Landon Neyes

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Landon Irelle Neyes
Biographical Information

Cesparia Prime


Trill (Joined)




2384 (age 37)


Tristan Irelle Neyes

Physical Description





Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets, Starfleet, Trill


USS Vindicator





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238401.12 - Born, Cesparia Prime
230604.19 - Landon's family's shuttle sabotaged. No known survivors.
240604.22 - Neyes symbiont and Landon Irelle are joined.
240605.20 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy
240704.08 - Assigned to CSS Melbourne, Chief Helm Officer.
240809.02 - Transfered to USS Intrepid-D, Chief Helm Officer.
241001.24 - Landon fails to rescue Robert Lansine from planet Carida. Intrepid-D is destroyed
241002.26 - Landon attempts an unauthorized rescue attempt. Demoted to Ensign.
241002.27 - USS Intrepid-E is launched. Landon accepts post as continuing Chief Helm Officer.
241003.14 - USS Intrepid-E is lost in the Andromeda Galaxy.
241008.01 - Transfers to USS Charon, Chief Engineering Officer.
241109.03 - Reassigned to USS Vindicator, Chief Helm Officer.
DATE - Given Command of USS Vindicator, Promotion to Captain.
DATE - Attempts rescue of XO [Rochelle Ivanova], presumed dead.
DATE - Returned to USS Vindicator after capturing Romulan ship destroyed.


Landon at the Academy.


Born on the Vista Colony of Cesparia Prime, a wealthy tourist locale for the rich and privileged, Landon Irelle was raised to serve those more fortunate than himself. His parents, Reagan and Melany Irelle, worked for the Vista Community Centre on an honest wage and without luxury. The two Trill had two sons, the first of which was Landon, and his younger brother Tristan was born on Stardate 238608.24. At an early age Landon was exposed to the personnel and staff of Starfleet ships and Federation vessels, who often took their shore-leave on Cesparia. Fascinated not with their positions, but with the experience they were allowed; to travel in ships across the stars, and away from Cesparia. As much as he loved his family, Landon always felt a longing to explore more than his tiny corner of the universe. Although his parents were humble people, they allowed their son to cultivate his dreams and hope for a better future. Kieran Aquila

Landon attended school with his younger brother as far as they were allowed, as the educational opportunities on a vacation world were few and far between. Raised on the standards of Ferengi principles of learning, Landon was thoroughly versed in business and finance, as well as personal/public relations and staffing. With the lives of families on Cesparia usually leading to following their parent's footsteps in service, it was necessary education for the foreseeable future. Landon's relationship with his brother could only be described as two of a kind. While Landon kept a quiet and awkward stature in his youth, Tristan was a wild force to be reckoned with. They would often play tricks on the Ferengi socialites and commerce officials together, always managing to stay one step ahead. Of course, Tristan was always the mastermind. Later in his life, Landon would shape himself to more closely mirror his brother.

The Ferengi leadership on the planet wasn't official, but was seen everywhere. Education, Travel, Recreation and Government were all influenced by the Ferengi populace, which was vast and piercing. The colony on Cesparia Prime was first created by humans, who looked to the Ferengi's neighboring worlds for help in raising a steady economy and growth without mistake. The end result was Ferengi manipulation into control of the colony. Cesparia's rich forests and many hot-springs eventually gave way to Ferengi construction of tourist locations, encouraging Cesparia's original colonists to join in and world as service personnel for these locations, Landon's family included.

Beginning to see the usefulness of earning money to move higher in the financial world, Landon worked at a local shop near one of the hot-springs. Being extremely young at the time, Landon found it difficult to fully earn payment based on Cesparia's laws for employment. The board responsible for overseeing employee's rights was based in the Federation, not on Ferengenar, so Landon was eventually treated fairly in all matters concerning work. He worked for years at 60 hours a week selling trinkets and towels to tourists until he saved enough money to purchase a small atmospheric craft capable of ferrying a small group of people over short distances. Landon immediately left his position at the shop and began a personally owned shuttle company which transported locals from work back to the settlement locations. The fee was small, the ship crowded but comfortable, and it was very popular since very few worker-based transportation options were available. By the time Landon was 22, his small shuttle business had grown to include 6 other small vessels employing nine pilots and six staff responsible for taking care of passengers during the flight. Local vistas paid his company to shuttle their staff on a regular basis, thereby relieving them of the responsibility.

Starting a New Life

Landon's home, the colonial paradise of Cesparia Prime.

In late 2402 Landon passed his company over to this family to continue operation and was accepted into the Starfleet Academy. His love for flying, even the small craft on Cesparia encouraged him to drive forward and follow his dream of flying into the stars. Within the month of transferring everything to his parents and his brother, he had moved to Earth on the first available transport and settled into California to attend the Academy. Unfamiliar with working among people not driven to survive in a low-income society, Landon didn't make many friends his first year at the academy, and as a result was able to study nearly 100% of the time, except for attending a new game he encountered called Parisi Squares. Eventually Landon joined a team of some of his colleagues at the Academy for the game and began competing. On Stardate 240605.20, Landon Graduated from the academy 4th in his class in flight school and passing his final thesis exam with a 95%.

His celebration was short-lived however, when he returned to Cesparia to visit his family before being assigned to Starbase 21. Landon returned only to hear news that his family was gone. A group of Ferengi extremists had finally had enough of the growing success of the Irelle Transport business and sabotaged their shuttle leaving from one of the moons after a business trip on 240604.16. Their shuttle exploded after leaving the atmosphere 5 minutes into the trip, killing Landon's Mother, Father, and younger Brother Tristan in the process. Landon was crushed with despair, and thus he took leave from Starbase 21 and was unable to keep the company going. After attending his loved one's funeral a week after graduating from Starfleet Academy, Landon shut down Irelle Transports for good. The subsequent loss of his assets left him with nothing but a month's leave from duty, his meaningless fortune, and the memories of the only people he had.

One of Landon's old business contacts, one which Landon had been expressly supportive of, was there two days after the funeral to see Landon. His name was Markus Gren, and he was the first Trill besides his own family Landon had spoken to for any length of time. Apparently since Landon's life was so rich with success and loss, it made him a prime candidate for becoming a host to a Trill Symbiant. Markus encouraged Landon that the bond would immediately instill both meaning and a familial connection spanning hundreds of years to his life. Desperately seeking both, Landon accepted the offer of Markus' help in attaining approval to become a Trill host. The process was sped by Markus' influence and by late 2406, Landon was the host to the Trill Symbiant known as Neyes (Nay*ez). The previous host, Taylor, was killed shortly before Landon's own family on a Starfleet Marine's mission in the Gamma Quadrant.

A few months in recovery from the transformation, Landon became Landon Neyes, leaving his old family name behind. Most of this time in unaccounted for, and Landon refused to file a flight plan for the shuttle he used during that time. Given the fact that he owned the shuttle himself, a remnant of his business, there was no real reason for him to need to. Once he returned from what is largely assumed to be a short leave to bring himself into focus, and to ready himself for a return to active duty, he asked for whatever deep space assignment Starfleet had available. After continuing duty Landon accepted the Helm position onboard the CSS Melbourne in the Confederate Fleet.


Landon Neyes is almost always a carefree, bouncy young man who seems to enjoy striking sarcasm in every situation. As a joined Trill he retains all the qualities of his former hosts in a sort of melded personality mingled in with his own. To this end he is extremely skilled in a variety of tasks, and handles a variety of situations differently. Since the Neyes symbiont has been extremely long-lived, the younger and elder facets of his personality often ride against each other, creating a confusing dynamic to many onlookers. One minute he can be extremely boyish and cheerful, while the next he could be stern and focused.

His attitude towards others is decided almost immediately in kind after seeing how they react to his disposition, whether or not he's having a good day. While Landon is very friendly and caring with a genuine desire to help others, he can come off as almost arrogant. The confidence gained from joining with a Symbiont is usually positive, however in Landon's case it has acted as a hurdle he must overcome as he struggles to hold himself to modesty. When placed in a situation in which he feels inferior or less experienced based on his age or rank, the full force of his elder personality comes forward to compensate. He treats all members of a crew on equal grounds, socially, and makes a habit of ignoring rank when addressing someone. The only exception he makes is his Captain, who he addresses with the utmost respect.

Neyes works extremely hard to prove to his colleagues that he is a capable officer, and often goes out of his way to assist in the problems of other departments, especially while a Helm Officer. He takes his job seriously, but does not allow it to interfere with his life, and how he enjoys that life. Conversely, he takes personal relationships very seriously and even small slights against him can be catastrophic to his feelings.

As a joined Trill, Neyes' relationships are often complicated and colored with intrigue. His tendencies are to become interested in someone as a person and then only if they express interest in him does he decide they might be worth some kind of further involvement. Landon is a very soft-hearted boyfriend-type when the moment arises, but usually this is not apparent. During his relationship with Daeryx, his lover from a previous host, Landon was torn by his desire to love the man and his need to put the relationship behind them. There was nothing he wanted more than to be with Daeryx, but it was a doomed flurry of a past lifetime. Rob Lansine was present during these events. Even with the rising suspicion that the Landon host might be gay, which wouldn't raise eyebrows in most societies anyway, he himself is not at all concerned with the issue. Landon's sexuality is not founded on the basis of homosexuality or heterosexuality, but on his heart's ability to love someone.

On the note of his past relationships. Landon was engaged to a young human woman as well while he served aboard the Intrepid. About a year after his slight bluster of a romance with Daeryx, Landon met Lexi Furrows, a petty officer serving in his department. Naturally he felt it was fairly inappropriate for him to pursue a relationship with someone serving beneath his command, however their feelings for one another blossomed quickly. More quickly than Landon had anticipated. The two spent the next year or so dating, and she even unofficially moved herself into his quarters. They loved each other, and as such, he proposed to marry her shortly after the Intrepid was lost in the Andromeda galaxy. Lexi was lost to him, however, when special circumstances had him thrown back into the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy, leaving behind the Intrepid and her stranded crew.

Special Skills

Landon's combat daggers. He carries these on all away missions.
With the merging of young and old, one can hardly blame a sprightly creature like Landon for enjoying an uncharacteristic pleasure. Somehow, somewhere, he developed a fondness for the serene landscapes of nature. Nearly every botanical study he has ever done has proven to be a success, and his green thumb only furthers his enjoyment in this area. Landon, even before joining, had a knack for plants. While it hasn't manifested in his career in Starfleet, there have been rare occasions when he spends some of his spare time in an Arboretum, just sitting quietly. A life in space is full of hustle and bustle, yet this young man finds solace from the chaos of his life in the company of a beautiful landscape.

As a tactical officer, Landon would have been reassigned to temporary duty and moved to a low-security area. He has absolutely no aiming, firing, or shooting ability when it comes to personal weapons such as phaser rifles and hand phaser. On the Intrepid, during tactical exercises, Landon's shots often found purchase against the wall rather than the actual intended target. In contrast, however, Landon is more than capable with small bladed weapons. Whether the task require hand to hand fighting, or throwing, the fury of his blades is rarely mistaken as amateur. His personal favorites are small dueling knives he carries with him. It is rare to find him without a small blade on his person at all times.

Joined Trill are often blessed with gifts that only creatures that experience extreme longevity can enjoy. Landon, being technically 750 years old, is extremely adept at many martial skills. There is no clear identifier of his style of combat, but he is frighteningly agile and incorporates that into his fighting talents. A martial arts program on Starbase 21 once denied his application because he was 'too experienced' for many of the other students. He didn't take it personally, but was disappointed that he would have to continue fighting holograms. While stationed on the Intrepid, Landon and Rob Lansine were marooned on the planet Carida. Rob was taken hostage and in order to rescue him, Landon infiltrated a Cardassian prison camp and disabled half the guards in complete stealth, without using a single energy weapon.

Neyes Symbiont

The Neyes Symbiont before transfer to Landon.

The Neyes symbiont is by no means a wholly humble creature. While the women in the Neyes line seem to be far more controlled than the males, there is still a general agreement that the level of confidence gained with Neyes is far greater than that of other symbionts. Many of the individuals joined to Neyes found that their personalities clashed (including Taylor, Landon and Jazni) even after extensive testing by the Trill Symbiosis commission, although it has never developed into a serious problem. This may be due to the ancient nature of the symbiont, and many Trill specialists argue that the difficulties faced are due to cultural differences from the disparaging timelines Neyes has seen. Being nearly 800 years of age, Neyes is much older than many of the other symbionts, it has therefor seen a vast array of changes in the Trill culture since its birth.

Like many well-aged symbionts, Non-Trill Telepathic contact is strongly discouraged, as unforeseen side-effects for both the host, symbiont, and telepath could be experienced. Many races struggle to traverse the complex and highly sensitive mental structure of elder symbionts, as they themselves communicate electro-telepathically. While all hosts are trained to wall themselves from telepathic contact, Trill are not specifically able to block a mental probing or invasion.

See Also: Mirror Neyes

Previous Neyes Hosts:

Taylor Neyes

Male : Host from 239512.05 - 240604.21

Taylor was a man actually quite similar to Landon. Personality wise, Taylor was a steadfast, happy young man. As eager to join Starfleet as he could possibly be, Taylor accepted a position aboard starships primarily as a combat pilot. He served as Chief Helm Officer of several ships during the years of the Dominion war. Towards the end of the Dominion War however, Taylor took up arms as a marine combatant. Shortly after the end of the war, as planets were liberated from under Dominion Control, Taylor was killed on a planet in the Beta Quadrant. Cause of death was a stab wound to the chest by a Jem'Hadar soldier. Landon, who was already fully accepted as a suitable host, was the closest Trill to take the symbiont. The trauma of Taylor's death still resonates in Landon's memories. See Also: Eyes of the Past: Part III

Hyane Neyes

Female : Host from 234009.08 - 239512.05

Serving as the Trill city of Rexun's commissioner, Hyane was an extremely confident and strong-willed woman. Her control over the city's functions and runnings was unmatched in the council, and she commanded the respect of many other administrative officials on Trill. She had no children of her own, instead giving her life to her work and dedicating what energy she had to bettering the city's sense of community. She became a Host later on in her life than most of her species, in her 30's, and died of natural causes. Hyane was romantically involved with a man serving as a host to the Daeryx symbiont and that relationship continued through to later hosts for a brief period, despite Landon and the new Daeryx host being men. To this day her strength has been a focal point of Landon's mental focus and concentration. He finds great reassurance in her ability as a leader. See Also: Eyes of the Past: Part I

Toran' Cor Neyes

Male : Host from 227511.29 - 234009.08

Toran served as a guide to cargo vessels operating near Cardassian space. Although he did not own a vessel of his own, he was still immensely successful. Since Bajor, and the Trill homeworlds are so close together, it was easy to find work amongst the plethora of traders and commercial organizations in the area. Toran was a bubbly and whimsical man, as expected of someone in his profession. Many of his clients offered the observation that Toran was always able to empathize with people, and could guess what someone was thinking within just a few minutes of meeting them. Toran died of natural causes.

Grecan Neyes

Male : Host from 220105.01 - 227511.29

In an age when environmental conditions on planets were not always suitable for colonization, small structures were often created to allow settlers to live in inhospitable conditions. Grecan lived on one of these worlds near the Trill home system of Trillius, just as living in space colonies was a viable way of life for the average citizen. Unfortunately the colonies did not always survive economical depression, and Grecan's was one example. After being joined to Neyes, and transferring to the colony to attend school, the colony fell to hard times. Grecan refused to leave however, choosing to stay in order to help defend his newfound friends in the colony from gangs and opportunist mobsters that took shape. It is here where Landon's skills with knives was born. Eventually he was able to get himself and his group off the colony, and he died of cerebral cancer at an old age. See Also: Eyes of the Past: Part IV

Ehryn Neyes

Female : Host from 214208.23 - 220105.01

As a woman and as a mother, Ehryn was a bit pushy, but she always acted in the best interests of her family. As a dancer and a gymnast, there was nothing beyond her reach. Ehryn was bestowed with the gift of grace from the moment she was born, and joining only added to her amazing beauty on the stage. She competed in gymnastics competitions across the world, and rarely came home disappointed. Her daughter, Yelaris, attempted to follow in her footsteps, but ended up following the path of science when it was clear she lacked the grace of her mother. Ehryn attended every lecture she could with Yelaris, and did her best to encourage the scientist in her. Ten years before her death, Ehryn was the proud mother of the woman who helped to engineer the first controlled energy fields on her planet. She died of natural causes.

Reed Neyes

Female : Host from 202712.19 - 214208.23

A scholar through and through, Reed was a woman who spent most of her life in the anthologies and codecs of her world's past. In a strange way, it seemed only right that this woman of knowledge be one of the few hosts who melded so well with her symbiont, that it actually furthered her lifespan. The condition is rare, and largely seen as an exceptional honor. Reed was joined at the age of 20, and since that time lived to see another 135 years on Trill. She witnessed the expansion of Trill society into space, and the exploration of their neighboring planets. And saw it all through the eyes of a woman who wanted nothing more from life, than to learn what it was all about.

Nayreb Neyes

Male : Host from 194701.12 - 202712.19

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Jazni Neyes

Female : Host from (no record) - 194701.12

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See Also: Eyes of the Past: Part II

Hedron Neyes

Male : Host from (no record) - (no record)

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Corri Neyes

Male : Host from 166007.25 - (no record)

While a first host is often celebrated as a great event in Trill society, both Landon and Taylor have refused to file any information with Starfleet about Corri.

Rob Lansine, Landon's best friend.

USS Intrepid

For nearly two years Landon served as Chief Helm Officer aboard the USS Intrepid-D and E. Since that time was only a year after his family's death, and the loss of his former life, Landon had a difficult time coping with the many costs of serving aboard a starship tasked with patrolling bordering worlds. His endurance was pushed to the fullest extent when Robert Lansine and a select group of other Intrepid crewmen were left behind after Landon led a rescue attempt. Some colonists and crewmen were saved, but a small group were cut-off and left on Carida. Neyes took this extremely hard, and his focus and job performance suffered as a result. Landon found little comfort in his day to day activities.

Borg Attack

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A Friendship Betrayed

For a detailed account of the following story please read:

Attachment: Personal Log, LtJG Landon Neyes ORN895473-A

Chief Helm Officer's Personal Log. Stardate -------. I didn't think it would all come to this. I trusted him to be my friend, and I guess I thought that meant he'd stand up for me. I guess it just goes to show you never really know who your friends are until they prove they aren't. Daeryx uncovered what Rob was hiding. Behind my back, that little... he... he was gathering up my personal information, but had to blackmail me to get what he really needed. Who knows why, maybe the gang caught up to me. Those damned Ferengi. Hell... I can't help feeling like he didn't want to betray me. I don't know, maybe someday he'll tell me why.

End Personal Log Entry. . . . .

Cardassian Assault on Carida

A Federation/Cardassian diplomatic arrangement placed custody and sovereignty of the colonized world, Carida, in the hands of Cardassians. The USS Intrepid, being the most capable and proximal vessel to the area, was dispatched to oversee the relocation of the 5000 colonists. With no support and only a few days time, the Intrepid's crew quickly found themselves in a battle for their lives as the impatient Cardassians attacked and began to slaughter in inhabitants of Carida. The Intrepid suffered greatly and the loss of life was extreme, and Landon himself was permanently injured after a rescue attempt to save captured allies and his friend, Rob Lansine.

For a detailed account of this plot please read:

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Murder Onboard!

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Medical History

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Neyes is often without a shirt


Awards & Medals

Awards Name Date
AwardsLN.jpg Timmis Ribbon

Crew Appreciation Ribbon

Fleet Service Medal

Fleet Ribbon of Merit

Fleet Unit Citation

Rising Star

Fleet Achievement Medal

Citation for Gallantry









Promotion Record

Promotion and Posting Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting
R-c4.png Cadet 240605.20
Starfleet Academy Graduation
R-o1.png Ensign 240809.20
Chief Helm Officer - CSS Melbourne
R-o2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade 240909.21
Chief Helm Officer - USS Intrepid
Y-o3.png Lieutenant 241008.15
Chief Engineering Officer - USS Charon
Y-o4.png Lieutenant Commander 241101.20
Chief Engineering Officer - USS Charon
R-o4.png Lieutenant Commander 241109.03
Chief Helm Officer/2XO - USS Vindicator
R-o5.png Commander 241303.15
First Officer - USS Vindicator
R-o6.png Captain 241307.27
Commanding Officer - USS Vindicator

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