John Brown

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John Brown
Biographical Information







2365 (age 56)

Physical Description



200 Ibs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets


Starfleet Command


Commander, Battle Group Hastings


Rear Admiral

Played By:


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Mother: Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Brown (retired
Father: Rear Admiral Adam Brown (retired)
Brother: Commander Marco Brown
Sister: Captain Kaitlyn Brown
Wife: Megan
Daughter: Cadet Nicole Brown, AHelm USS Hastings
Son: Cadet Alexander Brown, ASec USS Medusa


Joined Starfleet at age 18, highly interested in shuttle and starship design and ultimately specializing in helm navigation and fighter operations. John is a cheerful, outgoing guy. Upon graduating from the academy he was assigned to the USS Crazy Horse as a helm officer. John quickly tired of this and asked for a transfer to the fighter pilot section where he was assigned to Lancer Squadron.

While serving on the Crazy Horse as a fighter pilot, he became engaged to his, then, girlfriend, Lieutenant Junior Grade Samantha Narosis. Lieutenant Narosis was also his RIO. During the war games, John helped to lead the Lancer attack on the USS Shaw during the war games. His leadership capabilities were recognized by Commodore Kroll and he was soon promoted to Ensign. During an event where an alien vessel was attacking the gamma fleet, John rescued squadron mates, Lieutenant Shantel and Commander Jameson, after the Shaw's warp core impacted with the alien ship. After returning to Star Base Raven, John was awarded the Omega Cross, Citation for Gallantry and the Bronze Star for Valor for his actions which may have saved the lives of his squadron mates. While at Star Base Raven, Commander Jameson recruited John for the SRT team. Where he'd be working closely with the Security department. After that John helped the rest of the SRT team foil a plot by Commander Ariela. John then participated in the attacks on the Tuhari vessels. When the Crazy Horse was called to the Krivaldi sector, John flew an important mission with the rest of the Wing to scope out the USS Ghandi which was under Krivaldi control. John along with Ensign Frankson and his RIO were held captive by the Krivaldi until they were rescued by Commanders Ariela amd Jameson and Lieutenant Shantel. During his imprisonment John was stabbed and knocked unconscious by Lieutenant Commander Dumas, the former chief of security on the Ghandi. After being rescued, Captain Bren debriefed John and promoted him to Lieutenant. Awhile later, while preparing for a mission, John received a transmission from SB Midway. It was his long lost sister, who was then unknown to him. John eventually accepted her as his sister and eventually became really close to her. During their mission to grab some buoy's and destroy the rest of the sensor network. After the situation with the Krivaldi was resolved it was discovered that John had a tumor in his stomach, which was removed. He fully recovered and resumed duty. Upon his return to duty Commander Jameson placed him in command of Arrowhead Squadron and the wing while the Warhawks stayed on Starbase Starbucks and Jameson himself led a group of pilots on a mission. It was supposed to be a simple mission, but turned out complex. After arriving at the Snortellian home world, the Crazy Horse crashed, killing a number of crew including John's fiancé, Lieutenant Junior Grade Samantha Narosis. John was devastated and blamed both Captain Bren and Commander Ariela for what had happened to his beloved partner. None the less John helped to rescue survivors. When Captain Bren showed up on the USS Carl Vinson, it was discovered that the Krivaldi had a secret base at the planet's north pole. With Commander Ariela's help, John created a secure cargo bay, where some of the Krivaldi were transported to. After the Krivaldi were secured, John took possession of a brand new squadron of Phantom class fighters for the use of Arrowhead Squadron. He then subsequently helped destroy some armored vehicles which were giving crew on the ground trouble. After the Krivaldi were dealt with the crew of the Crazy Horse returned to Starbase where they had a celebration party and received a new ship.

Before they could leave on a shake down cruise, John received transfer orders to Xonnel Colony to command the 550th Tactical Combat Wing. After he arrived on Xonnel, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Almost immediately, he went on a mission on the USS Skandranon to retrieve a special shield for the Orions. During the mission the Skandranon met up with some Jem'hadar frigates. John was ordered to take his group of fighters and follow the one frigate and find out what was going on. He followed the frigate to a planet where they landed. John led his pilots down and tracked the crew while under cover. One of his men, Ensign Charles Johnson was captured by the Jem'hadar and subsequently imprisoned. In an attempt to free him John led a small rescue party, which ended up getting captured itself. After he escaped John managed to free his companions and take control of the ship. During his escape John was beat up pretty bad and suffered multiple injuries. His pilots secured the Jem'Hadar ship and managed to fly it to a rendezvous with the Skandranon. After everybody was aboard the Skandranon they destroyed the Jem'Hadar ship and returned to Xonnel Colony. After he received treatment for his injuries, he was told he'd never fly again. John was devastated. After a week or two of relaxing and trying to get over it, he received orders to come to Starbase 204, otherwise known as Zetari Station. There he talked to the newly minted flag officer, Commodore Trael Bren, who offered him a position as Second Officer, which John accepted. He served as second officer for awhile before becoming Executive Officer. After their first encounter with the Zybor, John thought they were home free. After that John mysteriously disappeared from Zetari, replaced by a clone a Zybor clone. There is a period here that is full of darkness and the unknown for the real John Brown.

He awoke on Earth some time later. It was unknown to him at the time how long or why he’d been asleep. Under the guidance and protection from Starfleet Intelligence was kept a secret. He was sent on missions in the Gamma Quadrant spying on the Zybor outpost there. He lie in wait, watching and analyzing every move the Zybor made. He learned many things from observing the Zybor, including that it was actually during his capture by the Jem’Hadar that he was actually cloned and replaced, unknown to him at the time. After months of waiting he was finally able to confront his clone and destroy him. After his return to full active duty, he was transferred to Trillista Colony to become Squadron Commander for Titan Squadron, an active Marine fighter squadron. After his short stint there, he went on to command the USS Dirae. After his tour there he returned, at Starfleet’s request, to Earth where he served as aide de camp for Rear Admiral Talladega Ashton, the Chief of Starfleet Aerospace Corps. While assigned there Starfleet Investigative Service came and arrested him and accused him of treason. He was acquitted of the charges when it was discovered that the whole court martial and the charges were a diversion to draw attention away from something far more important that Brown was involved in. Something that was never even revealed, even to Brown himself. After the court martial he left for Eden Fleet Yards to assume command of a Task Force there. After his somewhat short tour there he took command of the USS Defiance to help protect the sector. After his departure he returned to Earth and promoted to Commodore. There, he sat in an office taking care of administrative duties for more senior flag officers and learning the finer points of diplomacy before putting in a request to be put on inactive reserve status. That way he could keep his commission but serve in other capacities to both Starfleet and The Federation. After a couple months Starfleet reactivated his commission, much to his chargin and assigned him as Chief of Aerospace Operations for Starfleet.


SD 240309.07: Compound Fracture to the Tibia of Left leg.

Suffered a through and through knife wound to his right shoulder and a concussion

after being hit on the head with the butt end of a rifle while inprisoned by the


SD 240405.01 Malignant tumor removed from John's stomach.

SD 240501.14 John was treated for a head injury sustained while being imprisoned

by the Jem'Hadar. He was told he'd never fly again.

SD 240503.04 Ear drums burst and knocked unconcious by a malfunctioning sonic

shower..status unknown at this time.

OTHER NOTES: John holds grudges for a long time. He had a long and difficult climb up the ladder in Starfleet and tends to resent anybody who’s both younger and more senior to him although his demeanor may be more respectful. John can be fairly brash. He has a very cocky attitude and is a fighter not a lover. He'll do anything in his power to protect those he cares about. He's starting to mellow a little in his old age learning to become more diplomatic and learning to find a good balance between when he's needed to lead and when he should fall back and become a follower. Strong sense of whats right and wrong. Strong devotion to duty and the ones he loves. He's a strong pilot and is well versed in flying many types of fighters. He is also well adept at the tactical station and could pinch hit in security if he was needed. He's a strong leader who has a knack for doing the right thing in really morally or ethically cloudy situations He has one major weakness. And that is flying, if he couldn't fly he'd go nuts. His life long dream was to fly. After he went from being a pilot to command he wasn't able to fly as much which hurt but eventually adjusted to it. His saving grace has been using his rank to get into a fighter just about whenever and wherever he wants. John is almost through with his professional career. He has no strong ambitions or goals for his life presently other than to fulfill his duty and uphold the morals and goals of the Federation and Starfleet. He loves to fly and has a keen interest in fighters and fighter mechanics. He doesn't really have any other hobbies or interests.

Service Record

  • USS Crazy Horse
    • Assistant Helm Officer
    • Flight Leader, Lancer 5, XCS-311 'Lancer' Squadron
    • Squadron Commander, Arrowhead 1, SIS-513 'Arrowhead' Squadron
  • Xonnel Colony
    • Wing Commander, 550th Tactical Combat Wing 'Black Mambas'/ Group Executive


  • Starbase 204 'Zetari Station'
    • Second Officer
    • Executive Officer
  • Trilista Colony
    • Squadron Commander, Titan 1, SDS-301 'Titan' Squadron
  • USS Padua
    • Officer of The Watch
  • USS Destiny
    • Chief Tactical Officer
  • USS Dirae
    • Commanding Officer
  • Starfleet Command, Aerospace Operations
    • Aide de Camp to the Chief of Aerospace Operations
  • Eden Fleet Yards, Home Fleet
    • Commander, Task Force 1.4
  • USS Defiance
    • Commanding Officer
  • USS Corpus Christi
    • Commanding Officer
  • Starfleet Command, Aerospace Operations
    • Chief of Aerospace Operations
  • retired
  • recalled to active service at rank of Rear Admiral
  • Starfleet Command, Aerospace Operations
    • Chief of Aerospace Operations
  • retired
  • recaled to active service at rank of Rear Admiral
  • Starfleet Command, Home Fleet
    • Commander, Battle Group Phoenix/Hastings

Ranks and Promotions

S-c4.png Graduated from Starfleet Academy SD 240306.17
S-o1.png Promoted to Ensign SD 240307.12
S-o2.png Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade SD 240311.16
S-o3.png Promoted to Lieutenant SD 240403.02
S-o4.png Promoted to Lieutenant Commander SD 240410.13
R-o4.png Transferred from Aerospace Branch to Command Branch SD 240502.02
R-o5.png Promoted to Commander SD 240505.16
PR-o6.png Promoted to Acting Captain SD 240606.04
R-o6.png Promoted to Captain SD 240609.27
R-a1.png Promoted to Commodore SD 240801.13
R-a2.png Promoted to Rear Admiral SD 240911.17

In Character Service Awards

Ribbon Award Stardate
Omega Cross SD 240311.16
Citation for Gallantry SD 240311.16

Bronze Star for Valor SD 240311.16
Taurhai Campaign Ribbon SD 240401.05
Mer'lain Conflict Service Ribbon SD 240405.25
Omega Cross (Second Awarding) SD 240405.25
Citation for Gallantry (Second Awarding) SD 240405.25
Omega Cross (Third Awarding) SD 240409.20
Fleet Commendation SD 240501.11
Zybor Campaign Ribbon SD 240506.12
Fleet Commendation (Second Awarding) SD 240506.17
Preantares Ribbon SD 240506.17
Citation for Gallantry (Third Awarding) SD 240603.28

Purple Heart SD 240603.28
Golden Shield SD 240603.28

Starfleet Metal of Honor SD 241308.22

Academy Courses

Ribbon Course
Basic SIM Guide (Email)
Basic SIM Guide (IRC)
Helm Course
Judge Advocate General Course
Fighter Pilot Course
Medical Course
Starbase Course

Superior Performance Medal (Starbase Course)
Diplomacy Course
Senior Officer Training Course

Command Course (Silver/Theory)

Flag Officer College