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Starfleet Academy's Courses
Course Ribbon Description Email
Basic SIMGuide (Email)
Basic SIMGuide (IRC)
Beginner's guide to Roleplaying simguide SIMGuide
Astrophysics Acadastro.png Guide to Astrophysics astro Astrophysics Course Instructor
General Sciences Acadscience.gif Guide to Science science Science Course Instructor
Helm Acadhelm.png Guide to Helm helm; nav navigation Helm Course Instructor
Counseling Acadcounseling.png Guide to Counselingcounciling Counseling Course Instructor
Combined Medical Acadmedical.png Guide to Medical medical; cheat sheetCheat Sheet Medical Course Instructor
Security & Tactical Acadsecurity.png Guide to Security & Tactical sec-tac;phasers phasers;probes probes Security & Tactical Course Instructor
Operations Acadops.png Guide to Operations operations Operation Course Instructor
Engineering Acadengineering.png Guide to Engineering engineering;transwarptranswarp Engineering Course Instructor
Marines Acadmarine.png Guide to Marines/MACO marines Marine Course Instructor
Fighter Pilot Acadfp.gif Guide to Fighter Pilot fighter school; shuttleshuttle Fighter Pilot Course Instructor
Enlisted Acadenlisted.png Guide to Enlisted enlisted Enlisted Course Instructor
JAG Acadjag.png Guide to JAG jag;articles articles;orders orders JAG Course Instructor
Starbase Starbase.jpg Guide to Starbase starbase Starbase Course Instructor
Warrant Officer Warrant.jpg Guide to Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Course Instructor
Senior Officer Training Acadsot.png Guide to Senior sot SOT Course Instructor
Executive Officer Acadxos.jpg
Guide to Executive XO XO Course Instructor
Commanding Officer Acadcmdg1.gif
Guide to Command CO CO Course Instructor
Flag Officer Flag.png
Guide to Flag Officer Flag Officer Flag Officer Course Instructor