Karl Marsten

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The half-breed mutt Karl Marsten is a intriguing specimen half Human and half lupine giving him a more elongated nose, slightly larger mouth, his ears are pointy like a wolf and finally his pupils are crescent shape with dull yellow iris's very much like any lupine or feline species. His hands especially his fingers are elongated with larger knuckles but there is no fur to be found anywhere on his bod. He is athletically built but not overly strong allowing him to be more agile.

Karl Marsten is a swanky, dapper and very fashionable man which also matches his personality which has is it's own flair and rakishness which makes him doing his job all the much easier.

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Karl Marsten
Biographical Information

Theta Minsar and Farius Prime


Human-Fenrisal hybrid




2375 (age 46)

Physical Description

176cm (5'8")


65kg (145lbs)




Dull Yellow

Political Information




Played By:


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Karl's mother was taken from a Federation colony along the Breen Confederacy by the Fenrisal a civilization that belonged to the Confederacy the Fenrisal were a lupine/humanoid species that lived in nomadic packs but still answers to the Confederacy head of state the Domo. But when they're not needed they raid Federation colonies, Earth and independent freighters and Karl's mother was one of them the females that was taken as a play thing after several months of this the group of play things were left stranded in a couple of life boats. After a few days a Starfleet vessel rescued them and brought them starbase 204 where they received medical treatment this was also where they found one of the survivors was pregnant after some testing it was confirmed that the child if it survived childbirth would be a Human-Fenrisal hybrid and to date the only one in known existence.

Nine months later Nita (mother) gave birth to the Human-Fenrisal hybrid was born but there was complications and the mother died leaving the child in the care of Starfleet medical and science who performed experiments, took samples and anything else to figure out how this could happen as science has proven that inter-species DNA could not mix. This went on for the first 16 years of his life until he overpowered the physician mates that were taking samples and escaped the labs on Theta Minsar. After escaping the labs he spent the next week hiding and evading the people looking for him when a Farian male named Ditak who dealt in stolen cargo mostly from Orion pirates that were operating in and around the DMV.