Olan Dar

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Olan Dar
Biographical Information



Joined Trill




January 12, 2382 (age: 39)

Physical Description

5' 11"


205 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets, Starfleet





Played By:


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Captain Olan Dar is currently the Commanding Officer of the USS Vindicator within Beta Fleet.


Olan Dar, formerly Olan Jarut, was born on Trill in 2382 to Lela and Oran Jarut, both engineers. Olan has two older sisters, Janel Jarut (31) and Mara Jarut (33).

Growing up, Olan demonstrated a curious personality and penchant for some mischief. He was known to prank his older sisters with sometimes disastrous though harmless results.

During his teen years his wild attitude levelled off as he developed an interest in space exploration and flying starships. He became very focused on the goat of joining Starfleet and flying the biggest starship he could find.

At the same time he found himself fascinated with the Trill symbionts and the joining. While this was nothing abnormal for young Trills, he set himself the dual task of not only succeeding in Starfleet Academy but also becoming eligible for a symbiont.

Once joined with the Dar symbiont (circa 2403), naturally there was a change in Olan's personality and some habits. Some of his forced focus on career success was tempered by the zest for life experience gained from the previous host and he managed to strike a healthy balance between the two. He became ambidextrous as well as improving his own drawing skills from simple stick figures into far more elaborate and detailed work.

There was little impact on his career aspirations as there were only the memories and personality of one previous host to integrate, but he became more open to other opportunities. It was this that eventually led him from the single minded piloting goal into eventually taking on command responsibilities.

Also, the addition of the open minded nature of Elona and attention to details of an artist, he was able to manage crew interactions effectively as well as provide sound, objective advise that takes into account various perspectives to others, especially his Captain while serving as the Executive Officer of the USS Drake.

Elona Dar (previous host)

Elona was joined with the Dar symbiont at the age of 20 in 2341. She is the first host for the Dar symbiont.

Elona was a free spirited artist who enjoyed experiencing life to its fullest. She spent a lot of time travelling to various other planets and systems, delving into local cultures and their artistic expressions.

She was an accomplished painter, sketcher and one of the first to utilize holographics as a full immersion art form.

Elona, the host, became ill later in life and eventually died in peace on Trill at the age of 82. The Dar symbiont was transfered to a young Starfleet officer, Ensign Olan Jarut.

Service Record

SD 239909 - Entered Starfleet Academy
SD 240304 - Assigned, Helm Officer, USS Morales
SD 240406 - Promoted to Lieutenant(JG)
SD 240407 - Assigned, Chief Helm, USS Morales
SD 240601 - Promoted to Lieutenant
SD 240610 - Reassigned, Chief Helm/2XO, USS Drake
SD 240806 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
SD 240806 - Assigned, Executive Officer, USS Drake
SD 241009 - Promoted to Commander
SD 241009 - Reassigned, Executive Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241108.23 - Assigned, Commanding Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241108.30 - Promoted to Captain

Awards and Citations

SD 241011.01 Novacrossmeritrib.gif Awarded Nova Cross for Merit
SD 241101.17 Combat.png USS Vindicator awarded Combat Citation
SD 241101.17 Polaron.png USS Vindicator awarded Polaron Burst Ribbon

Combat.png Polaron.png