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The city of San Francisco is one of the largest cities on the West Coast of North America on Earth. It is the location of some of the most important sites related to both Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.


The bay area which is now San Francisco was first discovered, by Europeans at least, in 1770 by Spanish explorers. Prior to this, notable explorers including Britain's Sir Francis Drake had completely missed it due to the area's foggy weather.

The village of Yerba Buena was established in 1776 on the site that is now the downtown area of San Francisco and became a small base for fur traders of different nationalities. Due to the decline in Spanish power the area remained undeveloped for some years.

In 1822 the serious development by non-Spanish started and areas of Yerba Buena were redeveloped. Until the Mexican-American in 1846 broke out Yerba Buena remained a small town but it claimed in the name of the United States and renamed to San Francisco in 1847.

The gold rush of 1848 meant a boom in population for San Francisco and in less than two years the city grew from 1,000 people to 25,000. Many who came to work in the gold mines travelled from China creating a large Chinatown area which still remains to the present day.

In 1945, following the Second World War the city was the host to representatives of over fifty nations which signed the initial charter of the United Nations

Over time the city grew to be one of the largest cities on Earth and following the Third World War, which ended in 2053, it became an even more important area due to the fact that it had been left relatively unscathed whilst many other major cities had all but perished.

After Zefram Cochrane's test flight of the Phoenix, Earth's first warp capable vessel, in 2063 the city increasingly became the governmental center for new diplomatic cooperation between nations which eventually led to a United Earth, with all nations joining the union by 2150.

In the early 22nd century San Francisco became the home of Starfleet Headquarters, first for the United Earth Starfleet and later continuing as the location of the headquarters of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet.

Following Earth's victory over the Romulans in the Earth-Romulan war in 2160, San Francisco again played host foreign dignatories a year later when in 2161 the United Federation of Planets was founded in the city, establishing its headquarters there.

In many ways the city would become the capital of the Federation, hosting representatives from all of its members in many Federation Council buildings and being home to the office of the Federation President for many years before moving to Paris a city also on Earth. Many of the Federation and Starfleet's agencies and offices can also be found in San Francisco or the surrounding area.

Climate and Geography

Being surrounded by water on three sides the climate in San Francisco is strongly linked to the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. The weather is mild is all year round and while the Summer is generally dry the Winter can be naturally very wet. Due to the introduction of climate control techniques which continue to evolve today, increasingly areas such as San Francisco see their precipitation and temperatures regulated to ensure the best enivironment for the inhabitants.

Sitting near the San Andreas Fault, over its history the city has been are the center of major earth quakes. In 1906 there was a devastating earth quake but there have been other notable quakes on many occasions since then. Better technology has provided better control of these seismic disturbances and while today the possibility of an earth quake is not totally eliminated it is much more unlikely.

Other Information

San Francisco is home to the following installations:

The city is also home to many embassies and diplomatic offices associated with both Federation members and other races.

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