Romulan Ranks

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Rank insignia used by the Romulan Star Empire.

Galae s'Shiar & Tal'Diann Ranks

Rank Standard Romulan
N2-a5.png Fleet Admiral Galae`Enriov
N2-a4.png Admiral khre'Enriov
N2-a3.png Rear Admiral Khre'Riov
N2-a1.png Commodore Ael'Riov
N2-o8.png Captain Riov
N2-o7.png Commander erie'Riov
N1-o1a.png Acting Commander ihryh erie'Riov
N2-o5.png Lieutenant Commander Enarrain
N2-o4.png Lieutenant Arrain
N2-o3.png Lieutenant Junior Grade erei'Arrain
N2-o2.png Ensign Erein
N2-o1.png Cadet Farein

Tal'Shiar Ranks


Image Standard Romulan Command
Ts1-a4.png General Khrein In reality, Generals have more authority then the senate, and do not need to inform it of anything unless they so choose. They Command fleets, formulate plots, organize the structure and goals of the agency as a whole, and serve high posts in the political structure of the Empire. If anyone is ever lucky enough to meet one of them , they wouldn't even be aware of it - Khrein are so secretive (aside from those in public spotlight) that only the upper ranking of the Tal'Shiar and the government know who they are.
Ts1-a3.png Major General erie'Khrein erie'Khrien are most often found (on the rare occasion that they can be found) running the sections of the Agency. In the post of minister, they are alloted a spot on the senate floor, and are essentially unlimited in access to materials.n
Ts1-a1.png Colonel/Brigadier General Sseibb Colonels are among the most connected and dangerous people in the galaxy. They have access to everything outside of the Generals' inner circle of the headquarters, level six access to everything, and they are even allowed to run academies off Homeworld. A Colonel is free to formulate their own plans and plots, they are only under the generals in power.
Ts1-o6.png Lieutenant Colonel erie'Ssiebb Though an erie'Ssiebb is only supposed to CO a single ship or an Agency Squadron, they have commanded entire fleets of naval craft in the past. As with their superior Colonels, may server as chairman of a group or department.
Ts1-o5.png Major Aendah Majors have a tremendous amount of power in the Tal'Shiar. They are a majority of the academy professors, CO and XO ships, run major operations under their own authority, have access to the third to last of the circular halls of the Tal'Shiar's main complex on ch'Rihan, and have level 5 access to all data - not just prevailent data. Majors are also allowed to seize control of military craft if it is a necessity.
Ts1-o4.png Sub-Major erie'Aendeh Sub-Majors CO and XO ships and even squadrons of ships in the MAD. Generally, they fill in for Majors and Colonels when and where they may not be able to serve.
Ts1-o3.png Captain Enarrain Highest rank worn by political officers, the first rank of spies, and usually the first rank of CO level officers
Ts1-o2.png First Lieutenant Arrain The rank of Department Heads, Junior Professors at the Academy, competent Political Officers, and PR aids. While a First Lieutenant is not normally allowed to act as a spy, they hold a respectable amount of authority in the agency and greater Empire.
Ts1-o1.png Second Lieutenant erei'Arrain The first officer rank, and often the first time an agent has the chance to experience field duty. Second Lieutenants have relatively low access to agency material, but may commandeer small crafts (not warbirds) at their discretion.


Image Standard Romulan Command
Ts1-e5.png Sergeant EnEredh A non officer rank issued to students in their final year at the Academy. Seargents often work on their 'final projects' or as teacher assistants at the academy, or as residential student aids to Coperals and Privates. An EnEredh has little to no authority.
Ts1-e4.png Corporal Eredh A tenured student at the academy, a corperal may (depending on their section) may hold an 'in field' post.
Ts1-e1.png Corporal erie'Eredh A fresh recruit. Privates have no authority, nor are they allowed outside the agency academy.

Gai'Shian & Tal'Prai'ex Ranks


Rank Standard Romulan
Rm1-o6.png Colonel Dais`Enarrain
Rm1-o5.png Lieutenant Colonel Enarrain
Rm1-o4.png Major Dais`Arrain
Rm1-o3.png Captain (Marine) Arrain
Rm1-o2.png First Lieutenant Dais`erie`Arrain
Rm1-o1.png Second Lieutenant erei'Arrain


Rank Standard Romulan
Rm1-e7.png Sergeant Major Erein
Rm1-e6.png Sergeant First Class Dais`Ullhan
Rm1-e5.png Sergant Ullhan
Rm1-e4.png Lance Corporal Dais`erie`Ullhan
Rm1-e3.png Corporal erie`Ullhan
Rm1-e2.png Private First Class Dais`Gehka
Rm1-e1.png Private Gehka

Rei'Krannsu Ranks


Image Standard Romulan Command
Rso-o6.png General Enriov Legion Commander
Rso-o5.png Captain EnArrain Senior wing-command grade officer, holding CO status over a ship and a ‘Wing’ of the Legion
Rso-o4.png Commander Riov Command-grade officer, holding CO status of a vessel or sub-command of a ‘Wing’
Rso-o3.png Lieutenant Commander/Sub-Commander erie'Riov Command-grade officer, holding CO status of a vessel or command of a Column
Rso-o2.png First Lieutenant/Lieutenant Junior Grade Arrain Senior field-grade officer, possibly holding up to CO status. Most often commands a Column (2 ‘Lines’) and stands as department head on ship.
Rso-o1.png Second Lieutenant/Ensign erie’Arrain Field-grade Officer, possibly holding up to ship XO status. Most often commands a ‘Line’ (2-5 ‘Files’) and stands as senior specialist in ship departments.


Image Standard Romulan Command
Rso-e5.png Sergeant Erein Senior-grade troop, commands a ‘File’ (5-15 soldiers), and serves as the sub-senior specialist in ship departments.
Rso-e4.png Corporal Eredh The trained specialist and base grade troop of the Legions. Eredh are the bulk of the Ranger forces
Rso-e1.png Private Farien No authority, trained in the field, fresh recruits. Farein are often seen in small numbers in the field, but often not used in combat (for obvious survival reasons)

Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi Ranks

Image Standard Romulan
KM-08.png Chairman of the Diplomatic Corps hru'Kiith
KM-07.png Ambassador Llairhi (male form)
Llaudh (female form)
KM-06.png Attache Lleifven
KM-05.png Advisor Auethnen
KM-04.png Consul Ehkifv
KM-03.png Mediator Kharifv
KM-02.png Emissary Kolaes
KM-01.png Aide-de-Camp Hmnial


Rank images created by Kuro Chan of Kuro RPG.