John Liconie

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John "Razor" Liconie
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Rigel 4






2378 (age 43)

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145 Lbs





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Starfleet Command


Commander, Starfleet

Field Marshal
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Physical Description


  • Other Family: Jennifer and Jessica Archer - Twin Girls - 8 years old (Godchildren, children of James Archer)

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Personal History

Fleet General John Liconie, MACO Dress Uniform
John Liconie was found on Rigel 4 when he was a child sitting on the steps of a monastery. After a year or so of searching for his parents he was transferred to an orphanage on earth. At about 5 yrs old he started taking martial arts classes and became an extremely good martial artist and took first place in his first tournament at age 13. About that same time his telepathic abilities began to surface. It almost drove him insane before a young man who lived at the orphanage named James Archer noticed and helped him learn to control it. The two became best friends, and kept in contact after James's father found him. After John left the orphanage he served on a cargo vessel for a couple of years. He was trying to figure out what he wanted to do with life when he talked to James. James had enrolled in the Marines and said tat John should join too. After some thought John did join and graduated on 240110.21. John served aboard the Uss Anderson and was transferred to the Nimitz as a wing lt. and James is aboard the Griffin as a marine and dropship pilot. Since his first assignment John has returned to what he considers his home and has been promoted through Squadron CO to XO of the USS Thunderchild.

Liconie quickly made Marine Captain and was left in command while Captain Johnson headed to Cerainis, Thunderchilds new home port, to wrap up construction on the Thunderchild B. While enrout to Cerainis the Thunderchild A was attacked by pirates. The Thunderchild and her crew put up a valiant fight but the ship was lost. Luckily Captain Johnson and the Thunderchild B arrived just before the Thunderchild A was destroyed. After getting clear Liconie was relieved of his duties and ordered to undergo a court marshal.

During his court marshal he started talking with Aliyra Stadi, the ships Chief Operations Officer, and found out she was a Betazoid. He asked her if she Aliyra Stadicould train him to use his abilities. She agreed but he was confined to quarters before they could start. The court marshal was called off and Liconie went to see Stadi. They started seeing each other and on 240505.20 he proposed to her and on 240506.04 they were married on a beach in front of crew and family on Ceranis IV by Liconie's Marine CO from the Anderson, Major Abbigail Skulldron. In keeping with the Betazoid traditions rather than have his wife take his name he has chosen to take hers.

After the wedding they took their honeymoon on Ceranis in the forest. A week later they returned to the Thunderchild where John took command of the ship. After reviewing the crew files he found that Aliyra was the best option to become his executive officer. After consultation he appointed her the executive officer and they set off with the crew on their first mission in command together. With in a short time they'd finally gotten settled in when Aliyra found out she was pregnant. John was elated and started preparing immediately. After getting set up they embarked on their next mission, they were to meet an ambassador and figure out why his people were attacking Federation ships.

After the meeting he found out his wife and chief helm officer had been keeping a secret, they were both under cover SSF operatives. As angry as he was he finally came around and Aliyra got clearance to bring him in. Once inducted, he found out that they also had a secret mission. Someone was directing the attacker and the crew had to go under cover. As time went on they found out it was an Admiral from the future by the name of Piya. His and Aliyras son had come back to give them the information they needed for Thunderchild to be able to stop Piya. Thunderchild did stop Piya and their son returned to the future. A few weeks later Aliyra gave birth to Johnathon Arwen Stadi.

Johnathon StadiAs the missions became more dangerous John got more worried about his son. During a mission to negotiate a piece settlement John got fed up two of the delegates constantly arguing so he took both their threats of violence in his own hand and knocked them both out. After he ordered them locked in the enlisted quarters together until they worked out their problems. With in two days the delegates had and managed to sign the treaty. Unfortunately they also both filed charges against John and he was sent to a court marshal. During the court marshal Aliyra had been given command of Thunderchild and both she and John decided it'd be best to send Johnathon to stay with her parents on Betazed. Thunderchild was ordered out on an emergency mission and John stayed behind on Quantico to undergo his court marshal. He was cleared of wrong doing with the warning not to ever assault Ambassadors again in that way then set free.

With Thunderchild off conducting it's mission he was reassigned to Starbase Versailles as the Detachment commander and second officer. He was only there a short time before Quantico recalled him again. This worried him because he'd not heard from Thunderchild in several months at this point and was having night mares. On his way back, however, he was called to return to Versailles and the Vindicator with a squadron to help defend them in a Romulan and Klingon attack. He did successfully and found out a short time later that the Thunderchild had disappeared without a trace. This information caused him to return to Quantico to try and search for his crew and wife.

He was given a teaching position, small group tactics and advanced flight training, and also assigned to run various short term black ops. The details of these missions are classified. During his time on Quantico he was told, to his dismay, the the search for Thunderchild had been called off and the ship and crew had been officially listed MIA. This killed him and even after the memorial he's still searching on his own time through unapproved sources. After spending a few months on Quantico he received a call from an academy friend, Mike Johnson. Mike needed to find someone to cover his duties so he could go help his brother Richard. John agreed without hesitation and put in for the temporary transfer. Due to the successes of Johns "extracurricular" activities his transfer was immediately approved. John took his son and left Quantico to arrive at one of his early assignments, the USS WLiconiearrior, where he was going to fill in as the Wing Commander until Mike returned.

After first checking in with Captain Pain he found out he had double duty, not only as the 404th's wing commander but the Captain asked him to also take temporary command of the Warrior. John agreed without hesitation and watched over the crew and paperwork why the Captain was on Eden Fleet Yards meeting with Delta Fleet Command and the exec was with her daughter. He did so and reboarded the newly repaired Warrior with it's crew and began work on Mike's new fighter design. Shortly after starting John was once again called to take up temporary command of the ship why the command crew was down sick. After some time at Eden the ship and crew were ordered to investigate strange disappearances near the Lyran/Federation border.

With Mike still out and both senior command officers still down he took the ship in to investigate. Shortly after arrival Warrior was disabled by a dampening field and boarded by the Lyrans. After a hard fight for the bridge he managed to lock it out before being swarmed and captured by the boarding parties. Unable to get through the swarm the bridge crew had to leave him in enemy hands. The Lyrans, unhappy about the lock out, began physically torturing Stadi. Why the beat, stabbed, cut, electrocuted and broke bones they used the internal comms to transmit every one of his screams to the crew for four solid days and nights. As this went on they used a combination of drugs and sleep deprivation to interrogate John. The end of the fourth day the crew got a plan to not only rescue him but also push the intruders off ship. Lead by Paris and E. Falcon the crew went to work, with Falcon taking the 420th Squadron Commander with raided the bridge as John got punched across the deck for again refusing to answer the Lyrans questions with anything but profanity and smart ass answers.

They managed to drive the Lyrans away but not before one took a shot at Stadi. Falcon dove in the way and saved a grateful Johns life by taking the shot. Why he tried to keep pressure on the execs wound Boone, the 420th Squadron CO, pushed him out of the way and tried to get him to unlock the bridge consoles. Unable to move and barely able to speak John gave Boone the access codes and to his dismay Boone told him to unlock them himself. Upon trying Johns body just gave out sending him into a coma. He was taken to sickbay where he went into cardiac arrest and had to be immediately operated on by the ships doctors. He flatlined twice more before Doctor Draconis was able to repair his heart, lung and other injuries. When he woke up a little later he met Nurse Amanda Shiffers who was attending to him. After getting briefed and starting to get his memory to clear he got angry at how Boone had handled the situation. Trying to calm him Shiffers rubbed his shoulders and gave him a quick hypo of pain meds. Amanda Shiffers While this did indeed calm him and made him forget about Boone, it also awakened feelings in him that had been dormant. Between her touch and her being Betazoid he quickly found he had an interest in the Nurse. After some conversation and....embarrassing thoughts from him, due to the drugs relaxing his mind, he convinced her for a date. Amanda agreed and John, elated, decided to due something he'd gotten so used to being a commanding officer, got up and checked himself out even though he wasn't completely healed. After checking on his son he headed to the bridge and managed to convince Mike to let him fly in the upcoming sortie. As he was leaving a message came across the exec board where Mike was at with orders for John to report to Starbase Versailles as their Wing Commander once Warrior was clear.

Finding that out he headed off to meet Amanda. After spending his down time with her he found that their closeness, not only physical but mentally as well, had indeed woken feeling that had been dormant since his wife's disappearance. Acting on those he asked her to come with him to Versailles and elated her concerns about his son accepting her. Amanda agreed and started to prepare her transfer request why John went off to fly. He went in and helped mop up the Lyran fighters why the Warrior and CSS Arthur Conan Doyle assaulted the station. After the battle he returned to Warrior to prepare for his new assignment on Versailles. Shortly after arriving at Versailles and picking up his old friend, Richard Johnson, post as the TDW 200 Crimson Sky Wing Commander, John put his training to work.

He turned the wing from a fleet/Marine mix into a full Marine aviation unit and even conducting retraining for those from the fleet who chose to stay himself. While things looked like they were going well he hit a speed bump. Shiffers had decided he wasn't going anywhere and left saying he should have a command though he didn't, and still at this point, feel ready to take on a full blown command. With a heavy heart he let her go and poured himself, as much as he could, into his work, his son and nearly started a drinking binge while the Wing was grounded. Though that had been against what he wanted, he did understand the reason for the grounding, a shaky diplomatic mission involving the Romulans coming to the station. He used the time to catch up on his administrative duties and also put together a proposal for an MEU, Marine Expeditionary Unit, that would combine the wing with an infantry and support company to give the Marines more then simply flying missions around Versailles.

The added Companies would make the unit self sustainable and allow for broader ranges of operations. He did this with the previous encounter in the sector when he lead a wing off of the USS Vindicator in defense of Versailles and Yadalla, the planet below. Both ground pounders and the aviators had played a crucial role in the defense. Soon after the new Versailles CO, and CO of the Vindicator during that battle, Commander Ropak came to see him to fill him in on a brewing situation involving a planet eater. The wing took off with a joint Federation and Romulan task force led by Commodore Fury. The plan was for a team led by the Commodore to beam onto the planet eater and beam away the hull making a hole in the armor that could be hit by weapons fire. The plan worked and Liconie led the wing in to get the killing shot and stopping the killer. John returned to Versailles feeling a bit better and is continuing to train and make preparations for the MEU.

It wasn't long after the he met the station executive officer, Andreana Ceridwen. She came to speak to him about the exchange program between departments and how the Marines could fit. He was not only intrigued by the idea, but by the woman as well. She was open to him, an openness he returned, and something it had been a while since he'd felt. John asked her out after a few meetings and the two have been together since. In true Betazoid form, he has made Andreana and his son the center of his life. They've hit some speed bumps along the way with Andreana finding out nanites in her blood stream had been activated. This ended up with Liconie having to rush her to sickbay from the Targh, a bar on the Versailles Promenade. He stayed with her and finally proposed to her. Unfortunately, the happiness from it was short lived as the doctor enacted a plan to get her nanites under control. The doctor planned to 'kill' Andeh and gave John a choice, stay and watch out of the way or leave. Not seeing anything he could do, he stayed with her.

Now, after the Borg incursion was stopped, Liconie is trying to help Andeh recover while picking up the pieces of the MEU and keeping the 2nd Marine Division going.

Service Record

  • Assigned to USS Excalibur(First Assignment)-240001.06-240110.21
    • USS Excalibur- Fighter Pilot
  • Transferred to USS Anderson-A-240110.21-240112.02
    • USS Anderson-A Marine/Pilot
  • Transferred to USS Nimitz-A-240112.02-240207.24
    • USS Nimitz-A Marine/Wing Lt
    • USS Nimitz-A Flight Commander
    • USS Nimitz-A Assistant Engineer
  • Transferred to USS Thunderchild on SD 240207.24-240310.19
    • USS Thunderchild- VMFW 800 "Wolf Pack" Wing Commander
  • Transferred to USS Warrior on SD 240310.19-240310.26
    • USS Warrior-404th "Vipers" Tactical Assault Wing Fighter Pilot
  • Reassigned to USS Thunderchild-240406.30-240703.20
    • USS Thunderchild-A-Asst. Helm
    • USS Thunderchild-A-Transferred back into fighter wing
    • USS Thunderchild-A-VMFW 214 "Wolf Pack" Wing Commander
    • USS Thunderchild-A -Executive Officer
    • USS Thunderchild-B -Executive Officer
    • USS Thunderchild-B-Acting Commanding Officer
    • USS Thunderchild-B-Commanding Officer/SSF Operative
  • Reassigned to Starbase 99 Versailles-240610.01-240610.30
    • Starbase 99 Versailles- Alpha Detachment Commander/2nd Officer
  • Transferred to USS Vindicator-240610.30-240702.04
    • USS Vindicator-202nd "Wolves" Tactical Assault Wing Commander
  • Reassigned to (NPC)Quatico III-240702.04-240703.19
    • (NPC)Quatico III-Instructor/Special Operations Operative
  • Transferred to-USS Warrior-Temporary Assigned Duty-240703.19-240706.07
    • USS Warrior-404th "Vipers" Tactical Assault Wing Acting Wing Commander
    • USS Warrior-Acting Commanding Officer (2 {IC} weeks while CO was off ship and CO/XO were down sick)
  • Reassigned to Starbase 99 Versailles-240706.07-241006.19
    • Starbase 99 Versailles-200th "Crimson Sky" Tactical Assault Wing Commander
    • Starbase 99 Versailles-2nd Beta, 1st Marine Expaditionary Unit (MEU) Commander
    • Starbase 99 Versailles-2nd Beta, 1st Marine Expaditionary Unit (MEU) Commander/2nd Beta Division 2nd Regiment Commander
    • Starbase 99 Versailles-2nd Beta, 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade Special Operations Capable (MEB SOC) Commander
  • Reassigned to Beta Fleet (Onboard Starbase 99 Versailles)-240901.20-241106.05
    • Beta Fleet - 2nd Beta Marine Division Commander
    • Beta Fleet - Beta Fleet Commander
  • Reassigned to Starfleet Command-241106.05-Present
    • Present - Starfleet Command - Starfleet Commander

Ranks and Promotions

  • M-e1.pngRank of Private given upon completion of boot camp and assigned to USS Excalibur as a Fighter Pilot on SD 240110.21
  • M-e2.pngPromoted to rank of Private First Class on SD 2401xx.xx
  • M-e3.pngPromoted to the rank of Lance Corporal and assigned as Flight CO on SD 240203.17
  • M-o1.pngPromotion to Second Lieutenant and transferred to engineering as an asst. engineer on SD 240204.23
    • Reinstated to rank of Second Lieutenant on SD240406.30
  • M-o2.pngPromotion to First Lieutenant SD 240410.13
  • M-o3.pngPromotion to Marine Captain SD 240501.05
  • M-o4.pngPromotion to Major SD 240504.06
  • M-o5.pngPromotion to Lieutenant Colonel and full Commanding Officer SD 240508.31
  • M-o6.pngPromotion to full Colonel SD 240603.22
  • M-a1.pngPromotion to Brigadier General SD240810.22
  • M-a3.pngPromotion to Lieutenant General SD241006.18
  • M-a5.pngPromotion to Fleet General with post of Starfleet Commander SD241106.05 (rank post specific)