John Moss

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John William Moss
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October 27, 2257 (age: 163)

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170 LBS





Political Information

United Federation of Planets
Hilotress Empire


Federation Investigation Service


Special Agent

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"With all respect Colonel you're not on the line, me and my men are..."
    —Major John Moss 2379

Personal Description

Family Information

  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Parents:
    • Father: Delav (Vulcan/Romulan), Commander (Ret), Starfleet, Starfleet Security
    • Mother: Jane Moss (Human), Commander (Ret), Starfleet, Starfleet Command
  • Children:
    • John William Moss Junior

Character Traits




To ensure that his son and the children of the galaxy have a safe place.


Reading, paining, and playing with his son


John was born on Earth to (then)Lieutenant Commander Delav and his wife, (then)Lieutenant Commander Jane Moss. He was born in the city of Washington D.C. in the United States.

John is the only child born from his mother and father but his has two older twin brothers, both who were adopted, Randi and Stefen Moss. His parents didn't want any of them to join Starfleet, they want a big family provide by three brothers.

During his last year of school, John began to wonder what he was going to do for his life, for several months he debated joining Starfleet and following his heart. After reaching a decision he applied for Starfleet Academy with both his brothers. John and his brothers never told their mother that their decision to apply for entrance applied, but the choice was taken out of their hand when, their mother found out about them being accepted into the Academy when the she found their letters from the Academy. When she confronted the three, she gave them a choice and their father backed her, if they left for Starfleet Academy then they were not welcome home.

While at the Academy, John true nature began to show. He was no longer the follower, but he could be a leader when it was demanded of him. He began to depend on his friends at the Academy to help him with his studies and he helped them with their training. John majored in Intelligence, but Covert Operations really took his heart. All of his professors told him that he had talent, but John just brushed it to the side, he never knew that he was going to be seeing how much talent he had.

Upon graduation from the Academy, John was assigned to the USS Maryland as an Intelligence Agent, but his cover was Security Officer. John never realized that until his took that post that some people in Starfleet wanted to talk military control of the Federation.

John life in Starfleet was like anyone normal one, expect in 2304 John hit (then) Marine Captain Juan Burr, for almost killing the crew of the USS Sunrise when he thought that it was under Romulan control. John served twenty years for that and would have served more time if not for (then) Colonel John Rico, his primary professor from when he was a student at the Academy.

Then-Colonel Rico pulled some strings and got John promoted back to First Lieutenant and placed him as the Commander of the 19th Fighter Wing "Dark Knights". However John health was affect during a space battle against a Rouge Klingon Bird of Prey, he was placed on medical leave for twenty years.

In early 2375, John led his entire wing in an attacked against a Dominion Fighter Wing, nearly three hundred fighters went in and only one hundreds fifty came back to Starfleet.

During the rest of the Dominion War John was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence as the Acting Head of Covert Operations after Earth was attack by the Breen. During his time on Earth John also commanded Star base 01 Intelligence Wing, attacked to the Starfighter Corp.

During the course of his life John met his ex-wife, (the) Major Ashley Vaungh, during his stay on Earth. They married before his was reassigned. He also has a son that he has custody of when he caught his wife cheating on him.


  • 2262-2274: James McHenry Primary Schooling, Lanham, Maryland, Earth
  • 2274-2278: Starfleet Academy
  • 2278-2281: Starfleet Marine Academy

Service Record

  • 2278-2280 :Second Lieutenant, Intelligence Agent, USS Maryland
  • 2280-2286 :Second Lieutenant, Intelligence Agent, USS Hilliary Clinton
  • 2286-2290 :First Lieutenant, Deputy Chief of Intelligence, USS Farragut,
  • 2290-2291 :First Lieutenant, Intelligence Operative, Space Station 96
  • 2291-2304 :Marine Captain, Intelligence Professor, Starfleet Marine Academy Instructor, Mars
  • 2304-2324 :Penal Colony Botany Bay, Striking a Superior Officer
  • 2324-2330 :Second Lieutenant, Acting Department Head, Intelligence, Starbase 87
  • 2330-2345 :First Lieutenant, Department Head, Intelligence, Starbase 96, Covert Operations
  • 2345-2346 :First Lieutenant, Dept. Head/Second Officer, Starbase 96; Commander Group Air Wing, 19th Fighter Wing "Dark Knights", Starbase 96, Eight Fleet
  • 2350-2370 :Medical Leave
  • 2370-2378 :Marine Captain, Reassigned as the Commanding Officer of the 19th Fighter Wing "Dark Knights", Starbase 96,
  • 2378-2383: Promoted to First Lieutenant in 2378; Reassigned as the Marine Commanding Officer on the USS Charybdis; Promoted to Marine Captain in 2381; Promoted to Major in 2382; Transfered to the USS Chesapeake, reassigned to the position of Ship Executive Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 2383; Reassigned as Warden, Shorn Prison; Retired from Starfleet Marine Corp in 2382 at the rank of Colonel
  • 2383-Pres: Granted Entrance into the Federation Investigation Service; Graduated from FIS Academy in lat 2383. Promoted from the rank of Cadet Agent to the rank of Probationary Agent and assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division assigned to FIS HQ.