Rhiana t'Riuurren

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Rhiana is very physically fit Rihannsu female. Keeping her hair slightly shorter than shoulder length. Her outfit choices even when on duty are slightly scandalous for Romulans but she also feels that a new generation is coming up and she's apart of the change. She makes sure everything she wears is incredibly form fitting. Her outfit choices are much more common for her new position as the captain; but she still prefers her Romulan rank of Riov, of the SS Dhivael a Tuffli freighter owned by Jon Lal Lenai.

Her personality is very similar to her personality; Fierce but composed and can be aggressive but still remain in control, but she always appears to be somewhere else whether in thought or allowing her mind to wander, but of course this is not the case she knows exactly whats going on every second and you would stupid to assume other wise. Rhiana enjoys games especially when it comes to removing a threat she won't just arrest you she'll do something more and most likely in a public fashion so everyone knows not to mess her or question her.

Rhiana t'Riuurren
Biographical Information

Dartha, ch'Rihan




2382 (age 39)

Physical Description

150cm (4'9")


46kg (101lbs)





Political Information




Played By:


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The Riuurren lineage goes all the way back to the great Tellus which meant they were slightly fierce but still a controlled aggressiveness than his brother S'Task who was more composed and calculating. But now with the blood lines merged over the centuries the modern families possess all of those elemantas that the brother's had and passed down.

The Riuurren family is split down the middle half of them serving within the Senate or some other public office or serving within the Galae or the Tal'Diann. At this point only one member of the Riuurren family (who has been disowned) served in the Tal'Shiar. The Riuuren family has been loyal to the royal family whoever they were for centuries always choosing orders that came from them rather than the Tal'Shiar or even the Senate when it was primary controlled by the Tal'Shiar.

This complete dedication to the royal family and Senate has put them at odds with the parts of the Shiar (empire) but in the end they've always been rewarded for their unnerving dedication to those two parts of the Romulan Star Empire. And at this time Riuurren has the highest ranking senator in the Romulan Star Empire Lord Tal i-Havran tr'Riuurren.

Rhiana was born into a very powerful family not only in the Galae but also in the Imperial Senate (which her grandfather Lord Tal i-Havran tr'Riuurren). Than her father Lhaerrhei was the Leih of the IRW Deranas a D'deridex class warbird. This was where Lharrhei met his wife Rhhiviess who was the Daise'Afwe'Saehne (chief science officer).

Lhaerrhei achieved the rank of Ael'Riov (commodore) and has held that rank ever since. The reason behind this is that the Galae s'Shiar (Imperial Fleet) felt that he could do more good as a Ael'Riov. Whereas Rhhiviess has been promoted as the sub-department head for the science fleet where she was gonna be heading up a new research facility in the Typhon Expanse.

After several tries it was learned that Rhhiviess could not conceive so they had to use a surrogate which wasn't uncommon in Romulan culture and in fact it was a great honor to be the surrogate. Eviess t'Raala was the surrogate for the Riuurren family she bore six children for them. The first one being Rhiana, than N'sare and than three more daughters and one more son.

It didn't take long for Rhiana to watch her father and what he did on his ship commanding all those officers and NCOs. It was exactly what she was born to do lead and lead by example and her father was the perfect person to follow. Her life in the Star Empire was cut short when her need to hunt and kill her step-brother T'Setok almost got her and her crew killed along with her ship destroyed. Than the civil war came along and she was forced to flee. Luckily for her her brother N'Sare tr'Riuurren a Tal'Diann'Dohyrl (Tal'Diann Legate) has remained in touch with her helping out when he can.

Rhiana's Family