Mitsue Desai

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"The others sing this song of Light and Dark. We, together, have transcended such unimaginative limitations."
    —Awoken - Destiny

Mitsue looks delicate with high cheekbones giving her an almost statuesque look. Freckles run across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, barely noticeable with her golden skin tone.

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Mitsue Desai
Biographical Information







2387 (age 34)

Physical Description

165cm (5’5”)


54kg (120lbs)





Political Information



USS Crazy Horse


Chief Science Officer



Played By:


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At an early age Mitsue was fascinated by the digital world — how words on a console, holograms, and artificial intelligence — were all broken down to zeros and ones. The mind boggling thing for Mitsue was how they translated emotion, thoughts and other sentient concepts.

Mitsue is a type A personality — not vocally, but she’s driven to find answers, very much her father's daughter in that sense but she is also quiet, shy, reserved but never timid; willing to put an idea onto the table, and finds a collective working together more effective than just one person trying to solve the problem.

Mitsue compulsion for understanding the concept of the hive mind and sentience of artificial life borders on obsession of immortality.


Mitsue's off-duty fashion is sensible, cute, casual and above all else comfy as for style wise Mitsue enjoys boho/chic and she enjoys doing something more edgy/sexy.


Mitsue father, Tao Desai, built a cybernetic company called Dynlink GmbH backed by a German logistics company looking for ways to improve the AI programming for holograms’ and androids’ sentience. This was where Tao met Mitsue’s mother Porsche Tronstad — a German women working in the logistics company that coordinated labs, equipment, manufacturing and people. Once Dynlink GmbH was officially set-up Tao and Porsche started dating, and after a few months they were engaged and Porsche was pregnant.

Slightly after their honeymoon Mitsue was born and Porsche became a stay at home mom, helping with the logistics for Dynlink GmbH remotely. Dynlink’s base market was hospitals; creating automated programs to help with surgery, suturing and other simple procedures. Starfleet research and development paid close attention to what Dynlink GmbH was doing and saw potential for improving the emergency medical hologram.

At an early age Mitsue showed signs of picking up math, this was a huge delight to both Tao and Porsche since both of their jobs relied heavily on it. Starting at the age of eight, she started going with her father to the labs and finding what he did fascinating — seeing how simple commands could create a functioning being that made lives easier for all.

As she got older she decided that Starfleet was where she wanted to be, as she realized she was able to learn and do more building off the established AI core they provided, not having to make it herself. In the academy she excelled at the sciences, primarily computer sciences especially cybernetics. Her interest in the adding of secondary functions led her into the logic and ethical side. Her advisor suggested that a psychology minor would be a good route as well as some philosophy courses. After graduating she took several courses as she was assigned to lab work for R&D, including neuropsychology.

Several of her papers were on expanding the neural-circuitry to allow new experiences to adjust the AI’s behavior without outside help. Allowing the AI’s to learn from mistakes or improving reaction time without needing someone else to install a update. Upon graduation she was kept on Earth and assigned to projects that needed a science officer with computer science and cybernetics apparently a lot of those projects were private contractors that had contracts with Starfleet. Several of the companies were operating out of Arizona most of them were working on creating better holographic imaging equipment for survey teams mostly allowing for the imaging to be done real time rather than wait for it to render.

After living out of a hotel for several months Mitsue and some people she had met and became best friends with; Ikora Rey, Amanda Holliday, Eva Levante and Tess Everis, got a house together in Phoenix allowing easy travel for Mitsue to get to the project sites as well for easy access to getting to the space port in San Francisco for Amanda and Eva; galactic renowned photographers, and Tess; another Starfleet officer believed to be in intelligence.

In a middle of a project she got new transfer orders pulling her off the project and assigning her to the USS Crazy Horse as their chief science officer leaving the project without someone with expertise in holographic imaging. This also made it a bit of an awkward homecoming with one of her roommates Ikora.


Project PROMETHEUS is a pet project of Mitsue's still in the very very early conceptual stages using the concept of bio-neural gel technology she wants to make a memory core out of bio-neural gel circuitry. The concept of the project was to grow an AI like an infant starting with speech, mannerisms and facial expressions allowing it to tell the differences of anger and sarcasm, happy and sad along with the million other combinations. The tricky thing was getting the core to work with bio-neural gel making it more of a bio-AI.

BAL; Bio Artificial Intelligence, as Mitsue commonly refers, to the core is roughly a size of a softball with a 8-sided polygonal casing to protect the core.The core glows a very very bright blue; like the shimmering light of a teleporter, the way the core sits in the polygonal casing the core acts as the eye able to record, run scans and a few other features allowing it to grow and learn as if a child would. BAL hovers about 5 to 6 feet off the ground and it needs to be re-charged daily just like a person needing sleep every night.

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