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The Ka'Leigh are physically on average much taller than humans but much slimmer. They have very pale skin which is a color very close to white as well as pointed ears. Their hair is always long and light in color ranging from a light brown to a shade of white-blue. They have become sheer masters of their minds in a way that is similar to the betazoids, however the Ka' Leigh have no telepathic ability.

The Ka'Leigh have a mastery of the physical world. They can cloak themselves as well as teleport themselves from place to place (as long as it is in line of sight and no more than generally around 50 metres) sheerly by heavy thought. Around 2% of the population also have the ability to harness their mental energy into Telekinetic energy which allows them to move objects and other things formed from matter (eg. People). Again, the subject must be in line of sight and within around 50 metres distance, and cannot be moving around quickly, else their brains cannot get a lock.

The Ka'Leigh are a very paranoid and secrative people, especially the older ones who experienced the Dominion War. The Ka'Leigh are initially very hostile to outsiders. They have been isolated and they have gotten scared. However they are not a racist or biggoted people, they are just a overly cautious. Once they come to accept a people, like they have now come to except many members of the Federation, they become a more open, caring and sensual people.

Whilst there are mechanical methods of transportation, and they do have transporters, the Ka'Leigh have extremely long legs which enable them to run from place to place, or if it is too far they teleport and then run, then teleport and then run again. Rush hour on New Eden is an incredible tangle of bodies which looks like a constantly shifting marathon with bodies disapearing and reappearing at a great speed as people go in all directions. It is beautiful yet very alien.

The Ka'Leigh body is totally smooth other than the hair they have on their head. Men grow no facial hair, and because of skin tone the species is said to look like a giant porcelain statue. The Ka'Leigh women are universally appealing and from what the Magellan Medical Team determined they are genetically and physically compatable with most humanoid races. This fact greatly excited many people who went on shore leave.

The Ka'Leigh don't see life in the same way we all do. They see it as an adventure or even a learning experience. If they can no longer see and learn new things and they have completed all promises and obligations they choose to end their lives. The reason for their strange views on life is that medical care is so good that illness and disease are rare, and they can physically live to 1000 Earth years. Tristan (his real name is unpronouncable by Humans, so he adopted this name), the leader of the Ka'Leigh promised his people freedom when the Jem'Hadar began to attack. Tristan is now over 500 years old, and he had planned to die after freeing his people. However, he now sees a whole universe out there to explore and wants to learn about Confederation cultures.


Valara, home for the Ka'Leigh was a space faring planet for a hundreds years before the Federation was even founded. At one point in time Valara was rich in Lithium which allowed its people, the Ka'Leigh, to develop warp drive technology and explore the stars. The Ka'Leigh Alliance, like the Federation was interested in exploration, but unlike the Federation they weren't interested in meeting new species, they were only interested in observation and colonization.

The Ka'Leigh Alliance settled over 50 star systems and gathered much knowledge of the Gamma Quadrant. They opened up trade with many races, though they never became allies with anyone. At its height the Alliance was trading with 72 other races, it contained 58 star systems, the Alliance had 321 commisioned starships and 63 billion Ka' Leigh. They were a very mighty force, though they had few weapons.

Then the Jem'Hadar attacked. They did not ask for negotiations, they did not even annouce their presence, they just began attacking. They quickly took several border worlds and gradually began to work their way towards the heart of the Alliance, the New Eden Solar System.

The Ka' Leigh did their best to fight off the Jem'Hadar but to no avail. They we're out numbered, out gunned, and out classed. Over the course of a decade the Ka'Leigh were shoved deeper and deeper back into their own space with nowhere to move.

With nowhere to go the Alliance made the only move available to them. They pulled all remaining forces back to New Eden and began the fortification of their homeworld. Valara was made into a fortress. All remaining starships were stripped of weaponry and everything was added to planetary defense. The New Eden system had became invunerable, and the Dominion New it.

Instead of attacking Valara the Dominion instead built a massive generator on the outskirts of the solar system. The generator operated in conjunction with several thousand relays to keep a one way shield up around New Eden. Things could get in, but nothing could get out. New Eden had been long ago stripped of all primary resources, even the lithium was gone and the Ka'Leigh were minning from am asteroid belt in a nearby system. The Ka'Leigh were prisoners on their own planet, and they had no way to escape.

The bloackade of New Eden continued for around a century until the USS-Magellan entered the New Eden System on a charting mission. After a hostile first meeting with the Ka'Leigh, the Magellan command staff and the Ka'Leigh Senate had a meeting in which the Senate asked the Magellan to destroy the Star Shield Generator. Through use of ships weapons, fighters, and a shuttle with a warp core breech the Magellan was able to destroy the Starfield Generator and free Valara from her prison.

With the Dominion threat a possibility again and with nobody else to turn to the Ka'Leigh turned to Commander Valentine for entrance into the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets, specifically the Federation. Upon talking to his superiors Commander Valentine, acting as an Ambassador accepted the Ka'Leigh into the Confederation under the conditions that, several starships would be dispatched to the Gamma Quadrant to help in the protection of New Eden, and that a starbase would be set up in orbit of New Eden in order to further protect the planet.

Currently both the USS-Magellan and USS-Ticonderoga are in close proximity of New Eden awaiting the arrival of a Confederation Engineering team who are to survey the system and decide what sort of base would be preferable, but a base will be set up and it will be set up soon. Several reports of an SSS squad have also been reported, but nothing has been confirmed.

In return for Starfleet and Confederation assistance, the Ka'Leigh have offered to share their knowledge of the Gamma quadrant, knowledge of the Dominion and technical knowledge (For example they have superior Weather Control Systems, higher efficiency on matter/anti-matter reactions, and a lot more).


New Eden is currently the Confederation stronghold of the Gamma Quadrant. The Confederation posessed all the space from New Eden to the Worm Hole, but the Dominion is starting to rebuild. Currenly there are 2 Starfleet ships in the Quadrant with a dozen more on the way. Withing 4 months the Quadrant will have a total of 14 "official" Confederation ships within its border, all focused around the New Eden system.

Going along with the terms of Ka'Leigh acceptance into the Confederation is a Starfleet Engineering Team, who are arriving with the first Starfleet vessel in one month. Once they arrive they are going to survey the planet in order to decide what possible sort of starbase is suitable. There is debate about building a full Spacedock, and possibly a shipyards to base Gamma Quadrant operations from.

From the the information currently available to them the Confederation wants to build a heavily fortified space station with weaponry exceeding that of Deep Space Nine (given its even closer proximity to the Dominion). It is also being suggested that the space station is assigned a heavy battle cruiser such as a Prometheus, Steamrunner, or Lancer class ship in order to aide in its defense.

With the quick need of a Starbase around New Eden the Federation is going to be trying something desperate and new in order to get it together in record time. Once the Federation Engineering team finishes its assesment they are going to take their pick from about a dozen proposed designs for a heavily armored and designed starbase which will fit their needs. Once they have decided on what type of base they want every ship yard in the Federation is going to begin immediate construction on sections of the base small enough to fit inside shuttle bays of Federation starships. Once these sections are constructed they will be transported at high warp to New Eden where they will be Gamma Welded together and then ablative armor will be applied.

The entire opperation will take approximately 6 months, but if the situation in New Eden gets hotter hopefully a month can be cut off that. The Dominion has invaded our space for decades, now it is our turn to stop them from ever reaching the wormhole again. Not only that, but we get to really begin exploring vast regions of new space in a different quadrant of the galaxy!