprise-F. This was made worse when the orders to hunt down and arrest another Captain, Justin Turbo, came down. Jason fumed that not only had he lost his ship and been removed from command but now had to watch from the sidelines as his ship and crew were taken to hunt down his friend and CO. During the mission and his time locked up in his quarters Carrie was there with him and supported him every step. He found himself falling deeply in love with her and decided to ask her to marry him. He arranged to be able to get out to the holodeck where a picnic had been prepared. After eating he unexpectedly dropped to his knee and proposed. Carrie accepted and Jason nearly forgot about his court martial. They didn't have much time to celebrate as Jason was pulled to the bridge to help with a situation that had arisen, a planet full of the Omega particle. He took over the helm as Q appeared on the bridge and informed them of the "test". Reluctantly Jason pulled the ship in to a forming white hole at the order of Commander Phoenix. They proved they were willing to sacrifice themselves and saved the galaxy.

Coming off two great wins Jason turned his attention to his upcoming court martial After docking at NSPC the trial was held and, thanks to testimony from his crew, he was cleared of all charges and returned to command. Jason is now looking forward to the day of his wedding and marrying his love, Carrie. Jason has been counting down the days til they do get married. He was waiting until after what was supposed to be a short mission to set things up and surprise her. Unfortunately the mission turned hellish after the ship was pulled into another universe and the crew pitted against their evil doubles. They were tortured and questioned until the finally escaped with the aid of a rebel faction. This pushed the crew to the breaking point and he was no different. After they were rescued he came up with a plan to retake Enterprise. Shortly after, to his joy, Carrie told him she was pregnant. Jason couldn't have been happier and made plans to marry her as soon as they were back in their own universe. This made Jason more determined then ever to return and after having to torture his double and ordering the destruction of half of Vulcan to destroy the device that had brought them there Enterprise and the Chlorian system returned to their home universe. After that he contacted San Frantaries, their next stop, and arranged for the wedding ceremony.

Carrie and Jason exchanged vows that they had written at a lakeside ceremony on 240610.19. I t wasn't long after that they found out Mat had been busy since their wedding. They received a message the Carries brother Nick had not only been found but had been extracted by a special forces team on Earth. Jason saw Carrie off, giving her the Cadmus to head to Earth while the Enterprise continued it's mission. While enrout to their destination the ship started experiencing strange manifestations such as floating furniture, flying objects and the telepaths aboard blacking out. While the crew investigated Jason was in and out of sickbay watching over his then XO SubCommander Deluvia and CSec SubLieutenant Roex, who had been unconscious from the unknown force. Why the doctors helped them Jason took the quiet times to keep Carrie company during her shuttle ride and fought the urge to change course and join her. Finally they found out that the manifestations were actually aliens from another dimension that were being killed by the telepathic thoughts projecting through a rip in subspace. Carrie showed up with Nicky early, just in time to see Roex being taken over by the beings..He tried to stop it unsuccessfully and Roex was taken by them for unknown reasons after attacking him.

Thinking everything was settled after they closed the rift he started to settle down and help support his wife why she got reaquainted with her brother. Nicky Blake, Cabin Unfortunately, just as that was happening they got a distress call from Jasons brother who was serving on Zetari. They sped to his aid getting there in just enough to push back the first wave. He joined up with the ships of Delta Fleet and took up a position to defend Zetari why his First Force teams joined up with evac teams already in place. The Zybor returned and beat the Enterprise and Griffin up before moving in to destroy the station. Seeing no choice Jason sent his wife and her brother to the Griffin before charging in with the Enterprise. They held the ships off long enough to beam the Command and rescue teams out before warping away. The station exploded behind them taking out the Zybor and almost destroying Enterprise.

Griffin covered them then called Jason to go over with then Commander Kaye and meet with the Griffin CO, Captain Fortiscue. After a brief chat the three went in search of Carrie and Nicky eventually finding them in sickbay. Commander Kaye helped to patch up all the Roberts' and the fleet headed to Eden Fleet Yards for repairs. It was during this that the straw finally broke, with both he and Carrie under stress and starting to fight they left to take a much needed vacation. Durring the 2 month vacation the family managed to get closer and work out allot of the stress that had been eating at Jason and Carrie. They all returned to Enterprise happier and a bit closer.

Upon returning Jason found out they were being sent to shuttle diplomats to UCF HQ and thought he could use the time to get closer still to Carrie and Nicky. After arriving on Phomme III he lead an away team to meet with the Louphomme Alpha Male and advisors. He took a nine month pregnant Carrie with because of her previous assignment as ships counselor and because she'd been helping him study. Durring the meeting Jason had to attack the AlphaMarcelle Frances and Marcus Raymond Roberts and the surprise of it caused Carrie to go into labor. He, Carrie and Doctor Pierce beamed back to the ship so Carrie could give birth. 10.5 hours later on 240704.25 Marcus Raymond and Marcelle Frances Roberts were born.

After the birth of the twins Jason couldn't have been happier but was at constant conflict with himself over family and duty. He was still having to entertain the Louphomme delegates despite his want to just take time off and help his family. Trying to balance both he tries to take his family with him when the situation doesn't call for phasers or for him to play hardball. Unfortunately, even just entertaining politicians has proven to be a dangerous thing when bombs were found strategically placed around Enterprise to completely cripple it. Why he ordered his crew to evacuate those decks and disarm the bombs he grabbed his family and took them to the one place he thought was safe, his ready room on the bridge.

After dropping the kids off there he waited to hear that the bombs had been disabled then decided to test a theory by taking the Louphomme down to engineering where the chief engineer was disabling a dud bomb they'd set up. This drew out one of the conspirators, the Louphomme military Leader, who tried to attack Lieutenant Valok. After stunning the General and beaming him to the brig the group headed to the bridge again. Upon getting there three of the Louphomme attacked the bridge crew and one pulled out a final bomb ordering Enterprise to Earth. Roberts ordered the bridge officers to follow the instructions after the murder of his Yeoman.

While they engaged warp he telepathically communicated with his wife who'd come up to the ready room a little earlier after checking on the medical chief. She called in the ships First Force group who charged the bridge twice, once almost getting it blown up and the second time the First Force Commander shot Jason in the back due to acting without looking at intel. Jason was taken to sickbay and operated on to repair nerve damage from the high stun setting of the phaser rifle. He was let go and confined to a wheelchair over the next week and decided to use that week for time off at Carries urgings. Why he spent time with his family in their quarters he started noticing a change in Carrie, she seemed to get more and more upset when the twins cried.

Thinking it was just that she was angry at him he just tried to give her space while he dealt with the First Force leader. He offered him a chance to retrain with Jason to avoid misconduct charges. After leaving Rey to mull it over the ship came under attack after entering orbit of Chintaka. Two Federation ships had launched an attack and were sending boarding parties. After disabling one and repelling the boarding parties Enterprise chased the lead ship and Jason got news Carrie was in sickbay. With nothing else he could do on the bridge he hurried down and was told by Pierce that Carrie was suffering from post partum depression.

After being given options and then trying to talk to Carrie he decided the best thing was to go with an experimental treatment that was available. After meeting with the doctor and Carrie he took his children home and requested permission to fire on the ship they were chasing. Getting the permission they moved in quickly disabling and capturing the ship in the Gamma Quadrant. They returned it to Deep Space 9 while Jason went back to sickbay to watch over Carrie. After a few treatments the prognosis looked better so he went to try and get things ready for her and to meet with their unexpected visitor, Isabelle Evans. He took Evans to the flight deck in hopes of helping her relax and helping her memory.

The idea backfired almost causing her to try to take her own life. After trying to reason with her he gave up and had her transported first to sickbay then to the lounge to get her to relax why he took care of his personal things. Carrie finally made it home and now they are working together to take care of the kids and both Jason and Carrie are feeling the sense of completeness that they had when they first started dating and were married. After they both got settled in again the family attended an awards ceremony, their first outting as a family since returning to Enterprise, where Jason was not only promoted to Fleet Captain but installed as the first United Confederation Fleet First Force Special Operations Commander in addition to his command duties on Enterprise.

Not long after, the still fresh Fleet Captain was called by Starfleets Alpha Fleet to assist in rounding up terrorists alling themselves Reclaimers. They were lead by Starfleet officers from a parallel universe, one of which was a highly respected officer in ours. These officers used the peaceful Reclaimer organization to recruit Starfleet and Confederation officers and ships alike. Their goal is to push out those that they believe are "leaching" off of the Federation both as part of it and those that make up the Confederation. His and Enterprises first assignment was to check the status of a Romulan colony that had gone silent. There was trouble before they even left, Jason called his contact for Enterprises parts to request permission to enter RSE space. Not only was the request denied, the Romulan Admiral threatened Jasons family still on Earth and on Zetari station. After making some calls to get his family protected, Roberts entered RSE space just in time to see the colony obliterated by a virus. After studying the virus Enterprise headed out with orders to defend a trilithium mine. This, unfortunately, ended with the ship being boarded then pushed back. Just before Enterprise pulled away a team from the Reclaimer ships managed to get onto the bridge. The bridge crew fought and pushed them back, but not before Jason and a few others were injured. After pulling back he got a call from the Romulan council requesting that he explain why Enterprise had been in orbit of a dead colony in their space. He explained and was warned not to reenter the space. He agreed and was going to get his injuries looked at when he passed out due to loss of blood. He awoke in sickbay to a surprise, the then Confederation Commander had come aboard to talk to him. She offered him the job as her deputy and after considering it he accepted with the condition of he stay as Enterprises CO.

She agreed and he took Enterprise back to retake the mine. He then was sent to defend the Klingon border against a similar attack like that on the Romulan colony. He set a course then came up with another plan, send two crewmen in undercover to join the Reclaimers. He told the two, SubLieutenant Rey and Ensign Shea, then had them arrested just before encountering the Reclaimer ship and had them beam over. During that his family briefly returned just to head back to Earth after, to Jasons disappointment. He started working all the time hardly eating or sleeping. This caused concern around the ship though he ignored it as he took Enterprise in to take a reclaimer base. They took the base and took some well earned rest before being called to negotiate a peace treaty. Things started smooth, though didn't stay that way as three delegates tried to assassinate the Magistrates. The crew rounded them up and the peace treaty was negotiated without further incident. It was after this mission that things started going down hill for Jason. It started with him finding out that Carrie hadn't decided not to come back or not and weather she was going to stay with him him or not was up in the air. This crushed him and he went back to his darker Marine roots and started drinking. After that, he'd found out that he'd been removed as the Confederation Deputy with little more then a get lost. Starting to feel near breaking now he headed off to his quarters to go crawl into another bottle. On his way back, he ran into Crewman Corbin in the corridor looking upset. She'd helped him the day before when he'd started getting upset over his wife so he took her to his quarters that were nearby to talk. They talked and drank and it came out that Sabrina hadn't passed her "G" test. Being a pilot himself, Jason started showing her ways to deal with the g's and, with both being upset, one thing lead to another and they found comfort with each other. The next morning, after their heads cleared and the initial shock wore off, they decided to keep it between the two of them. Corbin left a short time later and Jason dropped into a chair upset with himself for upsetting her and he hoped she'd be okay. After a few awkward meetings in the hanger bay where Jason was trying to repair his fighter, things seemed to be ok, Corbin wasn't as upset as when she'd left. Taking that as a start, he headed back to his quarters to find Carrie there, looking from the bed to him. He told her what had happened and, understandably, she left their quarters to go stay in guest quarters requisitioned by Commander Pierce-T`Sorach. During this, he had to get for a mission to go meet two officers he'd sent under cover on a pirate base. He and his exec, Captain Javiad T`Sorach, were ambushed right after landing. They fought their way out until First Force Unit 1 arrived and helped pull them out. He'd sustained injuries during the mission causing he and Carrie to get into another argument. She thought he was injuring himself purposefully and told him to see a Counselor.

After she left their quarters he knew he only had 2 choices, see the Counselor or lose his wife, something he didn't want. He saw the Counselor and things started getting better with not only him getting help for the issues but also Carrie moving back in. Soon after, Enterprise stopped back at Earth for Jason to answer charges he'd laid against the UCF Council, but to have his petition to return to Starfleet answered. Enterprise was assigned to the newly created Exploration Fleet and assigned to obtain evidence of Jasons claims. They set course to a UCF base near Deep Space 9 and conducted an inspection to map it out. Things started off well and First Force along with fighters and Carrie were sent in with different targets. The base commander didn't buy the second visit and took all the party's to their holodeck, where they'd been developing a training program to assault Starfleet Command. The party's fought their way out and Enterprise captured the base personnel. Jason had the base redesignated Atlantis Base and had it assigned to Enterprises Strike Group.Once more they returned to Earth where he was called to meet with the newly appointed Head of Starfleet Operations, Fleet Admiral Malone. He gave Malone the evidence and after some discussion got clearance to get several bases marked for assault. During this meeting as well, he got First Force transferred to Starfleet to replace Starfleet Special Forces and managed to stay at it's head. That completed, Jason turned back to working on he and Carrie while the Enterprise traveled to the Gamma Quadrant. Things were going well and he eventually made her ships exec after the T`Sorachs left due to medical issues with Delenna. The ship had no sooner reported in the it and it's strike group were tasked with capturing a Dominion ship using combined technologies from the AQ/BQ and destroying the ship yards. After chasing down a changling that had gotten aboard and fighting off 4 Jem'hadar warships they were able to complete their mission. The changling had nearly escaped after stabbing the kidnapping Carrie. During the down time while the ship patrolled, Jason tried to spend as much time as he could with both Carrie and Nicky.

Combined Special Operations Directorate(CSOD) Unit Patch - CofounderThe day after the destruction he received a call from the head of Starfleet Intelligence, Lieutenant General Paul Conway, about an idea they'd come up with. Jason was asked to attend an initial meeting to set up CSOD, Combined Special Operations Directorate. He agreed and offered up Atlantis Base as the meeting place. It was agreed to and he spent his time up to leaving with Carrie in their quarters with Nicky. After arriving at Atlantis the three heads of Starfleets Special Operations divisions, SIA, First Force and Starfleet Marine Corps. The decided CSOD would allow each to share information as well as resources with a Unit prided by First Force, equipment provided by SIA and a base provided by the SFMC. They each would keep a representative on the Earth side base to relay information as well as requests between the three branches. This meeting was interrupted by a Breen attack. The heads and their reps fought to ops and managed to activate the station internal defenses left over from the corrupt UCF Commander. CSOD was finalized and the SIA and new SFMC Heads with all three reps headed back to Earth. Jason was going to go with to visit Marcus and Marcelle, who'd been left with his mother so they were safe during the war, but lack of communication with Enterprise worried him so he stayed behind. He found out Enterprise had gone silent and immediately set out to meet the USS Red Dwarf, a new addition to the Strike Group, to get a ride to investigate. They found the Enterprise adrift on minimal power and all scans indicated the crew were sleeping. After meeting his new Helm officer, Ensign Alexxis Hart, who'd been on the scene for 2 days, Jason decided to risk going over. The Red Dwarf aCO agreed to let him go and once over Jason found himself overcome by the same thing affecting his crew and trapped with them. The Crew had a plan in place and Jason just helped to keep it going. The plan worked, with the aid of Red Dwarf and after a week trapped, the crew were free. It was found out that a serpent people were feeding off of the mental energies of the crew to build up strength for their "mating ball." With the crew free, the mating ball happened, but instead of being sustained the serpents went into a deep hibernation. Buoys were placed and the territory marked so no other ships got trapped. Just a day after, Jason found a message from Starfleet Command that he needed to call ASAP. He did and, after arguing what he thought was a call about his removal, he found out he'd been promoted to Rear Admiral. At just 3 months before his 34th birthday, it made him one of the youngest to receive the the rank. This isn't the norm, but with the Admiralty hit hard on Utopia and Jasons record, SFC felt it appropriate. In shock and having a permanent smile, he set up for the crew to get RnR on Zetari then set to spend time with his family while he tied up a few other command issues.

After RnR and receiving additional ships to form a Battle Group, Enterprise set off for the Delta Quadrant to offer a better Starfleet and Federation presence there. After coming through the Spinward March Wolmhole into the Beta Quadrant the new Admiral and Enterprise stumbled onto a building Dominion and Kazon fleet getting ready to overrun Starbase 369 and the USS Vindicator. Acting quickly, Enterprise and her Battle Group made quick work of the fleet and put a hold on the attack. After that, they set up sensor buoys and defense turrets at the request of Vindicator to keep another attack force from building in secrete. Roberts and the crew then set out towards the Delta Quadrant again and he received word while in route that the doubles from the mirror universe he and his crew had locked away on NSPC had succeeded in a daring escape and stolen a Steamrunner class ship before heading to the Delta Quadrant. Angered by the lack of NSPC ability, Jason sped the Battle Group up and began the hunt.

They managed to track the ship down and found it powered down and adrift. Roberts sent crew to investigate and found they'd tricked another starfleet ship into getting close then murdered the crew and stole the ship. They also found Commander Angelus De'luvia, the ex exec of Enterprise. Jason went to meet with his old friend and patched things up before requesting the man stay on with Enterprise. He agreed and Jason left him to heal up the rest of the way then was soon in action again. One of the scout flights he'd sent out detected a distress call and arrived to find a Sovereign class ship attacking an alien station. They identified it by it's IFF as Enterprise and sent word back to Roberts. The Admiral set into action immediately and ordered the real Enterprise to warp in, but they were to late. The mirror Enterprise had warped out leaving the station on the edge of exploding. While the crew was trying to rescue the station crew, Roberts was beamed away and found himself tied up on an Ocampan ship and being interrogated. He escaped his bindings, but didn't attack to prove he wasn't his mirror counter part. He succeeded, barely, and was returned to his ship where the Delphite, the species of the station crew, had been evacuated to.

Greatful for the rescue, the Delphite invited Jason and crew to their city for a tour and banquette in their honor. Roberts accepted and after the banquette recommended the Delphite for further contact to Exploration Command and set off again. It wasn't more then a few days after when he and the male crew all started getting sick. They came to find out they were all pregnant with Delphite fetuses, despite the lack of any sexual contact. Roberts set course back immediately and beamed down to get answers to be confronted by a group of Kazon who immediately opened fire on the away team. They fought back, but ended up having to retreat into the mountains nearby after the ship and Battle Group came under attack. They spent three days behind enemy lines conducting hit and run operations to collect weapons, food and medical supplies. After that, he with Petty Officer Corbin, who'd crash landed during the space battle, went to create a distraction while the others raided a hospital. Once they returned, they found the other half of the away team not only had supplies but Delphite Doctors as well.

Upon questioning them, he found that it was his double that put the Delphite up to impregnating Enterprises male officers in an attempt to weaken them. Just as they found that out they were hailed by Enterprise and started a plan to get off the planet. While the away team split up to start planning and watching for Dominion and Kazon forces tracking them, the Delphite Doctors "healed" Roberts by pulling the fetus into themselves. Feeling a bit violated, but better, he ordered them to do the same for the others then set out with Lambert to a hopper the Team Leader had commandeered. He and Lambert kept Corbin and Kirk covered while they took out the transport inhibitors and were beamed away shortly after. With the Dominion and Kazon forces driven back Jason took the time to relax and let his crew recover from the experience of being captured and impregnated and trapped behind enemy lines. It was then that he received a message from Starfleet, his parents had gone MIA and there was no trace. The news hit him hard, though he couldn't leave due to his duties. His wife, Carrie, offered to go and take care of things for him on Earth and headed off leaving her grateful husband to oversee Enterprise repairs.

He soon after requested to get more ships and upgrade to Task Group, which was granted by Exploration and Starfleet Commands on the condition he take command extension courses for the bigger formation on Astate Colony. He agreed and decided to use the visit to get replacement parts and upgrades for Enterprises Romulan systems. After sending the memos to the proper commands that he was coming and also requesting a meeting, he loaded up his children and set off leaving Commander Delenna Pierce in command of the ship and Major John Carter in command of the Task Group. Jason arrived at Astate colony to find trouble brewing between the Federation forces and a faction in the Romulan Galae. He watched as things escalated then finally was cleared to board the USS Mayhem just as shots were fired. He got cleared to get to the bridge where he put his tactical knowledge to work, helping to coordinate defense and attack forces and taking over the tactical station after the tactical officer was hit by an explosion. The battle ended with a message from Romulan forces that they were standing down followed by a message from Admiral Enor for Starfleet forces to do the same. A bit cooked, Jason left the bridge to contact Enor and get clearance to head to the planet.

He was, of course, denied clearance until things settled down, so Jason turned his attention to reading reports from First Force and the Task Groups MEB. He found that there was allot of intelligence gathered by both. Armed with that information he contacted Starfleet Command to give them the information and pitch a proposal to stop the Dominion in it's tracks. The idea was a massive, coordinated strike on all bases that Marines, First Force and others had uncovered. It was to take place across all quadrants at the same time so as to minimize any relief effort at any single base. To his surprise, not only was the plan accepted, Roberts had been put in charge of carrying it out. Jason sent a message to all units, giving them one week to contact him, then turned to another First Force matter, the rescue of an Operator. He sent Astate Colonies Team 9 to rescue Commander Antonio DiAgessi from behind enemy lines.

After that, he returned to the Delta Quadrant and Enterprise to brief them and the Task Group on the plan. The Task Group broke up in to Flotilla's, single MEU's and single First Force Teams to hit all the targets they could simultaneously. The, Roberts gave the start signal and attacked. The plan looked like it went off perfectly until the MEB Commander returned and told him that the First MEU had been lost save two Marines. This was due to four of the Task Group CO's not being where they were supposed to be and covering the MEU. After questioning them, Jason charged them with one count of murder for each lost Marine, totaling 1,000, each, disobeying of a lawful order in a time of war, and treason. The CO's reacted by filing counter charges against both Jason and Colonel, then Major, John Corbin citing lack of clear orders from command.

Roberts and Corbin both denied the charges and were prepared to testify when the ring leader stood and accused Roberts of sacrificing lives then tried to shoot him. The whole incident made Jason think and he decided it was time for him to concentrate on the Task Group and First Force and step back from command of Enterprise. He did so in a ceremony held before the annual Christmas party on Stardate 240812.16 and handed Enterprise command over to Colonel John Corbin, with the understanding that Enterprise would remain Roberts' flagship and the Task Group command ship. Over the next few weeks Jason took time off, spending most of it with his family on the Roberts Ranch, riding horses and just hangingout.

Starfleet Medal of Honor - 240901.27
He was called into Starfleet Command just before Enterprise and the Task Group set back to give a final report on the war. Roberts reported it over, his plan having been implemented expertly by Starfleet forces, and also reported on possible new threats found in the Dominion databases by the Starfleet forces. The Dominion came to the diplomatic table soon after and signed a nonaggression pact with the Federation. Soon after, for designing the plan then leading the charge to end the second Dominion War, Roberts was awarded the highest award a Starfleet officer can receive, the Starfleet Medal of Honor,on stardate 240901.27.

After the war Roberts had a hard time growing into his position as Task Group Commander. He made a nuisance of himself by constantly being involved in not only Enterprises command but those of other Task Force elements such as Marines and First Force Unit 1. This became apparent when he was captured by his double on 240903.12 when he decided to go and take up command of Marines on cH'LO'PO and ended up captured by his double. His mirror stepped into his life with no one the wiser due to the controlling personalities the 2 shared. He was subjected to video of the mirror sleeping with his wife at night while he was tortured during the day.

It was during this capture that it was decided he would be a good guinea pig for genetic reconstruction and splicing experiments intended to give his mirror better healing and longevity. After nearly a year in captivity he managed to escape and steal a fighter. He spent two weeks at warp and in a cockpit with no clothing and only 5 days of emergency rations. He was picked up by patrols in the Sol system and found to be in his own filth and emaciated. He was immediately rushed to a hospital ship and then questioned after he recovered. He was released and stayed on Earth while he waited for the Enterprise to return so he could join them again. He went back to work at JSOC while he waited and received disturbing news, his wife was filing for divorce after everything that had happened.

He began cracking under all of the mental stress and started using sedatives to cure his sleeplessness. However, there was one last issue coming his way, Enterprise had disappeared. He immediately ordered the Zeus to pick him up and the Task Group to start a search. The Zeus arrived just in time to see the Enterprise appear from a subspace rift. Roberts rode back with Enterprise and investigated their disappearance and actions taken. Once they reached Earth he assisted the Enterprise CO through a hearing about the actions the CO had taken. Things started looking up a little for him as he was able to attend his son and daughters graduations from Starfleet Academy. He was and is as proud as he can be seeing his children not only follow in his footsteps but excel as well.

Then, once again, he found himself stuck on Earth while the Enterprise set out. Again Enterprise dropped off the grid, however, this time he had to remain on Earth and was to far out to help. This struck home that he needed to pull himself back the rest of the way and focus on his Task Force. Enterprise returned to Earth and, after a long rest, he set back out with the ship. Once in the Delta Quadrant Roberts decided it was time for an inspection tour and set off with a small group from Unit 1. After they set off the group got a call for help. After some debate Jason decided that Starfleets directive of answering any distress call was one he could not ignore. After the operation started he found himself once again taken hostage.

This time by terrorists wanting his access codes and other information. However, this time he had an ace up his sleeve and had embedded a First Force Operator with the group six months before. With her help he escaped while Team 2 attacked the terrorist base, closing the cell for good. He once again returned to the Enterprise only to get reports about a strange rift opening. Enterprise moved to investigate and found a new ship of unknown origin there, the Zentrad. He and the crew negotiated a treaty with them and sent them to Earth. During that time it was also found that the Zentrad were relatives of the already met Zentran.

It was going to take them a year to reach their destination, so, the Enterprise remained in the Delta Quadrant where things went quiet, but not for long. It was during this down time he met the Chief Tactical Officer, Melissa Andros. They started a relationship and became close as the Enterprise tracked a strange new weapon and reports of Kazon attacking colonies to take sacrifices. Enterprise stopped the Kazon and he was recalled to Earth. He told Andros he wanted to marry her and the two were engaged just before he left.

Once back at Starfleet Command he found out that Starfleet wanted him to assist in the final treaties with the Zentrad. He agreed and once again stayed behind while Enterprise set off. Unfortunately, as happens, his relationship fell apart due to the distance. So, he focused on work only to have the treaty fall apart as well. The Federation Council could not agree on what to do with them and ultimately the Zentrad chose a planet to settle just inside the Milky Way.

Angry with the Council he went to set off again only to be stopped by the Federation President. The President had called him in to offer him a job, Acting Commander, Starfleet. Jason grudgingly accepted, but with the condition that he could go back to his job with First Force and the Task Force. The President accepted and Roberts took office at the rank of Fleet Admiral on SD241103.26. It was during this tenure that he met his assistant, Aelwyn Zudora. The two became close while he ran Starfleet, however, it took him quite a while to actually tell her he wanted to be with her.

She has been set to move in with him and he has found a replacement at Starfleet Command, Fleet General John Liconie. After that he stepped down and went back to his former rank and positions and training the new Commander, Starfleet.

Service Record

  • Midway Station - 240208.14 - 240211.01
    • Catachan XXIV Company 'Night Reapers' XIVX Catachan Commando Division Company Lieutenant
    • Catachan XXIV Company 'Night Reapers'XIVX Catachan Amoured Division Wing Commander
  • CSS Enterprise-F - 240406.07 - 240601.26
    • Assistant Security
    • Chief of Security
    • Detached to Polaris 1-First Force Founder/First Force Training Officer - 240412.11-240512.29
    • Established First Force Basic Combat and Tactics Academy, Polaris I - 240503.15
    • Chief of Security/First Force Commander
    • Acting Executive Officer - SD240505.10
    • Commanding Officer - 240507.17
    • CSS Enterprise-F/G - Lead Designer Proteus Class and CSS Enterprise-G
  • TAD Starbase Midway with crew after Enterprse-F destruction - 240601.26 - 240602.05
    • Lead Construction Officer on Final Construction CSS Enterprise-G
  • USS(CSS) Enterprise-G - 240601.26 - Present
    • Commanding Officer
    • Commanding Officer/United Confederation Fleet First Force Special Operations Commander
    • Commanding Officer and United Confederation Fleet Deputy Commander(240707.30-240709.17)/United Confederation Fleet First Force Special Operations Commander
    • Commanding Officer/United Confederation Fleet First Force Special Operations Commander
    • Commanding Officer/Division First Force Special Operations Commander
    • Commanding Officer/Enterprise Strike Group (ENTSTRGRU) Commander
    • Commanding Officer/Enterprise Battle Group (ENTBATGRU) Commander
    • Commanding Officer/Enterprise Task Group/Task Group 3.1 (ENTTG/TG 3.1) Commander
    • Enterprise Task Group/Task Group 3.1 (ENTTG/TG 3.1) Commander
    • Enterprise Task Force/Task Force 3.1 (ENTTF/TF 3.1) Commander
  • Starfleet Command (Additional to CO Post) - 240712.15 - Present

Ranks and Promotions

  • M-o1.pngGiven rank of 2nd Lieutenant on assignment to Midway Station as Company Lieutenant on SD 240208.14
  • O1.pngJoined Confederation Fleet and given rank of Ensign on assignment to CSS Enterprise as Assistant Security on 240407.06
  • O2.pngPromoted to rank of Sub-Lieutenant on SD240408.30
  • O3.pngPromoted to rank of Lieutenant and reassigned as Chief of Security on SD240411.16
    • Department Change: Security/First Force on SD240412.28
    • Department Change: Command on SD240505.10
  • O4.pngPromotion to Sub-Commander on SD 240508.10
  • O5.pngPromotion to Commander on SD 240601.17
  • O6.pngPromotion to Captain on SD 240612.13
  • A1.pngPromotion to Fleet Captain SD 240706.05
    • United Confederation Fleet Division First Force Special Operations Commander added to command duties on SD 240706.05
  • A1.pngGiven rank of Commodore upon return to Starfleet and remained First Force Special Operation Commander
  • A2.pngPromoted to the rank of Rear Admiral SD240804.15
  • A3.pngPromoted to the rank of Vice Admiral SD240904.05
  • A4.pngPromoted to the rank of Admiral SD241009.20
  • A5.pngPromoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral SD241103.27 with TAD post of Starfleet Commander (rank post specific)
  • A4.pngRank reinstated to the rank of Admiral after voluntary vacancy of Acting Starfleet Commander Posting SD241106.15