Shawn West

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Shawn West
Biographical Information





November 18, 2257 (age: 163)

Physical Description

5' 9"


185 lbs


Dark brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets

Played By:


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"Sometime, Admiral one must say go to hell to save lives"
    —Lieutenant Commander Shawn West

"You want a war, Admiral, you have one!"
    —Captain Shawn West

Personal Description


  • Marital Status: Widower
  • Father: John West(Human/El-Aurian), Commodore, Starfleet, Strategic Operations -BOD:2282; DOD: 2376
  • Mother: Aa'ka(Romulan), Captain - Starfleet, Starfleet Intelligences - BOD:2232; DOD: 2378
  • Siblings:
    • Brother: John William West- Civilian, Retired Commodore - b.2265 m.235
      • Sister-In-Law: Jamie Tanner West (Human) - Lieutenant Commander (Ret)
  • Children:
    • Son: Alex Shawn West (Human/Romulan/El-Aurian) (b. May 15, 2377), oldest child and twin to Alexis
    • Daughter: Alexis Aunla West (Human/Romulan/El-Aurian) (b. May 15, 2377), twin to Alexandra
    • Son: Nicholas James West (Human/Romulan/El-Aurian) (b. June, 2379)

Character Traits





Psychological Profile

Shawn is a simple man, he does what he needs to to get the job done. He expects the people under him to work, but doesn't mind how they do the job, as long as the job is done, and it is done right.

Shawn loves Starfleet, but he doesn't like the militaristic turn that has been sweeping through the fleet since the Dominion Conflict. Shawn is a fighter, and Starfleet has become a military force like the Marines are. He also doesn't like it when they yell "Captain on the Deck!" It annoys him more than anything else. Shawn is not a simply 'Follow the Fleet rules', in some ways, he is very similar to Captain Kirk, and Captain Picard. He does what is necessary, and justifies it later.

Shawn is a person who normally has a calm demeanor, but when pushed too far, he can get angry, real angry.

Shawn also has no problem saying what is on his mind, no matter who it is to, the entire Starfleet, or even the President of the Federation.


File:Shawn West2.jpg
Captain Shawn West 2383

Shawn was born on Earth to (then) Lieutenant Commander James West and his wife who claimed at the time to be from Vulcan, (then) Sub- Commander Aunla. He was born in the city of Washington D.C. in the United States.

Shawn is an only child, and his mother and father wanted the best for him, so his mother told him that she wanted something other than for him to join Starfleet, he wanted him to be a CEO.

During his last year of school, Shawn began to wonder what he was going to do for his life, for several months he debated joining Starfleet and following his heart. After reaching a decision he applied for Starfleet Academy. Shawn never told his mother that he applied and he would have never told him until a letter came for the Academy. His mother opened the letter and told him that if he went to the Academy she would disown him. At this point Shawn was angry his took the letter from his mother, packed his things and left the house.

While at the Academy, Shawn true nature began to show. He was no longer the follower, but he could be a leader when it was demanded of him. He began to depend on his friends at the Academy to help him with his studies and he helped them with their training. Shawn majored in Intelligence, but Covert Operations really took his heart. All of his professors told him that he had talent, but Shawn just brushed it to the side, he never knew that he was going to be seeing how much talent he had.

Upon graduation from the Academy Shawn was assigned to the USS Maryland as an Intelligence Agent, but his cover was Security Officer. Shawn never realized that until his took that post that some people in Starfleet wanted to talk military control of the Federation.

Shawn life in Starfleet was like anyone normal one, expect in 2304 Shawn hit (then) Captain Juan Burr, for almost killing the crew of the USS Sunrise when he thought that it was under Romulan control. Shawn served twenty years for that and would have served more time if not for (then) Commodore John Rico, his primary professor from when he was a student at the Academy.

Commodore Rico pulled some strings and got Shawn promoted back to Lieutenant Commander and placed him as the Commander of the 19th Fighter Wing "Dark Knights". However Shawn health was affect during a space battle against a Rouge Klingon Bird of Prey, he was placed on medical leave for twenty years only to return to his old Wing to find out that Starfleet and the Federation were on the verge of another war. In early 2375, Shawn led his entire wing in an attacked against a Dominion Fighter Wing, nearly three hundred fighters went in and only one hundreds fifty came back to Starfleet.

During the rest of the Dominion War Shawn was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence as the Acting Head of Covert Operations after Earth was attack by the Breen. During his time on Earth Shawn also commanded Starbase 01 Intelligence Wing, attacked to the Starfighter Corp.

At the end of the war Shawn was reassigned to Starfleet Academy to be the Starfleet Fighter Corp professor for those that were also taking Intelligence. Shawn would never have image that he would get command of a ship after his record in Starfleet for doing as he please.

In 2330, Shawn met the love of his life who became his wife and mother to his children, (then) Major Dawn West, during a vacation to Paris, France. In 2350, the two were married in a service that brought some of there closest friends and family. He also has three children, Alexandra Shawn West and Alexis Aunla West, and Nicholas James West; while he was on assignement his children stayed with their mother on Starbase 201.

Since their mother death the children has been on Earth with their godmother until their father returns.

Service Record

Rank Posting Position Duration
Starfleet Cadet Academy Intelligence Major (35th of 246) 2274-2278
Lieutenant Junior Grade
U.S.S. Maryland Intelligences Officer 2278-2286
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Commander
U.S.S. USS Farragut Deputy Chief of Intelligence 2286 - 2304
Lieutenant Commander Starfleet Academy, Sol III Adjunct Professor of Counter-Intelligence 2304 - 2324
R-blank1.png Botany Bay Penal Colony Prisoners 2324 - 2325(8 Months)
Lieutenant Commander Starbase 87 Special Operations Division 2325 - 2345
Commander Starbase 96 Commanding Officer of the 19th Fighter Wing 2345 - 2350
R-blank1.png Unknown Medical Leave 2350 - 2370
Commander Starbase 96 Commanding Officer of the 19th Fighter Wing 2370 - 2379
Commander Starfleet Academy, Sol III Starfighter Professors 2379 - 2381
U.S.S. Shoho Commanding Officer 2381 - 2383
Commander Norao Colony Commanding Officer of the 56th Starfighter Wing 2383 - 2385
Lieutenant Commander Starbase 72 Commanding Officer of the 72nd Starfighter Wing 2385 - 2386
Lieutenant Commander U.S.S. Massachusetts Commanding Officer of the 72nd Starfighter Wing and Chief Flight Control Officer 2386