Starfleet Medical

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Starfleet Medical Corps.
General Information
Agency's Role: Biological research
Treatment of officers
Agency Information
Agency Headquarter Location: Headquarters of Starfleet Medical
Agency Head's Name: Captain Kaleb Rys Ch'Valenvok, M.D.
Agency Head Title: Surgeon General of Starfleet
Parent Agencies: Starfleet
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Starfleet Medical is the department of Starfleet that deals with all medical and clinical matters. The main facility is located in San Francisco on Earth. It has existed at least as early as 2151, as a part of the United Earth Starfleet and is aligned with the Starfleet Medical Academy where it trains doctors and medical personnel for all bases and starships in Starfleet.

The Starfleet Medical Division is headed up by the Surgeon General of Starfleet. Directly subodinate to the Surgeon General is the Director of Starfleet Medical, who oversees day-to-day activites of the division, on behalf of the Surgeon General.


In 2151, Starfleet Medical cared for a Klingon named Klaang, who had crash-landed on Earth following a fight with a group of Suliban. One of the doctors responsible for treating Klaang was Phlox, a Denobulan assigned to Medical through the Interspecies Medical Exchange. Soon after, Phlox accompanied Klaang as he was taken aboard the Enterprise (NX-01) for transport back to Qo'noS.

Dr. Leonard McCoy was assigned to Starfleet Medical in the early 2260s after he requested a transfer to Earth so that he could be near his ill father. Following his death, McCoy participated in an medical relief mission to Capella IV, but found the Capellans rather resistant to the Federation's medical sciences.

In late 2364, Dr. Beverly Crusher accepted the post of Head of Starfleet Medical, remaining there for just over a year, before returning to the USS Enterprise-D in early 2366. Crusher later returned to the post in late 2379, but transferred back to the USS Enterprise-E a short time later.

Dr. Toby Russell had submitted a request to test the genitronic replicator on humanoids three times by 2368. Each time, Starfleet Medical refused to allow use of the technology.

Odo visited Starfleet Medical in 2372, where they performed medical tests on him to gain information that could be used against the Founders. It was during this examination that Odo was infected with a morphogenic virus by the covert intelligence group, Section 31.

In 2374, Starfleet Medical hosted a conference on Casperia Prime.

Odo contracted the morphogenic virus in late 2375, that had already begun killing the Founders of the Dominion, Starfleet Medical was unwilling to assist Julian Bashir in his research for a cure and refused him access to Odo's medical file, believing Bashir was trying to help the enemy. When Benjamin Sisko requested the file, they sent a copy of Mora Pol's medical file on Odo, taken decades previously, in an attempt to hinder Bashir's efforts.

In 2381, it was known that Starfleet Medical was experimenting in the development of a new method of drug delivery systems through the use of non-invasive means that made involved the usage of transporter technology.


Medical Command Devices

SGSF.png Starfleet Surgeon General
SGSFQ.png Surgeon General of the Alpha Quadrant (Beta, Gamma, Delta)
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