Stahma sh'Chavah

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With Stahma being Anear her skin was very beautiful porcelain tone, her eyes were a milky white giving them almost a stormy cloudy look but her iris's is a stunning silver and for her hair is usually always left down with the bangs pinned up.

When not in uniform Stahma prefers simple robes or a simple white vest top and a white long dress; the wearing of all white helps her to have pure thoughts, she also wears a very thin silk white headscarf even when in uniform.

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Stahma sh'Chavah
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237002.06 (age: 52)

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USS Crazy Horse


Assistant Chief Science Officer


Lieutenant Junior Grade

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The Chavah shelthreth; a betrothed quartet representing each of the four different Andorian genders, made wonderful clothing from the natural Andorian silk fibers they were just as famous as Saurian Brandy or Dralaxian Whiskey. Ophlis, Zhithta and now Thraathaa run the clothing business out of the Neshilev settlement.


  • Father(s): Shrathaa th'Chavah 228812.12 (age: 133)
  • Thavan ch'Chavah 230009.18 (age: 122)
  • Mother(s): Ophlis sh'Chavah 231301.25 (age: 109)
  • Zhithta zh'Chavah 228507.07 (age: 137)
  • Brother(s): Zhyni th'Chavah (second) 237505.16 (age: 47)
  • Sister(s): Thraathaa zh'Chavah (third) 237810.25 (age: 44)
  • Other Family:

While Shrathaa and Thavan run the geothermal plant heating the Neshilev settlement project that kept the workers warm while the settlement was being built. Stahma and Zhyni were the only two to serve within a military; Stahma joining Starfleet and Zhyni joining the Andorian Imperial Guard.

After Stahma was born the Andorian Parliament needed a representative from the Aenar to serve as a ambassador for the Aenar people. With the Aenar population as low as it is; even today, Zhithta zh'Chavah was elected for the position luckily for her she did have some training. Today she's a cultural advisor in-charge of making sure Andorian and Aenar traditions do not disappear.

Shrathaa and Thavan sold-off part of the geothermal plant allowing them to step back from the day to day stuff but still able to receive profits from it. Doing this allowed them to open up other business avenues; the first one was opening a Di-Lithum mine, there's isn't much on Andor but there are other minerals that can be used for other things.

Ophlis had a sixth sense that only the shen and zhen in her bloodline had which was now passed on to Stahma and Thraathaa. The drawback of this sixth sense is headaches and nose bleeds at least that was what her mother's told her. For awhile when she was in the academy she was or at least she thought she could control when the sixth sense came over her. She figured the sixth sense needed time to mature and allow the ability to grow.

While at the academy she excelled at psychology and sociology especially the use of subspace networks for communication this also led her to study computer science to understand the drive behind the social aspect of cyberspace. With her double studies completed she could effectively serve as counselor and a science officer her first assignment would have her in the counseling department but still allowing her to continue her studies in social aspect of cyberspace.