Louphomme timeline

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Ancient Louphomme

Three million years ago 
Louphomme appear on Phomm III as regular Wolves
250 million years ago 
First Louphomme stand up right
One million years ago 
Develop basic pictures as a form of writing : diaties introduced
900 thousand years ago 
First villages are formed
750 thousand years ago 
1st Overall Alpha Male and Female chosen to rule : first ideas of classes formed
695 thousand years ago 
first compition to chose a new successor held, compition decided to run 4 days every 55 years
660 thousand years ago 
first palace built and catacombs found : designated new arena for the compition
500 thousand years ago 
first forms of technology introduced : lights and simple cooking apparatices
300 thousand years ago 
first chemical engines introduced
290 thousand years 
First chemical propulsed space craft designed and flown
210 thousand years  
first impulse engine designed and introduced, planets in solar system explored, long range communications introduced
200 thousand years  
Borg sphere detects the advanced tech and first Louphomme assimilated then sent back home : 50,000 Louphomme assimilated before the rest of the population kill the last drone : Borg do not return : deatie of war and death changed to reflect borg meeting : all advanced technology, unless neccisary, hidden away or destroyed, go back to living in harmony with nature
100 thousand years 
Warp drive engine introduced, maximum speed warp 4 : considered to dangerous and locked away to keep the gods from angering.
50 thousand years 
Development on warp drive resumes : warp 6 achieved and used for small jumps only : never leave the system
30 thousand years 
phased weapons akin to the Federation type 4 starship phasers introduced : chemical propelled firearms introduced
10 thousand years 
hand phasers equivalent to TOS type 2 phasers introduced : starship phasers equil to Federation type 7 introduced
One thousand years ago 
Hand phasers equivalent to the type 2 ‘dust buster’ phaser introduced, starship phasers equivalent to Federation type 8 introduced : early photon torpedo introduced with limited shields
500 years 
shielding upgraded, equivalent to Federation Constellation class shielding

Modern Louphomme

100 years 
Genetic anomalies start appearing, Louphomme start displaying fingers instead of paws, strait legs instead of backwards bending : considered a disability at first
50 years 
Genetic anomaly accepted
30 years 
Started settling the other 4 M class planets in their system
MCS Alamo investigates planetary system, attacked by Louphomme fighters, bombers and light attack ships – fight stopped and contact made by Louphomme leader after observing rescue operations for hurt marines during the battle
One Louphomme takes a Human name to honor the marines – name chosen - Tralin Henson – applied to marines accepted as a fighter pilot, given callsign Beastman - Application to join UCIP Submitted
Beastman assigned to SB Zetari as a pilot
Second Louphomme, Kathrrkn, is the first female Louphomme to enter Starfleet and graduates Starfleet Academy as an Ensign and assigned to Starbase Hephaestus as an assistant engineer
Krrrackdon, Louphomme Alpha Male, arrives at Chin'taka aboard CSS Enterprise, application to United Confederation Fleet accepted on reccomendations of then Captain Jason Roberts
Third Louphomme, Nrrlon, Louphomme military General and son to the Alpha Male, enters the SFMC in an exchange program and takes post as deputy Commendant SFMC
Harr'Rroth enters service with UCF as Enterprises First Force Unit 1 Senior NCO, rank Technician