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Featured pages

The goal of this project is to nominate pages to be featured on the Main Page, to process these nominations and to keep track of previously featured articles.

The aspects

The Featured pages project has been divided into four pieces.

  1. Nominating new articles to be featured on the Main Page.
  2. Maintaining the text of the article preview for the Main Page.
  3. Maintaining the quality of the featured article line-up and removing those which fall out of quality.
  4. Determining the line up of articles whenever a new article is accepted.

The procedure

Nominating articles

To nominate a page to be featured on the Main Page, add it to the nominated pages section on this page. Nominated articles should be discussed on this page. When consensus has been reached in favor of the article, the section with the discussion about that article should be moved to the accepted pages section, and a time stamp displaying when the article has been accepted should be added. If an article has been rejected by the community, it should be placed into Rejected pages. Articles should be moved into their respective sections (accepted/rejected) when there has not been comments about it for a month or longer.

Discussions of articles rejected should be moved to the latest or a new rejected pages archive (listed at the top of the Rejected pages section) after one week from being rejected. When articles are featured, the discussion of the article should be stamped with a new time stamp and moved to the latest or a new featured article archive (listed at the top of the Accepted articles section).

Accepted articles will be featured (in order of earliest acceptances) when the current article's feature time has run out, unless otherwise noted. Featured articles will remain on the main page for about a month.

There is only one requirement for featured pages, and that is no maintenance tags (that includes and is not limited to: dispute, merge, move, stubs, cleanup, rewrite, deletion, or any other tag that requires work on the article). Once all maintenance tags are dealt with and removed, the article can be considered for being featured. Whether an article will be featured or not, is based solely on consensus in the discussion on this page.

Choosing the order

The order of the featured articles are important as placing too many like-minded articles together can become boring for readers. As such, deciding the order of articles is necessary, even if a small task. When an article is accepted, its placement must be decided. There's no need for a discussion on this, as long as the placement isn't near too many like-minded articles it'll be fine.

Festival themed articles are to be kept out of the normal ordering and replace whatever article is being featured when the main page becomes decorated with the festival theme. When the decorations are removed, the order shall resume.

Proposing text and Removing articles

When an article is to be featured for the first time, the preview text must be created. This will happen at Main Page/featured article/next, not here. Preview text is usually the first two non-quotation paragraphs of an article, but this is not always the case.

If an article which has been featured has been rewritten or typos/incorrect information in the old preview text has occurred, new text can be proposed in the preview text section. If old preview text is disliked, new preview text can be proposed here for the article's next featuring. Preview text is to be written outside of one's comment and can be edited by anyone. If a preview text suggestion is accepted, it will replace the text found here and the discussion archived; if a preview text suggestion is rejected, the text is removed and the discussion is archived.

If anyone feels that an article that has been featured does not have feature quality, a new discussion should be created in the Removal section. An article does not have to have been rewritten since its last feature to warrant having its removal discussed. If the proposal for removing is accepted, the article will be removed from the line-up and the discussion archived with a time stamp; if the proposal for removing is rejected, the discussion is to be archived without a time stamp.


Nominated articles go here.

All Sim Pages

I would like to suggest that all of the SIM wiki pages are automatically put into rotation for featured articles, while UCIP doesn't have a website, it's the job of the wiki to show the options available to new people who come across it. Mike 16:48, 01 September 2012 (GMT+1)
That is a good idea, but the thing is when to show which one, etc. ? Also, main page has been redone to have a link to all of them there. Ariyen 10:48, 1 September 2012 (MDT)
Maybe rotate them on a weekly basis? Or feature one every other week, so say, Zetari - Random Featured Page - Vindi - Random - Crazy Horse etc etc. Mike 18:46, 01 September 2012 (GMT+1)
Most other wikis... that I know of... Do the Featured Page once a month... I think that it's whatever the community decides. :-) just more work for weekly or bi-weekly... Bi-weekly would seem good though for the wiki. Ariyen 16:43, 1 September 2012 (MDT)


I feel this station is worthy, because not that many are clued in about stations and I feel if people know a bit about this one. They'd seem more interested. So, I nominate Zetari. Ariyen 23:31, 29 August 2012 (MDT)

USS Crazy Horse

The other task force ship is something we could have nominated to show how well our ships do here and for people to be interested to know what other ones are available. Ariyen 23:33, 29 August 2012 (MDT)

Rejected pages

These pages were rejected because they were not ready to be featured yet. Feel free to renominate them if you think they have improved enough!

Key: Copy and paste the following line underneath headers of articles moved to accepted (be sure to remove the nowiki tags)

:<small>''rejected ~~~~~''</small>

(Link to article goes here)

(example of rejected note)rejected 22:54, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

(Discussion of past nominated and rejected article goes here)

Accepted pages

This section is for the articles accepted but not yet nominated.

Key: Copy and paste the following line underneath headers of articles moved to accepted (be sure to remove the nowiki tags)

:<small>''accepted ~~~~~''</small> When featured, add ; featured ~~~~~

(Link to article goes here)

(example of accepted note)accepted 22:54, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

(Discussion of past nominated and accepted article goes here)

Preview text

Proposals for altering existing preview text goes here.


Proposals for removing articles from the featured article line-up goes here.

Removed pages

These pages were removed because their quality has lowered since initial featuring or they were reviewed and decided to not be put to par.
Key: Copy and paste the following line underneath headers of articles that were removed (be sure to remove the nowiki tags)

:<small>''removed ~~~~~''</small>