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Rank images created by Kuro Chan of [http://www.kuro-rpg.net Kuro RPG].
Rank images created by Kuro Chan of [http://www.kuro-rpg.net Kuro RPG].
[[Category:Romulan Empire|Ranks]]
[[Category:Romulan Star Empire|Ranks]]

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Rank insignia used by the Romulan Star Empire.

Galae s'Shiar & Tal'Diann Ranks

Rank Standard Romulan
N2-a5.png Fleet Admiral Galae`Enriov
N2-a4.png Admiral khre'Enriov
N2-a3.png Rear Admiral Khre'Riov
N2-a1.png Commodore Ael'Riov
N2-o8.png Captain Riov
N2-o7.png Commander erie'Riov
N2-o6.png Acting Commander ihryh erie'Riov
N2-o5.png Lieutenant Commander Enarrain
N2-o4.png Lieutenant Arrain
N2-o3.png Lieutenant Junior Grade erei'Arrain
N2-o2.png Ensign Erein
N2-o1.png Cadet Farein

Tal'Shiar Ranks

Gai'Shian Ranks

Rei'kara Ranks

Tal'Prai'ex Ranks

Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi Ranks

Image Standard Romulan
KM-08.png Chairman of the Diplomatic Corps hru'Kiith
KM-07.png Ambassador Llairhi (male form)
Llaudh (female form)
KM-06.png Attache Lleifven
KM-05.png Advisor Auethnen
KM-04.png Consul Ehkifv
KM-03.png Mediator Kharifv
KM-02.png Emissary Kolaes
KM-01.png Aide-de-Camp Hmnial


Rank images created by Kuro Chan of Kuro RPG.