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The Kazon are the first group of aliens encountered by the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. They are an aggressive, humanoid race of space faring plunderers who have become one of the leading powers in the region.

They are a race of warriors, split into many sects. Each sect is headed by a Maje. The number of sects changes `almost every day'. It is mentioned that there are 18 sects in total. The Kazon gained independence about 26 years ago.

Water is a highly priced commodity here and the Kazon will do everything to take possession of any they find. Since they encountered the U.S.S. Voyager they are very interested in the transporter and replicator technology.

The Kazon Sects

The Kazon civilization is divided up into approximately eighteen sects (18 as of "Initiations"), but this number continually changes because of the violent power struggles which take place between the various sects. For the same reason, the volume of space under each sect's jurisdiction also alters. Each sect also has a First Maje, which is similar to a Captain.

Known Kazon Sects

  • Kazon-Ogla

The Kazon-Ogla have an encampment on the surface of the Ocampa Homeworld on the southern continent north of some extinct volcanoes. They keep slaves, including any Ocampa that comes to the surface. The Ogla have declared Voyager as an enemy because Voyager destroyed the Caretakers Array, and thus stopped them misusing the technology. The Ogla have a training ground on the moon Tarok. Their First Maje is: Jal Razik ("Caretaker" / "Initiations")

  • Kazon Nistrom

Former Voyager crew-member Seska betrayd and defected to be with the Kazon Nistrom. The picture to the right is of Maje Culluh. Their First Maje is: Culluh (Was first introduced in "State of Flux", and reappears regularly thereafter.)

  • Kazon Hobai

One of the many Kazon sects. Their First Maje is: Loran ("Maneuvers" / "Alliances")

  • Kazon Lastral

One of the many Kazon sects. Their First Maje is: Sorat ("Maneuvers" / "Alliances")

  • Kazon Oglamar