Nathan Jackson

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Nathan Thomas Jackson
Biographical Information







April 19, 2349 (age: 72)


Howard Jackson 2351-2408
Richard Jackson 2362-2409

Physical Description

6' 2"


190 lbs





Political Information



SB 99 "Versailles"


2nd MACO Division, Beta Fleet

Lieutenant General
Played By:

Howard Prescott

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Nathan Jackson is perhaps one of the oldest MACO's. Through his forty plus years he has been involved in every major conflict in Federation History from the Federation-Klingon War 2370-2373 up to the 2nd Dominion War 2408-2409. During time of war he is in his element, but during peace time he has had trouble dealing with the political deadwood that stayed in Marine ranks. The recent transition of the Starfleet Marines to Military Assault Command Operations has presented new oppurtunities for this old war horse to prove his worth despite his advance age.

Early Years

Nathan Thomas Jackson was born on Vega IV on 19 April 2349, his father Hannible Jackson a young full lieutenant in Starfleet. Nathan remained on Vega IV for two yearsbefore his father was assigned on the USS Santee in 2351 for border patrol along the Klingon border. Nathan and his family lived on a Starfleet outpost on Yadalla. During his fathers 5 year assignment Nathan was exposed to the outdoors life on this frontier colony. William Jackson was born on Yadalla and the two brothers grew closer, as Nathan tend to look after his younger brother as they explore the rugged mountains near the outpost.

Typical for a child with a parent in maintaining a Starfleet career they move again, as Hannible Jackson was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and becoming the Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Missouri. Nathan's father was assigned on the Cardassian border as part of the ongoing war with the Cardassian Union. So in 2356 Nathan and his family moved to Starfleet family quarters on Betazed.

Then with his fathers in 2361 assignment on the Santee completed, he recieved a promotion to Commander and a command of the recently commissioned USS Rochester of New Orleans Class. His father once more deployed to the Cardassian Front, and saw even less of his father. But still Nathan and his brother exposure to Starfleet made them dream about joining the same organization that seem to keep their father away for long periods of time.

The Cardassian War finally ending by 2366, his father could spend more time with his family. Hannible Jackson had retired from Starfleet in 2366. Nathan at the time confronted his father about joining Starfleet. His father endorsed his son through a waiver as he was only seventeen years old. Nathan took the Starfleet exam and was denied entrance into Starfleet Academy, it became apparent his scores in astrometrics, navigation, and engineering were extremely poor.

Nathan applies for the military academy for Starfleet Marines at West Point. His father once more signing a waiver for his son, Nathan hired a tutor and study for the entrance exam into the military school. Though they were not the best score, but they were enough for him to gain entrance. So Nathan swore the Oath and officially entered in the Marines on SD 236606.07.

Early Military Career

West Point 2366-2370

Nathan Jackson initial years at West Point were not his best, as he lagged behind in his lesson. Despite the rough start in the Academy in his first year. His dogged determination to excel began to show. Through his second, third, and fourth years at the Academy he worked his way up in the academic ranks. That by the time the Class of 2370 graduated he was 6th in his class.

Those that review his records have are firm believers that if Jackson had one more year at the academy he would have been the top of his class. The Academy still look at Jackson’s sheer determination to excel despite his initial poor performance in the first year, he proved to be one of the best student in his class.

Pre-War Service 2370-2372

Lt. Jackson first assignment was on Yadalla. He was a section commander in the B Battery, 14th Field Artillery of the 2nd Marine Division. The initial years proved to be uneventful. Lt. Jackson annual reports noted noting of significance for the young marine officer.

He proved to be a able officer that stirred little insperation among his marines. But the sections proficiency to provide accurate artillery fire still labeled him competent artillerist and had a good eye in selecting terrain, through the quarterly and annual field exercises.

Federation-Klingon war 2372-2373

The outbreak of war with the Klingon’s, Nathan Jackson received his promotion and received his first command of D Battery with in the same battalion.

The Klingon Defense Force had defeated the Starfleet around Yadalla, thus leaving the 2nd Marine Division isolated.

The 2nd Division for the next twelve months fought a guerrilla campaign against the Klingon forces that attempt to occupy the planet. Captain Jackson proved to be extremely competent in war as he maneuvered his battery in extremely difficult terrain with little aid of air assets.

The string of engagements that he supported helps the 2nd Marine Division to successfully defeat a larger and well supplied enemy force. Once the Federation-Klingon War ended Captain Jackson remained on assignment on Yadalla. But this would soon come to an end as the Dominion War would erupt in Federation territory.

Dominion War 2373-2375