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Starbase 99, also known as Starbase 99: Versailles, is a Starfleet facility which orbits the planet YaDalla in the Oraken System. Its mission is to maintain and operate base facilities for the logistic, recreational, administrative support and services provided to Headquarters Beta Fleet, the Federation Diplomatic Corps, Starfleet's Border Monitoring Network and Border Defense Force, MACO Base Bengonin Futeki, and other operating forces assigned to the sector.

With a resident population of approximately 8,000 Starfleet personnel and 5,000 noncombatants, Starbase 99 is the largest, most strategically-important, Starfleet installation in its area of space. It is a dominating presence near the intersection of the borders of the Romulan Star Empire, the Klingon Empire, and the United Federation of Planets. Second Fleet operations are directed from here, and drydocks in the YaDalla System routinely repair fleet ships.

The facility current has two ships at its disposal: the U.S.S. Timmis, and the U.S.S. Temeraire (NX-50369-A), affectionately known as the "Big T." The latter ship replaced the Nova class vessel Cerberus in November 2411. Starbase Versailles is unique in having two prototype vessels assigned as its primary support ships.

The facility is the second to carry the name of Versailles, the name having previously been assigned to Starbase 400 prior to its loss on Stardate 240603.02.

Historical Overview

The original Starbase Versailles, hull number 400, was commissioned on Stardate 237505.15, one year after the end of the First Dominion War. Base design and construction was inaugurated, and conducted, by a joint Federation-Klingon-Romulan task force at the behest of the President of the UFP, who was eager to preserve the alliance that had successfully won the war the previous year. The facility was originally located within the Neutral Zone at the intersection of Federation, Romulan, and Klingon space.

The station originally operated with a senior staff composed of one-third Starfleet, one-third Romulan Star Empire, and one-third Klingon Defense Force personnel. Two "Detachment Commanders" from the RSE and KE were appointed to advise the UFP-appointed commanding officer on foreign developments and actions with the capability to affect station operations.

With the commissioning of the Federation Superstation in 2380, Starbase 400's significance gradually deteriorated. By 2397 the station was widely regarded as a backwater outpost to which the most unprofessional officers (or ones whose careers were considered beyond redemption) were exiled for the remainder of their time-in-service. A series of incidents, including a criminal-backed insurrection and takeover of the station, finally culminated in the facility's destruction during an attack by the Vanguard terrorist organization on Stardate 240603.02.

Following the destruction of the original Starbase Versailles, its name and surviving personnel were reassigned to the newly-completed Starbase 99 in the YaDalla system. The facility was officially redesignated Starbase 99: Versailles on Stardate 240604.28.