Sean Archer

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"When you least expect it, expect it."
    —Sean Archer's Personal Quote.

Sean Archer
Biographical Information







September 9, 2356 (age: 64)

Physical Description

1.87 m


106 Kg





Political Information

United Federation of Planet's Starfleet


Rear Admiral

Played By:


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Personal Information

BIRTHPLACE: Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri, Earth
MARITAL STATUS: Married Spouse: Vice Admiral Sabine Scholtz
Children: Commander James Archer
Sophie Archer
PARENTS: Mother: Deborah Tucker
Father: Deceased
SIBLINGS: Sister: Elizabeth Archer

Hobbies & Interests

  • Martial Arts
  • Naval history


  • Federation Standard
  • Conversational Klingon
  • Cardassian

Personal History

After serving together with Vice Admiral Sabine Scholtz for so long, the pair ultimately took up the reins of a relationship that culminated in marriage and the birth of a son, James and daughter, Sophie. Post the retirement of Admiral's Archer, the family now resides on Risa.

Service Record

Career Timeline:
239006.18 Enlisted into starfleet at age 17.
239009.27 Graduated Starfleet Boot Camp with honors promoted immediately to PO3.
239009.30 Assigned to the USS Akira. Served on board until her destruction in 239906.
239907.10 Accepted into Starfleet Academy.
239907.17 Assigned to the USS Gemini.
239908.07 Promoted to the rank of Ensign.
239909.25 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG
239910.03 Divorced from wife of seven years, and is awarded custody of daughter Sophie Alise Archer, 4 years old.
239910.17 The crew of the USS Gemini is awarded the FLEET UNIT CITATION award. Congratulations to all!
239910.16 Received the FLEET RIBBON FOR MERIT, for Holding the Science Fort for over 2 months while tr`Vek was away could be busy work, and look how well the Science Department is doing now! Sean played a vital role during Insurrection missions!
239911.18 Transfered to the USS Vindicator as the Chief Science Officer.
239912.24 Fiance, Elissa Conners, killed during a pirate raid on a transport that was carrying Sean and Elissa, back to Earth for Christmas.
240002.05 The crew of the USS Vindicator is awarded the Fleet Unit Citation. Congratulations to all!
240003.04 Promoted to Lieutenant
240007.04 Crashlanded the USS Shark on an uncharted 'M' class planet. Location unknown. Current status MIA!!
240009.07 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
240011.04 Found in a corn field. On an alien planet.
240101.01 Alpha Fleet Commander Awards the USS Vindicator the Alpha Fleet North Star Ribbon of Simming Excellence.
240101.26 Transfered to the USS Bismarck and assumed the duties as Executive Officer.
240102.12 Left for an extended leave of absense. Resigning his post as XO of the Bismarck.
240111.03 Returned for duty. Assumed Chief Operations post and roll of Second Officer on the USS Vindicator.
240112.15 Promoted to Commander
240112.22 Appointed Acting Executive Officer of the USS Vindicator
240202.24 Assumed roll as Executive Officer of the USS Vindicator
240203.19 Assumed command of the USS Vincicator
240204.13 Assumed command of Alpha Fleet
240204.13 Promoted to the field rank of Captain
240204.04 Promoted to the permanent rank of Captain
240301.04 Promoted to the rank of Commodore
240303.01 Resigned as the CO of the USS Vindicator 240307.01 Stepped down as Alpha Fleet Commander and assumed the roll of Deputy commander to perform a vital diplomatic mission. 240410.15 ReAssumed Command of Alpha Fleet after successfully completing his mission.
240401.01 Extended LOA.
240407.15 Returned from LOA and assumed command of Beta Fleet
240701.18 Extended LOA
240709.03 Returned from LOA and assumed command of the USS Warrior
241002.01 Stepped down as USS Warrior Commander
241002.02 Promoted to Rear Admiral, Founded and assumed command of STO Fleet
241103.28 Extended LOA
241112.20 Returned from LOA. Retired