Mike Johnson

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Mike "Phantom" Johnson
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2372 (age 49)


Captain Richard Johnson

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200 Lbs





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Enterprise Task Force


3rd MACO Expeditionary Brigade Commander

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  • Other Family Nephew - Neil Jonson, 15

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Personal History

Mike and his younger brother, by 2 hours, Richard grew up on starbase 105 where there parents worked. There father was a high school teacher on the base and there mother was the wing commander. Both brothers were around fighters and pilots all their lives and loved hearing the pilots stories. As they grew up they'd spend hours in the simulator that their mother used to train and mike decided to join starfleet and follow in his mothers footsteps. His father was less than enthusiastic about his choice while his mother loved the idea. Mikes father wanted both him and his brother to be teachers like he is. He said starfleet pilot was too dangerous. As soon as mike graduated high school he applied to the academy and flight school against his fathers wishes. His father only came to terms with his decision when he got his first assignment, aboard the Crazy Horse.

Richard JohnsonAfter the Crazy Horse A crashed and B was commissioned Mike was approached by the SSF to join them. After much contemplation he decided that this would be a great opportunity for him. He transferred to the SSF Dark Horizon as the chief of security. He stayed there until he and 2nd Lieutenant Joewill, an explosives expert, were on a recon mission trying to contact a rebel faction and overthrow a corrupt government.

He and Joewill were captured and interrogated. They managed to escape but didn't make it very far due to an over enthusiastic officer blowing up the interrogation center. When all looked lost an ODA lead by Major Skulldron, the XO, came down and pulled their fat out of the fire.

Once the ship returned to base Johnson gave the ODA some thought and decided that was where he ultimately wanted to be. He put in for a transfer to ODA Black and was assigned to them as the ODA leader due to his experience both as a pilot and as the chief of Mike Johnson, Dress Uniformsecurity.

Mike decided it was time for a change and went back to his first love, flying. He requested a transfer to what he thought was the best ship in the fleet, the USS Warrior, and assumed his duties there a week later. Mike has since proven himself to the crew, do anything it takes to protect the ship. He's helped fight off boarders and kept the flight deck secure then launched to protect the ship from those boarding parties mother ships.

Most recently he led his squadron against a race known as the Zybor. The Warrior had been tasked with finding the Zetari command crew when it came under attack by Zybor ships. Mike launched with his squadron and helped to drive them back, almost at the cost of his life and at the cost of all but four of his pilots. In the after math he headed to the bridge to find the XO needing to leave to find her daughter. He sent her off and took command until Captain Paris returned to the bridge. While Commander Falcon was taking care of her daughter Mike stepped up as the acting XO.

He stayed in the post until the ship docked at a station in the Gamma Quadrant for repairs. With the loss of his squadron Mike developed a new fighter for service and took it to the CO for approval before they left ship. Paris approved the project and dropped 3 more surprises on the Major. First, Paris promoted him to Lieutenant Colonel and the also told him that he was to take command of the Warriors new wing along with becoming 2nd officer. This almost sent Mike into overload as he accepted gratefully.

A week later he finally got a return call from the Endeavours CO Captain Dunross. He told Mike that Richard had gone berserker and tried to murder the XO. After the initial shock wore off he requested permission to come to the Endeavour to help with his brother. Grudgingly Dunross accepted and as Mike was getting ready to leave the station went to alert, the Zybor were back. Mike returned to the Warrior with the rest of the crew to fight them off.

Mike once again took up the acting XO spot and did what he could to help keep the ship going. The Zybor ship was destroyed by a new weapon CK-21 Reaper Development Patchon the station but not before sheering the front of the bridge off killing the Chief Science officer and injuring the CO. With the CO down Mike once again had to step up to take command. The ship was so damaged after the battle it left him with no choice but to order the Warrior abandoned and everyone to escape pod to return to the station. After a ceremony for their fallen comrades and after sending the CK-20 Reaper fighter specs to Starfleet R&D he grabbed his nephew Neil and a shuttle then headed out. On his arrival Mike immediately went to Dunross and requested to help track his brother.

Agreeing they headed into the jefferies tubes and eventually got a call that the elder Johnson was held up in the armory. The two men headed up and found Richard with a phaser to his head. Dunross tried talking to him to no avail leaving no choice but to wrestle Richard down. During the struggle the phaser discharged and injured Dunross, burring him badly. To Mike's relief the phaser had been turned down to level three from sixteen so the injuries weren't fatal.

After calling Medical, Security and Marines he ended up in sickbay with the two men. He made sure Richard was secured before chasing after the XO, Captain Red. After a talk with her he found out Richard was being controlled by the Borg and that the science department was working on a way to free him and the other officer infected, Ensign Bruce Wayne. Considering this information he made a request of the now aCO to stay aboard as per his agreement with Dunross. After Blyx agreed he added to that agreement by requesting temporary duty so he could watch over things and watch over her. Blyx agreed and assigned him to temporarily take up a security officer position.

He gladly took it, as he doesn't like sitting on his hands. Despite this he still plans on returning to Warrior at the situations conclusion, but thinks it best to help the Endeavours crew as if he was on permanent station. He worked for a few more weeks, acting as a Counselor to Richard as well as security, personal body guard and intelligence for the Endeavour. His last assignment before he left was to find out about what an old Endeavour officer had been doing before his sudden appearance aboard ship. Mike used his SSF and intelligence contacts to find out the officer wasn't a threat and confirm he was okay for duty. After that, Mike returned to the Warrior with an open invitation from Blyx to return at any time.

After getting a fight he made his way only to be picked up by the CSS Sir Arthur Conan Doyle where his ship should be. After hailing them he found they were transporting JAG officers to Warrior so he asked to hitch a ride. The CO agreed and they were soon at Warrior only to find it surrounded by Lyran ships and boarded. Phantom set into action heading to his barrowed fighter and telling the Doyle to follow him in. Together the pushed the Lyrans back although Mike lost his fighter in the process. He immediately beamed to Warrior to find things in shambles. His friend, Colonel Liconie, had been seriously injured as had the XO. The ship had been stripped and he found himself in the XO seat once again. They decided to track the Lyrans and Warrior brought the fight to the raiders reclaiming everything that was stolen.

From there things went down hill, the Captain decided to resign leaving the always sick XO in command. She had decided Mike out lived his usefulness and ignored him or blew him off, even going as far as to keep the wing grounded, even in major confrontations, or sending him out with orders to "just fly around or something." Deflated and kicked to the curb Mike finished the Reaper then deleted it from Warriors database before leaving. Having been docked at Eden Fleet Yards he knew of an open post in intelligence and asked for a transfer. The orders came through just as he dropped out of warp and he decided to test his bird, using the momentum to carry him to the station before hailing them. It worked perfectly, the low power mode keeping him off sensors and the paint colors keeping him from being spotted visually. He was beamed into the cargo bay and after a quick meet and greet was given his first assignment, track down the specs of a Klingon and Romulan cruiser at the station

He found the Klingon specs easily but ran into trouble with the Romulans. Using some inventiveness he hacked the Romulans computers with out being detected and got the specs. He'd been researching why the stations Marine contingent had left, finding out the name of the system and that the Breen were there. He took the information to the Captain only to be told he couldn't talk about it and to let it go. Not more then a day after he was called to the cockpit to help in a rescue op of Marines who'd left on a secrete mission a few weeks earlier. He flew, commanding a squadron from the Regiment in the CAGs place, an officer he'd served with on the Crazy Horse, Major Innovindil. He was tasked with ship defense then providing close air support for the grunts. After taking out numerous fighters and 2 armored columns he headed back to Eden to relax. During that relaxation a new Admiral came in as Fleet Commander and called him up. Impressed with Mikes initiative and resourcefulness as well as skill, the Admiral offered him a job as Fleet Intelligence officer, which Phantom happily accepted.

That was also when he met then Commander Selin, the Yards AMO. He bumped into her, literally, after after some conversation, asked her to dinner. The two hit it off and just as they really started to get to know each she got called away on a secrete mission with the Marines. Mike went to see her before she left then started investigating where they'd gone. Reports about a planet called Maylor started coming across his desk at the same time the Marines left. He started doing some asking to no avail, so while he thought up a new plan he went to Selins quarters to keep a promise to her. Before she'd left, he said the he'd set up her quarters and meditation area. Which, he did over the course of a day and ended up getting an idea. He went to Edens commander and pressed the issue to find out where they had gone. Once he found out, he got the FCO to let him go on a recon mission there.

With the approval he headed for Maylor and, much to the Marine Commanders dislike, landed and set up shop. Just after landing he saw Selin again, tired and looking like she hadn't eaten in days. Mike pulled her aside and got her food while they talked and he found out there had been severe casualties from and since the settlement had been bombed. Mike convinced her to go with him back to his tent to rest and the next morning the unhappy MCO came barging in. After a bit of an argument, he left and Mike and Selin talked a bit before both going to work. Mike ended up flying recon for the Marines and being shot down. He was there for two days before the Marines could get to him, and despite the argument before the MCO committed his best to bring Johnson back.

Mike had minor injuries and was healed up before helping to defend Maylor against Breen attack. He, the Marines and a First Force Team successfully did defend the settlement then headed back to Eden. While en rout he got a strange call from one of the Fleet ship CO's saying she'd asked for the Fleet Commander and gotten him. He called the former FCO only to find out the man had been promoted to Deputy of Starfleet Operations. The Admiral told Mike that, if he accepted, he was to be promoted to the new Commander of Home Fleet. Mike did accept and was made a Brevet Major General and Fleet Commander on Stardate 240712.21.

He returned and expected to have time to spend with Selin, but that was cut short after reports of an attack on the Yards by the Breen and Lyrans reached him. He and the new staff fortified defenses and recalled as many ships as they could. He and the Fleet fought off the Breen armada both in space and on the station after almost a full day of fighting. He had also found out why the Lyrans didn't show, then Rear Admiral Jolias Enor had intercepted them and he with the Romulan Empire decimated their military forces. Relieved, Mike gave all the participating ships crews RnR on Edens main station, Auriga, and took the time to go back to Selin. He found her going through her Panthar and after everything they'd gone though, knew he wanted to be her bond mate, Vulcan equivalent of a husband and marriage. They bonded but he, again, had to turn his attention back to the Fleet.

After months of directing the Fleet in the war word came down from above there was a plan and some changes. The plan cam from the First Force Special Operations Commander and required the entire Fleet to attack Dominion bases simultaneously with the rest of Starfleet. He grudgingly forwarded the orders on, not liking committing all of Starfleets forces to one attack plan, but with it already approved he had little choice. The next message, directly following the first, was from the Head of Starfleet Operations himself telling Mike that Exploration Fleet was being combined with Home Fleet and he'd remain in charge. Along with that, Mike was also to be made a Lieutenant General. Both changes took effect Stardate 240811.06.

With the change, the new Lieutenant General decided to move the Fleet command to Deep Space 9 to keep in better contact with all forces. Just after their arrival there the order to attack was given and the Fleet set out to take the Dominion bases down. Now, the Fleet is relaxing and Mike with Fleet Command is settling to the new home at DS9.

Service Record

  • USS Crazy Horse-A - Fighter Pilot
  • USS Crazy Horse-B - Fighter Pilot
  • SSF Dark Horizon - Chief Security
  • SSF Dark Horizon - ODA Black Team Leader/2nd Officer
  • USS Warrior - Fighter Pilot
  • USS Warrior - Squadron Commander
  • USS Warrior - Squadron Commander/2nd Officer
  • USS Warrior - Wing Commander/2nd Officer
    • CK-21 Lead Designer
  • TAD CSS Endeavour - Security Officer - 240703.19 - 240705.11
  • USS Warrior - Wing Commander/2nd Officer
    • CK-21 Lead Designer
  • Eden Fleet Yards - Intelligence Officer
  • Home Fleet - Fleet Intelligence Officer
  • Home Fleet - Head of Home Fleet Marine Operations/Corps Commander
  • Starbase 99 Versailles - 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit Commander
  • Starbase 99 Versailles - 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit Commander/Border Defense Force Commander
  • Enterprise Task Force - Present - 3rd MACO Expeditionary Brigade Commander

Ranks and Promotions

  • O1.pngEnsign upon assignment to USS Crazy Horse as a Fighter Pilot on 240406.11
    • Branch Change: Marine on 240504.21
  • M-o2.pngTransferred to the SSF Dark Horizon as Chief Security Officer and promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 240504.21
  • M-o3.pngPromoted to rank of Marine Captain on SD 240505.19
  • M-o4.pngPromoted to rank of Major on SD 2405010.13
  • M-o4.pngTransferred back to Marines with Major on SD 2406xx.xx
  • M-o5.pngPromoted to rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Wing Commander on SD 240702.03
  • M-o6.pngPromoted to rank of Colonel SD 240801.10
  • M-a2.pngGiven Brevet rank of Major General and Assigned Home Fleet Commander by Admiral Xaviar Montoya, Deputy Chief Starfleet Operations 240712.21
  • M-a2.pngGiven rank of full Major General 240807.07
  • M-a3.pngPromoted to Lieutenant General SD240811.06
  • M-a1.pngRequested rank reduction to Brigadier General SD241006.18
  • M-a3.pngRank restored to Lieutenant General SD241108.12