Paul Conway

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Paul Conway
Biographical Information

Quantico III






236405.15 (age: 57)

Physical Description



185 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets


Federation Department of Defense


Secretary of Defense


(Retired Lieutenant General)

Played By:


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Physical Appearance

Physical Description


  • Parents:

Father: Brigadier General Carl Quartermain (Deceased) Mother: Doctor Sophia Quartermain (Deceased)

  • Siblings:

Brother: Private Simon Quartermain (Deceased) Sister: Commander Emily Quartermain

Personality & Traits

General Overview

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Hobbies & Interests


Personal History

On the 15th May 2364 Daniel Quartermain was the second child to be born to Brigadier Carl Quartermain and Doctor Sophia Quatermain in the HQMC Hospital on Quantico III. His father was an esteemed flag officer with the Marine Corp famed for leading from the front. His regiment was reportedly the top choice for all new marines that they had to implement a waiting list system just to accommodate the new recruits. On Daniel’s tenth birthday and eight years after the birth of Carl’s and Sophia’s third child Carl was killed in action during the dominion war. Sophia found it difficult to cope with three children, the war and her job resulting in her taking her own life at the hospital she worked leaving three children to fend for themselves just one year later. Daniel’s older brother, Simon had enlisted into the Starfleet Marine Corp and was serving on the front lines while Daniel was being schooled at Quantico and looking after his sister. In 2375 the Dominion war ended and Daniel and his younger sister, Emily, learnt their brother had also been killed during the conflict. Daniel tried to protect his sister as much as possible by softening the blow of the devastating news, the two formed a close bond and she made him promise never to leave her as the rest of their family had done. General Marcus Grey, close family friend and godfather to Daniel, returned to look after the two children on Quantico.

Daniel spent a lot of time during his teenage years learning more about his father and the Marine Corp he served as well as being allowed to run the famous assault training course and have private lessons in marksmanship. This training was overseen by General Grey who acted as a mentor to both children to the best he could. Growing up in a marine base with few other children meant that Daniel and Emily often spent most of their time together and both took up the sport of fencing and often competed against each other and other marines in the annual tournament. At the age of eighteen Daniel had the choice to apply to Starfleet Academy however he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and brother and so promptly enlisted into the Starfleet Marine Corp. Emily, was at first worried that she would loose her elder brother and tried to persuade him not to do it but he reassured her he would always be around. She finally agreed but only if he took her family crest ring which had belonged to their father. Daniel agreed and wears the ring on a chain as a reminder of his late, great father and to appease his sister.

At the Boot Camp Paul endured the tough and endless training regime that would turn him into a soldier, a marine in Starfleet. The training comprised of classroom learning and practical field work as well a gruelling physical training regime and surprise operations in the early hours of the morning. At the end of the course a tired and beaten Daniel emerged successful and was one of the few who made it to the end and would pass out as a marine officer at the rate of private. Before he was assigned to a unit Daniel undertook further specialist training in advanced combat operations, warfare planning and advanced marksman training. After this advanced training Daniel was assigned as a sniper in the 2nd Platoon of the 1st Light Infantry Company in the 18th MEU. During this assignment Daniel was paired with another Private, Rachel Garrison a scout who was paired with him. The two became firm friends and were often teased by the rest of the platoon as being lovers and an item. A fact they both refuted despite playing up to the accusations from their friends and teammates. Daniel and Rachel were both considered strong assets within the platoon as they worked exceptionally well together and were often called upon when long range support was required. During one tour in the Gamma Quadrant Daniel, with the help of Rachel, secured the Corp record for the longest distance a successful hit had been made. Daniel quickly rose to the rate of Sergeant and his exceptional marksman skill piqued the interest MEU Commanding Officer, Brigadier General Martin Hammond. General Hammond tasked Daniel to form a fire team, nicknamed ‘The Spooks’ the 1st Echo Fire Team was a hand selected unit consisting of two snipers and two scouts. Daniel, Rachel and two other enlisted officers Lance Corporal Steven Farrago and Private D’Rok made up the new unit and worked well together. This elite team was comprised of only Marine Snipers with other specialist talents, Garrison was an expert scout, Farrago was trained in stealth combat and demolitions, D’Rok was also trained as a Medic and Daniel had extensive training in Field Tactics and Combat. “The Spooks” were often the first unit of the MEU to enter a hostile situation and gave Sniper support to other units. They also acted in the role of Force Recon for the MEU.

During the early years of this unit after it was set up the MEU were called to a hostile situation on Xenex. The Planet was under a full scale attack and Ambassadors had pleaded to Starfleet for help. Agreeing to the plea’s Starfleet Command passed the information over to HQMC who assigned the 18th MEU as the lead attack force on the main continent of the planet. Arriving with a small fleet of other Marine units, Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Navel personnel and vessels the Campaign was launched.

“The Spooks” were sent to the main Embassy and after clearing the outside patrols they dropped the Snipers and headed into the main building, their mission objective to eliminate the hostiles and make sure the Ambassadors were safe from harm. During the operation one of the team was shot in the leg, instead of leaving him, Daniel ordered the team to pull back to a safe location. He himself went back into the building and despite being shot at managed to pull the marine out safely only sustaining minimal injuries. This resulted in him being awarded the Silver Star for Valor as well as the Purple Heart. Back at the Base Camp the marine and Daniel were patched up before sending a request for supplies. They came in abundance and the team armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry and gear stormed the Embassy and cleared it earning respect for the team and more awards to recognise their achievement.

After this first mission objective was completed the team was sent into a shopping mall and while inside were met by the opposition, a firefight ensued and the team managed to retreat to a safe location where they received their next set of orders. Operation “Silent Spear” as it was known was a top assignment for the team and exactly what they had been trained to deal with. Taking a stealth shuttle to a high altitude the team performed a HALO jump into an abandoned boat which they drove to the castle island where the mission objective was. On arriving at the castle the team silently infiltrated the building and reached the main control room with minimal kills. In the control room they disabled the Photonic missiles that the enemy was planning to launch at the Xenexian Transport ships above the planet surface trying to flee the warzone. The Marines then came down and took control of the planet from the hostile invasion. The campaign a success “The Spooks” returned to the 18th MEU for the de-brief. At the de-brief the entire team was presented with the Tobruck Medal of Honor for actions taken in the line of duty as well as numerous other awards and medals.

After the tour the MEU returned to Quantico where Daniel learnt that the unit was disbanding and the marines were all moving to different units. Lance Corporal Steven Farrago was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to a marine company on Calisto Colony, Private Rachel Garrison begun training to become an officer and saddened by having to leave her now well established lover, promised to keep in touch constantly, use all her shore leave to be with him and to safe. Private D’Rok was promoted to Corporal and assigned to a Marine medical unit in the 109th Armoured Brigade.

Daniel on the other hand was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and became the senior NCO of the 87th Force Recon Company assigned as part of the 111th Infantry Regiment. Accepting the role he led the unit through Jungle Warfare, Snowy Mountains and Sandy Desserts on many different planets across the Alpha, Beta and Gamma quadrants on numerous successful campaigns. On one assignment Daniel led his unit through a particularly nasty patch of Jungle to a complex the marines were supposed to be attacking. The team were ambushed by terrorists and Daniel was captured. The rest of the unit who had been with Daniel were either shot or told to return with messages. Daniel was tortured in the compound for weeks through psychological interrogation techniques as well as extreme physical violence. Being beaten and worn down to almost nothing Daniel was a mess and a wreck. He managed to hang on and refused to give up any secrets or information. He was eventually rescued at the end of a twenty-four hour assault on the complex by the battalion. Daniel was ordered back to HQMC to undergo extensive medical treatment and psychological evaluation to ensure he had not been compromised. After the medical staff were satisfied he was allowed out of quarantine and had two visitors waiting to see him. Lieutenant Rachel Garrison who had moved over to the naval arm of Starfleet and his sister, Lieutenant Junior Grade Emily Quartermain who was now serving as a medical officer on the USS Phlox. Paul was debrief by Marine Chief of Staff General Hathaway where he learnt of the passing of his godfather and that on the day of his funeral Daniel was to be promoted to Sergeant Major of the Starfleet Marine Corp, the second NCO to ever hold the post, for outstanding achievement in the face of adversity. Daniel was in two minds, while it was a fantastic honour to be the most senior NCO in the SFMC it was primarily a desk job. He understood however that after the consecutive tours and hostage situation that it would be the best option for his recovery. Both his partner and sister encouraged him into accepting.

While based at HQMC Daniel studied for officer candidacy as he became aware of tensions between HQMC and Starfleet Command. He also pioneered the restructuring of the armoured division and worked to better training in marksmanship and hostage situations; both implemented into the new training regime at Quantico Boot Camp. As well as this he carried out his duties to the best of his ability, and while he enjoyed being able to spend more time with Rachel and Emily he yearned to get back into the field somehow. His career plans were however thrown on a different path when he was suddenly appointed the Commandant of the SFMC and promoted to Colonel with the rights and statuses normally entrusted to a General. As the 8th Commandant of the Corp Daniel worked tirelessly to improve conditions and supplies for marines as well as continue to further their aims and goals as part of Starfleet. The world of politics and flag briefings were new to him and occasionally he felt out of his depth yet despite this served the Corp into a new era. Daniel at this point piqued the interest of the Starfleet Special Forces who orchestrated a fake death to recruit him to a new elite unit called Division Alpha which SSFCOM were setting up to carry out the deniable operations Starfleet was now facing. With Daniel Quartermain officially KIA he was given the operational name and falsified service record and begun anew as Paul Conway. He was put through Rangers School, Airborne School and completed tours with both the 75th Ranger Regiment and the 101st Airborne Division at the rank of Major. After this he went through secretive and extensive training to become Special Forces qualified and a Division Alpha operative.

While working in this highly classified unit Major Paul Conway carried out countless campaigns behind enemy lines and occasionally in friendly territory to further the security and safety of the Federation. Almost two years later Paul faced his most difficult assignment and what proved to be the final assignment for the unit which had sparked some concern in the upper echelons of Starfleet Command, who in a political push for transparency were no longer quietly approving the existence and benefit of such units. Division Alpha was assigned to infiltrate Cardassian space and carry out the systematic destruction of several weapons facility plants which SSF Intelligence believed to be constructing dangerous bio-weapons in what they feared would become another war. Several key members of the Division were beginning to break down, unable to maintain the extensive psychological pressure of living a false life. During the operation one of the men in Paul’s unit, 2nd Lieutenant Mark Hayman, decided he would sabotage the operation and unveil the dirty practices of the unit to the whole Federation. Paul, upon learning this plan midway through the operation reported to his direct superior who issued a kill order. Paul was shocked and appalled that Starfleet would sanction the killing of one of their own. He refused to follow the order and the mission failed with the Cardassian government outraged that Starfleet would betray the treaty so blatantly. The Diplomatic Corp managed to smooth over tensions after many lengthy peace talks and negotiations. Division Alpha was disbanded with immediate effect and the officers were court martialed. Some were relocated to other less visible assignments while others were discharged or incarcerated depending on how far they took the deniable operations mandate. Paul was shown leniency as he never breached any fundamental regulations and as all operations were to some extent sanctioned he was not punished for his involvement. He was however offered his life back. Paul decided however he had become Paul Conway and did something which shocked his superiors. He officially changed his name, kept his rank and simply replaced his false service record with that of his own and merged his two lives into one successful career.

Paul decided he needed to take a new direction and after several months of explaining everything to his sister and girlfriend, both whom believed he had died, he was able to repair the relationships and they finally accepted his choice to keep the new name. Wanting to stay off the front-lines and do more to stop Starfleet officers taking advantage of operational situations as Division Alpha had done he trained as a JAG officer and was appointed to the SFMC JAG liaison office back home on Quantico. He developed a strong reputation for being fiercely loyal to Starfleet’s rules and regulations and was motivated by upholding true justice and routing out officers that betrayed the uniform they wore. After a while and successfully building up a reputation Paul was accepted as a JAG Officer for the Starfleet Special Forces wanting to clean up this division of Starfleet. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and took an assignment on Starbase Raven, home of Delta Force; the structured replacement for Division Alpha. During his assignment with Delta Force he carried out numerous cases and prosecutions of officers crossing the line as well as defending those who upheld Starfleet rules and were penalised because of it. He was briefly loaned to the 2nd “Beta” Subfleet as Marine Division Commander while the fleet and HQMC sought a more permanent replacement. During his tenure with Beta Fleet he was assigned a ship, the USS Anubis and personally requested his newly reacquainted girlfriend Commander Rachel Garrison as the ships commanding officer. Rachel and Paul were able to spend much time together and rekindle their romance. After having learnt all about each others lives from the time he had been presumed dead they were stronger than ever as a couple. When his temporary assignment was over Paul returned to SSF to continue his assignment as JAG for Delta Force. During one mission he was acting as the defence counsel for a commanding officer who had sacrificed their ship to stop a Jem’Hadar attack ship entering the wormhole. Paul won the case and as a direct result was promoted to Colonel and appointed as the Judge Advocate for the entire SSF. As the Judge Advocate he was entitled use of a ship and only one came to mind; the newly commissioned Achilles class Anubis-A still under the command of Rachel.

Acting in this capacity he was able to enforce key changes to the operational policy of the Starfleet Special Forces. During one routine court hearing concerning Sergeant Ng who had died from a failing chute Paul was propositioned by Internal Affairs who had been monitoring his career with great interest. They asked him to take up a Deputy Director position with complete oversight for Internal Affairs investigations in the Special Forces resulting in a branch transfer to the rank of Captain. In this role Paul was able to continue his endeavour to route out bad elements of the clandestine world of special forces operations and use his experiences to protect new officers. Just one year later however Paul was itching to get back on the front lines of operational work and departed from the life of Internal Affairs and JAG and took a field promotion to Brigadier General and was given command of the 15th ODC based on Starbase Bragg. The first operation they were tasked with was an offensive strike against the Marduk. The Marduk being a genetically modified version of the Jem`Hadar were highly dangerous and were preparing an invasion of the Alpha Quadrant. On the third tour of duty for the ODC a full scale combat offensive was launched against the opposition on the desert planet of Kasara in the Alpha Quadrant. The effective combat planning by Paul meant the operation was a success and played a crucial part of the overall offensive operation to combat the threat. After being decorated for services to the Federation and Starfleet Brigadier General Paul Conway returned to Starbase Bragg and was informed by the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief that he would be taking over as Commanding Officer of the Starfleet Special Forces from the previous Commander’s premature retirement. It was held that due to his unique strategic planning styles and past of operational experience combined with the diplomacy and legal mind he would make the perfect candidate. Accepting the new challenge Paul was promoted to Lieutenant General. Now in command Paul promptly shut down any and all obscure clandestine operations units that the SSF fielded and restructured and reorganised the division to streamline resources and make the force more effective.

While he was doing this Paul became increasingly annoyed with the way in which Starfleet Intelligence, Security and Special Forces rarely interacted which led to confusion, duplicate operations and reaction times that were far too long. As a result of his investigation he was given permission by Starfleet Command to restructure and pulled Starfleet Inteligence and the Special Forces under the umbrella heading of Starfleet Security which he was given the directorship of. In this role Paul was able to successfully oversee the operations the two branches carried out and ensured that the bodies were able to work together successfully to protect the Federation. The restructure was a major success for Starfleet and restored the public faith in the respective branches. On the disbanding of the United Confederation Fleet Starfleet took the decision to replace the larger and more expensive Starfleet Special Forces with First Force. On the mysterious disappearance of Commodore Black from Starfleet Intelligence Paul was asked to take over SFI as its own separate entity. Starfleet Security returned to its previous operations and the SSF was replaced. Paul was happy in his new role but feared that the work he had put in to ensure the effective working relationships of the special operations divisions would be lost he contacted then Rear Admiral Jason Roberts, the First Force commanding officer to work with him on a joint special operations organisation, the Combined Special Operations Directorate. They held their initial meeting on Atlantis Base with the Commandant of the SFMC to propose an arrangement which would involve sharing resources and information, coordinated jointly by the directorate and overseen by the three heads of special operations branches and their representatives. The meeting was however cut short as the base came under attack by the Breen. The three divisional flag officers used their abilities and skills to work together to repel the attack and return to Earth which proved the benefit and purpose of such an endeavour. CSOD was finalised and agreed upon by Starfleet Command. The SFMC provided Fort MacDill in Florida as the CSOD HQ which became known as ‘trinity tower’.

Paul reorganised SFI into what is now the Starfleet Intelligence Agency. During the first few months after the reshuffle had taken place he was sent an encrypted message that Commodore Black had been located but he must come himself to negotiate his release. Warily Paul accepted this and took a small ship to Starbase Bragg, the location he had been given and was captured by the Dominion who replaced him with a Founder who returned to Earth to actively sabotage Starfleet Intelligence. One particular act involved the Founder Conway erasing evidence of an impending attack using a stolen omega particle weapon in the Alpha Quadrant. The weapon had first been developed deveral years ago onboard the USS Vigilant, a special Starfleet Security research and development ship which was sent to the Gamma Quadrant to test a top secret Omega Particle weapon. With no clear reason the ship was destroyed and Nicholas Dramont with an Intelligence team known as S.A.I.NT were assigned to investigate. The intelligence operation however was ended abruptly by Internal Affairs. Due to the cover-up by the Founder Conway the stolen weapon was used to destroy Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards which started the second dominion war.

Starfleet Security’s Counter Terrorist Department discovered that Paul had taken an unscheduled trip to the Gamma Quadrant and begun trying to piece together what had occurred. Calling on Marcus Refelian, Captain Rachel Garrison brought him up to speed on the situation and the two agreed to conduct testing at SIA HQ in Langley on Earth. The Founder Conway managed to avoid being tested by supplying a sample of blood that had been taken from the real Paul Conway upon his capture. Marcus Refelian followed up the investigation by leaving his command of Deep Space Nine and heading to the abandoned Starbase Bragg where Paul had visited upon his mysterious trip. Upon his arrival he found the body of Commodore Black and was subsequently attacked by a Jem’Hadar ship and assault team. Marcus managed to escape and returned to Earth to hold a meeting with the then Starfleet Commander Fleet Admiral Harold Malone with a plan to remove the Founder from the upper echelons of Starfleet. Marcus recruited a good friend, Nicholas Dramont, into Internal Affairs to assist in bringing the Founder down quietly so as not to disturb any other potential Founders in Starfleet. Starfleet Intelligence however begun questioning and blaming Marcus for the disaster with the USS Vigilant and accused him of selling arms like his father after having destroyed a ship and killing an entire crew, using his position in IA to close down the intelligence operation. This was a cleverly constructed rouse by the Founder Conway to ensure he was left alone to continue his assignment. Going on the run Nicholas and Marcus met with McCabe, a survivor from S.A.I.NT that was disbanded after investigating the Vigilant and had resulted in the death or reassignment of all its members. The three pieced together the events of the past and learned that the developer of the weapon Chell, now a professor at the Academy was part of a secret political group called SPIRE. They arrived at the Academy and confronted the man from whom they learn of the connections between SPIRE and the Dominion and the information on the weapon stolen and covered up by a Founder that has been in Starfleet since the first war with the Dominion. They also learn that the Founder is now assuming the role of Conway. Realising they need help in breaching SIA HQ to confront the Founder General Conway they broke into Trinity Tower, the HQ of the Combined Special Operations Directorate to persuade Captain Dsan, First Force Unit Commander, she needed to help. Immediately they are contained and heated words were exchanged before the Captain finally agreed to go along with the surreal plan.

Arriving at SIA HQ the three men and Captain Dsan’s First Force Team confronted General Conway who is revealed to being a Founder. Marcus is also shocked to learn that the other co-conspirators behind SPIRE were none other than his father former-Admiral Christopher Refelian and former-Vice President Donald M. Raven. The two humanoids are stunned and the founder is contained in a special container by Captain Rachel Garrison who was disgusted she had been in a relationship with a Founder. She had arrived on the scene to ‘clean up’ and with orders to deliver Marcus, Nicholas and McCabe to the Fleet Admiral’s office. She also instructed her team to use the information gathered to round up and arrest everyone in SPIRE and find her significant other, the real Paul Conway. Marcus and Nicholas met with the Fleet Admiral who debriefed them. Clearing their records Fleet Admiral Malone reinstated McCabe, promoted Nicholas and Marcus to the rank of Captain and classified the operation to level nine security. Marcus was also promoted to Director of Internal Affairs.

During this entire ordeal and throughout the majority of the second Dominion War Paul had been held hostage by the Jem’Hadar in a small asteroid base camp somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant. He had shared a cell with a Klingon and Romulan, both flag officers in their respective militaries and both replaced by Founders. Conway and his fellow captives were tortured daily by the captors and it was only upon learning the war was nearing an end as the Earth mission had failed did they try and escape. Overpowering the Jem’Hadar on the base Paul sent out an encrypted beacon on SIA frequencies. As they could only wait the three formed a positive diplomatic relationship that would Serve Paul in the future. They were rescued by Captain Rachel Garrison and the Anubis. Paul had never been happier to see the ship or her. With the other officers returned to their respective home worlds the Anubis returned to Earth where the real Paul Conway underwent medical treatment and another psychological evaluation.

Upon completion he proposed to Rachel who accepted. Emily, now a Commander at Starfleet Medical also arrived to see her elder brother relieved that even now he was still always ‘coming back’. He explained to her it was because of the ring which he had worn since the day she had given it to him. Paul was cleared for active duty and returned to the SIA to rebuild the reputation of the organisation since its failure to act during the war effort. During this time he became aware of Section 31 and worked on several occasions with Alex Silver, the mysterious Director of Section 31. Once he had completed what he had set out to do and was satisfied with the results he decided to take an early retirement from Starfleet to focus on his impending marriage and perhaps starting a family.

Paul moved to Kendal in England on Earth and for a while enjoyed relaxing and took up fishing and golf as a way to spend his time. Rachel continued to command the Anubis and visited their new family home every time she had leave. Paul however would always ask about her assignments and what was happening in Starfleet, clearly a sign he was unable to completely let go and retire. The two married in a small ceremony on Earth and just two weeks later Paul was drafted back to oversee operations in the northern sectors of the Gamma Quadrant as his expertise was needed despite Starfleet accepting he was still semi-retired. This ended however in 2411 when He was tentatively asked to take over the Starfleet Marine Corp which had fallen into a state of confusion in recent years. Paul accepted this post for the second time in his career and came out of retirement permanently where he now serves as the 20th Commandant of the Starfleet Marine Corp. He persuaded Rachel to transfer branches and bringing the Anubis with her the couple are once again working alongside each other as Marines. The Anubis-C acting as the Marine flagship. In 2411 Lieutenant General Conway and Fleet General Liconie reformed the SFMC and after a period of re-evaluation reverted back to the MACO identity while still keeping the principles and directives of both the original MACOs and SFMC alive. He also worked with Fleet General Liconie to reform the CSOD project which he had been involved with at the conception stage to form JSOC. Lieutenant General Paul Conway now serves as the 1st Commandant of the Starfleet MACOs.

Service Record

  • 1st Commandant, Starfleet MACO
  • 20th Commandant, Starfleet Marine Corp
  • Sector Commander, Gamma Quadrant
  • Retired from Service
  • Director, Starfleet Intelligence Agency
  • Director, Starfleet Security
  • Commanding Officer, Starfleet Special Forces
  • ODC Commanding Officer, 15th Special Operations Detachment
  • Deputy Director Internal Affairs/SSF Fleet JAG
  • Senior Judge Advocate, Starfleet Special Forces Delta Force
  • Marine Division Commander, 2nd “Beta” Subfleet
  • Judge Advocate, Starfleet Special Forces Delta Force
  • SFMC JAG liaison, HQMC
  • Company Commander, Division Alpha SSF
  • Company Commander, 75th Ranger Regiment
  • Company Commander, 101st Airborne Division
  • 8th Commandant, Starfleet Marine Corp (As Daniel Quartermain)
  • 2nd Sergeant Major of the Starfleet Marine Corp (As Daniel Quartermain)
  • Senior NCO, 87th Force Recon Company (As Daniel Quartermain)
  • Fire Team Leader, 1st Echo Fire Team, 18th MEU (As Daniel Quartermain)
  • Sniper, 2nd Platoon, 1st Light Infantry Company, 18th MEU (As Daniel Quartermain)
  • Enlisted Cadet, HQMC Boot Camp (As Daniel Quartermain)

Ranks and Promotions